Chapter 53 Second Memory, Part 1

 Main Character’s Perspective
 "Is it not comfortable for you?"
 Yukari asks me such an absurd question even though she is in front of Naoko herself.
 Perhaps it was because I suddenly stopped moving. However, it does not mean that I did not feel good. Rather, I almost ejaculated. I mean, If I had not remembered such a thing, I would have gone all the way to the end.
 However, I can't say that I was trapped by the illusion of the past.
 It is true that I am beginning to think that it is okay to tell Yukari some of what happened. After all, seeing the current situation, I am sure that she would never do anything that would be disadvantageous to me. Frankly speaking, I trust the transcendent connection in the other world more than the debt of gratitude that Sayaka feels for me at the moment.
 Even if it is imperfect, the Lesser Vampire Yukari would not betray me.
 But I didn't see any reason to tell Yukari something unnecessary at the moment, so I had no choice but to keep my mouth shut.
 "No, that's not true. I was just thinking something..."
 "About the baby? You don't have to feel responsible. There is no need for you to know about the child. Sienna can do what he wants with it."
 "No, that's not what I think..."
 That was it.
 Yukari had a strange way of making up her mind, and once she made up her mind to do something, she would just go ahead and do it.
 However, she did not always bend to her will, and she would easily change her mind when she realized that I really didn't like it.
 Just as she had asked Naoko to have sex with me after the motorcycle accident, even though there was no reason for Yukari not to have sex with me at all.
 And the fact that Naoko was more than willing to comply with such an outlandish request is not so different from the present situation.
 At that time, I would have refused to have such a relationship with Naoko because I felt that I would be betraying Yukari if I touched her as she asked me to.
 However, what I remembered were only fragments of my memories, and I don't know if we had sex or not in the end. Since not all of my memories were recalled, it is possible that I may have had sex with Naoko afterward.
 In any case, I couldn't help but feel some kind of causality in the fact that I was unwittingly redoing such past actions.
 "Well, you can do whatever you want, Sienna. I thought men always wanted to cum inside."
 "Naoko wants to have a baby."
 "Then Naoko, you should beg the Master more. I don't want to force him anymore."
 Naoko's hips, which had fallen backward like her back was against Yukari's back, started to move as if she was urging me to cum.
 As I watched her, I began to feel foolish for being the only one who was concerned about the morals of this world.
 No, I doubt if it is really such a problem.
 It was me who made Yukari and Naoko like this in the first place. The fact that I, such a scoundrel, just take it easy on the children is a bit unreasonable. Moreover, since the other party has said that I don't have to take responsibility for the child, I should just irresponsibly decide to have the child inside of her.
 I myself could not understand why I was so hesitant.
 Or should I say―
 Perhaps I should call it the force of fate.
 Let's say that I am unknowingly following my own feelings of refusing to have sex with Naoko in my memory, right?
 The same is true for Yukari's leg, and also for my meeting with Sayaka. It would be correct to say that I am unintentionally redoing what happened once, albeit in a slightly different way.
 However, I have no idea about Ayano so far. At least, the current relationship should not happen.
 However, it is hard to believe that I can't believe that I am redoing every single action I have done in the past. As for Ayano, it was difficult to judge whether it is because I have lost my memory of her or she is simply an exception to the rule.
 To that extent, I had been aware of it for some time.
 I had not been so sure, but now that I realize that I am repeating the past events over and over again, I can no longer deny it.
 And that such a force of fate is working in my favor so far.
 It's all right to say that the result is positive, but I don't like the feeling that I'm being manipulated by someone or something. Besides, there were other problems as well.
 "Let me ask you something... what do you actually think about Naoko?"
 "What is it? At a time like this?"
 "Well, I'm just wondering if your work might be affected if you got pregnant."
 "Ah, I see. Don't worry. Naoko works part-time at a convenience store. You know that convenience store just south of the station in the next town? That's it. And even if she can't work for a while, I can take care of her."
 No doubt about it.
 It matches a memory I just recalled.
 I was being bullied by Sakaki and his friends in the parking lot of the convenience store when Naoko saved me. Higuchi Nobuo, Yukari's brother, was also there, and the story must have been passed on to Yukari as well.
 However, there is something clearly wrong.
 To my memory, I had never been bullied by Sakaki and his friends. And the reason why they mistreated me was because I uncharacteristically tried to save Ayano from Sakaki and his friends in my second year of high school. However, I had abandoned Ayano, and from that point on, the memories were at odds with each other.
 Maybe I had already started my life over once?
 There are a lot of things that can't be explained otherwise. Having two inconsistent memories, that's what it means.
 No, not just once. It also seems strange to me that I, who was not that popular, had relationships with Ayano, Sayaka, Kyouka, Yukari, and Naoko. But if I consider that I have redone my life several times, it is not so strange.
 However, in this world where the time travel potion is not supposed to exist, how in the world can I start my life over again...?
 "Master (Danna-sama)..."
 As I was caught in such a whirlpool of thoughts, Naoko's arms reached out to me as if she wanted to help me.
 She put her arms around the back of my neck, thrust her hips up, and took my cock deep into her cunt, refusing to let go.
 I was looking down at her silently from above, but I gave up thinking about it and started to move my hips.
 Even if I thought about it, I could not understand it. Everything that had happened to me so far had been like that.
 So maybe I should dare to ignore my current sensation for a moment. It may turn out to be a bad thing, but it's going to happen anyway.
 Besides, there is a possibility that my sperm can't make a woman pregnant.
 "I understand. I will do as you wish."
 "Ah, master. I like... I like your cock too. Please make my pussy more and more comfortable."
 To ejaculate inside Naoko's vagina as much as I can, I start slamming my hips hard against her.
 Immediately, Naoko's charming voice echoed in the room, and Yukari's face was right behind her, entranced as if she was having sex with Naoko.

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