Chapter 53 Second Memory, Part 2

 Main Character’s Perspective
 "This is really amazing. Even when I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked like a different person, and my voice sounded different. Still, it's a strange feeling to hear someone else's voice even though I'm supposed to be speaking."
 "The shapeshifter's mask has that effect. By the way, is it true that you still feel a connection with me?"
 "Yes. No different than before? Is there something wrong with that?"
 "No. That's all right..."
 After doing that in Yukari's apartment, I had come to a Chinese restaurant in a nearby downtown area to have dinner with Yukari.
 Yukari was planning to serve me a home-cooked meal and there was no need to send Naoko home alone, but I had something I wanted to try.
 As for my conflicting memories, I honestly thought that I would have to put it off until later. Of course, it was an important question, but I don't think I could find the answer to it no matter how much I thought about it.
 I thought that the memory of why and how I was starting my life all over again had been completely lost in my mind.
 Unless I can remember even a little part of it, it seems to me that it is useless to think about it.
 Then, I have to solve other problems first.
 One of them was that it would not be good for me to keep the Sienna mask on for the rest of the time when I would work with Yukari.
 After all, his eyes turned red when he was excited, and his outstanding good looks, which could attract other people, stood out.
 As for why I chose James Masuda's mask at first, the main reason was that his face was somewhat Japanese-looking and not so distinctive.
 And for Sienna's mask, because I thought his mysterious atmosphere would be more suitable for Nishikuze and his friends, but I realized after all these years that it was not good for me to go out with it.
 However, there is a concern that once Sienna's mask is removed, my connection with Yukari may fade away.
 After all, when I tried it on the Lesser Vampire, who had become a servant in the other world, they felt a little discomfort with it. However, they still nodded their heads to my orders, which meant that the connection was not completely lost, and I didn't think it would cause such a problem even with Yukari.
 "Was it Gina, right?"
 "Yes. Gina Melfissa. Well, I don't really care what her name is."
 Yukari, sitting opposite me, repeatedly checked her face on the screen of her phone and asked me such a question.
 In the end, I have already revealed to Yukari that I can disguise myself as James Masuda.
 He decided that as long as I keep my true identity as Kaburagi Shuu a secret, I could get out of any problems that might arise.
 In the meantime, I had Yukari try out the shapeshifter mask.
 And the only woman among the shapeshifter masks in my possession was Gina Melfissa, the receptionist of the guild who had tried to trap me with the adventurers.
 Aside from her personality, she was good-looking, so I made her a part of my life in case she could be of some use to me.
 She is a blonde and blue-eyed beauty, so she stands out a bit, but not so much that she captivates others just by meeting them as Sienna does.
 Like James Masuda, she had a slightly mixed Asian face, so she could disguise it by saying that she had some foreign blood in her veins.
 Nevertheless, there is no other way since this is the only one for women at present. I have a feeling that I can make a dead person's face, as long as it is a dead person's face.
 Although I can't say anything until I actually try to make it, but even the alchemical slime in the culture tank is growing normally. So, this is the best proof that alchemy is possible in this world.
 As I think about this, I suddenly notice a lot of noise in the restaurant.
 "By the way, it's noisy. It seems that there are people of that type in the back seats."
 Without Yukari's comment, I immediately noticed it too.
 I could see a few figures in the back seats separated by a partition, who seemed to be underworld businessmen.

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