Chapter 55 Missing Memories, Part 1

 'Yeah, that's what I wish. But even if it's true, what's the use of starting my life over if I lose someone important as I did in this life? I don't ask for luxuries. All I want is what I can hold in my hand. Never let anyone hurt them. Never let anyone take them from me. I want them to stay by my side forever and ever.'
 'Agreed. But thou shalt need a price to pay.'
 'Yeah, I know. There's a price to be paid for making a wish come true, isn't there? And what is this price?'
 'It's thy memory. Thou shalt not dwell on the memory of what came to hand, nor on the thoughts that have yet to come to hand'
 'My precious memories? Do you think I have any of them left? I've lost everything. I don't have any precious memories...'
 Main Character’s Perspective
 A warm sensation on my cheek wakes me up.
 When I slowly open my eyes, I see Ayano's worried face in front of me.
 "Did you have another nightmare?"
 "No, I'm fine. I just wanted to kiss you because you looked so cute in bed. I'm sorry I woke you."
 I could tell by the look on Ayano's face. I was probably having another one of my nightmares.
 Ayano never said a word about it, but I think she was just trying to hide it so I wouldn't get too sick.
 And I'm sure I must have been having the familiar nightmare.
 But is it bitter memories from the other world, or is it the grudge of those I have killed that is giving me these nightmares?
 I don't know what I was dreaming about, but I'm sure it was not a happy dream.
 "No, no. What time is it?
 "It's almost 10 o'clock."
 "Already that late. I must've overslept."
 "Isn't it good sometimes? Spending the morning like this."
 Well, it's a day off for Ayano as well. And it's not like I have anything to do. I didn't plan to stay up until almost noon, but that doesn't mean I have a problem.
 Still, I wonder if I'm feeling a bit tired.
 Everyday I feel unrefreshing because of the memories of the past that I seem to be able to recall but cannot.
 If I am starting my life over again, there must be some meaning in it. As I think about such things, I find myself getting deeper and deeper into my thoughts.
 Physically speaking, I feel more fulfilled than ever.
 Besides, the only time I've stayed up late is when I went out with Yukari, and I don't think my body needs that much sleep. Last night, too, I went to bed with Ayano a little after midnight, so it is probably a mental problem.
 The same is true for Yukari.
 I have been thinking for a while now that I have to do something about Yukari's violent impulses, and I believe that it is the right, albeit not necessarily wrong, the decision to do so. After all, it would be better than Yukari injuring a civilian if she is left alone.
 However, it was also true that I was somewhat uncomfortable with my own idea of sending Yukari to the 4th Shoryu family.
 I can't say this is a matter of feeling, but I felt something strange in my mind even though it was a decision that I had made after thinking about it.
 Maybe there is some meaning in it, just as if I am starting my life over?
 But it could be that I'm just reading too much into it...
 "Well, I guess... I'll order a delivery and we'll take it easy today."
 "If you don't mind if I stay a little later, I'll make lunch."
 "Then we won't be able to make out in bed until after lunch, is that okay?"
 Ayano responds to my words with a short answer, and then she crawls under the covers with a look of joy on her face.
 Then Ayano begins to take off the sweatshirt she's been wearing as a nightgown.
 "Do you have plans to go out this afternoon?"
 "Hmm? Is there somewhere you want to go? I might go out for a while in the evening, but I'm probably free until then."
 "Well, I just wanted to spend some time alone with Shuu like this. Are you going to be home late?"
 "No. I don't think I'll be home that late. Well, I won't know until then."
 Ayano hugged me in her underwear and started touching my thing.
 Later that evening I was planning to visit Yasunaga's black-market money and office.
 It was a little early, but I wanted to make sure that there was no fuss about the 4th Shoryu family, to negotiate for the money.
 That said, I could not talk about it. If so, it is more likely that there will be no information. However, that would mean that there is no problem so far.
 Well, it's been less than a week since Yukari had beaten up the thugs of the Shoryu family, and so far it's been only once, so I didn't think there would be much movement.

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