Chapter 55 Missing Memories, Part 2

 "It's fine to flirt, but we haven't ordered lunch yet. I mean, you haven't even ordered breakfast yet."
 "Geez, just a little. I'll just say hello in the morning. Wouldn't it be better if I served Shuu first?"
 It was the same scene as usual.
 The morning after a sleepover, Ayano always sucks my dick. On a day off like today, we have sex directly, and on weekdays when we have school, we just suck each other's genitals. After all, if we had sex in the morning, we would miss school.
 But still, she happily sucks my dick, probably because she is addicted to the mucus secreted by the parasitic slime.
 "Well then, if it's just a quick hello..."
 "Geez. Shuu is so mean! Even though you know that sucking on your dick turns Ayano's pussy to mush and makes me want Shuu's dick."
 "I'm kidding. Which do you want, your pussy or your asshole?"
 "My ass... I washed it in the bathtub earlier."
 "Oh, man. You're all set, huh?"
 "Of course I'm ready. I haven't done much with my ass lately."
 Ayano says this in a sweet tone of voice while looking embarrassed.
 I know that Ayano feels more deeply in her asshole, but anal sex is something I can only do when I have time to spare. Since I've been getting it out of her pussy on weekdays, I guess she was expecting more on her day off.
 "Okay. I'm going to fuck Ayano's asshole a lot today."
 "I love you, Shuu. Kiss..."
 Ayano then covers my body with hers and showers me with kisses.
 Even in the midst of all this, I can feel Ayano's warm hand that has slipped into my underwear.
 But even as I was being caressed by Ayano, I was thinking about something else in my head.
 Did I want to save Ayano in my memory?
 Or was I just involved in it for some reason?
 I feel more or less affection for Ayano now, but it is only because we have gradually become bonded through our physical contact. I doubt that I would have had the same feelings for Ayano that I do now had I abandoned her.
 The other me, the one who was bullied by Sakaki, and the others for trying to save Ayano.
 The relationship between the two of us must have been different. At the very least, there must have been some kind of trigger that made me want to help Ayano.
 It is ridiculous that I don't know how I feel even though it was a long time ago, but it can't be helped since I don't have any memories that lead me to that point.
 However, it is quite possible that I was in love with Ayano from the very beginning, and I was just sulking over her leaving me after entering high school and deceiving myself about my own feelings. Something must have happened to change those conflicted feelings.
 "Hey. Did I really like Ayano for a long time?"
 "Hmm? What do you mean? Do you mean that in the past Shuu liked me?"
 "No, that's not what I mean. Well, it's like you said, I liked you more."
 "Shuu? Why are you asking me that?"
 "You know. Before we got into this relationship. I mean, from Ayano's point of view, were you at least a little aware that I was in love with you?"
 "Oh, I see what you mean. I guess so. Maybe I'm being overly self-conscious, but I have to admit that I might have felt it a little."
 "Not just in middle school, but all through high school?"
 "Yes. Because sometimes I think Shuu was following me with your eyes."
 "Well, I don't know. Maybe I'm just being self-conscious. So what really happened?"
 "Who knows? Maybe I liked you, maybe I didn't."
 "What's that?"
 Ayano's mouth twitches at my not-so-cool-sounding words.
 I guess Ayano wanted to hear me say that I had liked her for a long time, but I didn't want to lie and say I had liked her for a long time. No, I just couldn't be sure that I had liked Ayano for a long time.
 "Just because it's my feeling doesn't mean I understand it 100%. Even Ayano can't explain how long you've been in love with me, can she?"
 "I've been in love with Shuu since the beginning."
 "Really? I think you've been a little cold to me since we entered high school."
 "Well, that's something. I think I just didn't realize how I really felt. Shuu and I have been together since we were little, so I guess I was numb to my feelings of love."
 "Hmm. Well, that's all right then."
 "You don't believe me?"
 "No, I do. At least right now I'm feeling tremendous affection from Ayano."
 "Yeah. I love Shuu like crazy."
 I know it's because of pleasure.
 But that doesn't mean I don't suspect it's a false love.
 After all, I believe that even if some people like a person because he/she has a good face, or because he/she has a good personality, or because he/she is rich, or for various other reasons, in the end, the point at which they fall in love is different, and nothing will change.
 Even if it is because of the parasitic slime, it is still a part of my ability. No doubt other people can never imitate me.
 The problem is my feelings.
 I should have loved Kyouka when I abandoned Ayano.
 If I had any regrets and had to start my life over in some way, it would be to start it all over again with Kyouka. But I don't understand why I went out of my way to save Ayano.
 While I was caught up in this whirlwind of thoughts, I shared a long, deep, loving kiss with Ayano.

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