Chapter 58 Unreachable Hands, Part 1

Warning: NTR, seriously... 

 Main Character's Perspective
 I was running like crazy.
 It was because I had a strange feeling in my heart.
 I received an email from Kyouka, which contained an address and what looked like an apartment name that I did not know, along with a short note asking me to come to that place immediately.
 I immediately try to call Kyouka to ask her what was going on.
 However, no matter how many times I called, Kyouka did not answer the phone and I only got her voicemail.
 "What is going on here?"
 Just as I had lost contact with her, she sent me an incomprehensible e-mail. Of course, it was not Kyouka's home address, and I never heard that she was moving.
 If there is such a place, it is probably her friend's house or something like that.
 And calling me to such a place might not be a good story.
 Obviously, I had noticed that there was something strange about Kyouka's behavior in recent days.
 Something seems to be troubling her.
 Something dark about Kyouka that I don't know. And there was no doubt there was something like a wall that made me hesitate to step into it.
 Now, I run, out of breath, through the deserted city streets in the morning with spring breeze blowing.
 I was desperately looking for the place I wanted to go, relying on the address written in the e-mail and the map on my phone.
 I had never been to this place before.
 The written address was in the next city, so it must be somewhere in the entertainment city, which I, a student, don't have that much business in.
 For about an hour or so, I keep going back and forth, but I manage to find the place I'm looking for.
 However, I was standing in front of the place in a daze. The building with the written address is nothing but an old-fashioned love hotel.
 I check the address again and again.
 I compared what I thought was the name of an apartment building with the sign of a love hotel, but it was the same GRANDEROSE.
 I thought it was a mistake.
 But no. To be honest, I have not considered the possibility that Kyouka finally decided to have do it with me and called me to such a place.
 However, I know that it is too convenient a fantasy. Even if Kyouka was ready, it would be unnatural for her to call me to a love hotel, and I didn't think she would do something like this as a surprise, given her straight-forward personality.
 "Damn. She's not answering."
 Still, she seems to have no intention to pick up the phone.
 In addition, she has not responded to any of the questions I have sent her via email.
 There was no Kyouka around, but I don't think she would do this as a prank. Anyway, I decided to send an e-mail to tell Kyouka that I had arrived at the place she had told me to go.
 For some reason, I got a reply to the e-mail right away.
 She said she was in room 203 and asked me to come in alone. I will unlock the door.
 Such a reply made me more and more confused.
 Of course, I knew that what was about to happen was not so good.
 However, I had no choice but to meet with Kyouka directly and ask her what she was planning to do. Having made up my mind to do so, I entered the love hotel with some hesitation.

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