Wizard 134

Chapter 134 Flair’s Lewdness

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 After sending Milis back to her room, Shinji sent a thought to Freri, wondering if there is any change in the situation since he had returned to the temple some time ago.

 He has Freri waiting in the room where he reported to the priest so that he can immediately communicate with the people in the temple.

 [Freri, what’s going on over there?]

 [The information has been gathered to some extent, so, Shinji and the other’s job is to rest. Also, the temple has begun to reinvestigate the enemy’s stronghold]

 Shinji ponders Freri’s words.

 [Is it because of the jewels?]

 [Yes. The jewel has the ability to transfer the life force that had been collected. Probably, the destination should be their main base. Their job is to investigate it and you can get in also conquer it]

 [Well, if it’s the evil priestesses, that’s where she’ll be. ……Thank you, Freri. You can come to my room]

 When Shinji heard Freri’s affirmative reply, he then redirected his thoughts to Flair.

 [Flair, have you gotten in touch with Goddess-sama?]

 [Not yet~noja. She is probably on her way to intercept the invasion from the outside world. Sorry, I can’t get any information about the succubus from the outside world~noja]

 [I see……]

 Shinji remembered that the Goddess Arian had mentioned before that she was being attacked from the outside and inside. It’s also possible the attack from the inside will block Goddess Arian’s hands while she attacks the outside.

 Shinji was aware of the fact that the evil priestesses who had been infected by the outside world are now able to summon the succubus of the outside world, which was extremely dangerous.

 The evil priestesses wanted the women of the city transformed to succubus for the purpose of boning the men of the city. It’s unclear how she can turn ordinary people into succubus, but if she’s using the raw energy she’ve collected, the damage is bound to increase as time goes by.

 He doesn’t even want to think what if one city falls because many women will be turned into succubus.

 However, there is nothing Shinji could do now. The only thing he can do is to rest and prepare for the battle after the analysis of the jewel is finished.

 Or he can thank the spirits for their hard work.

 [Flair, if you can’t reach Goddess-sama, it can’t be helped. So, you can come here]


 Flair appeared in Shinji’s room as Shinji told him to, and Freri followed Flair back to Shinji’s room.

 ”I’m back~noja”

 [I’m back, Shinji]

 ”Welcome back, you two”

 As Shinji sat on the bed, Freri approached him and sat on his left side and hugged his arm. Flair seems to have completely missed the timing of Freri’s quick movements and just watches them in silence.


 ”I can’t give you magic right now……”

 ”Freri, don’t interrupt Shinji’s break~noja”

 When Flair heard Shinji’s words, he raised his eyes. As for Freri, she only laughs at Shinji and Flair, sending thoughts to them.

 [If you want to deal with a succubus, you need a succubus too]

 ”Then I will do it. You don’t want him to have any problems, right?”

 [Yes. Thank you]


 Freri disappears from Shinji’s embrace.

 Shinji is surprised that Freri had pulled away so honestly. He thought he was going to be completely squeezed out.

 It was the same for Flair, who didn’t expect Freri to just give in.

 For Freri, it’s always better to have his magic than no drain. If that’s the case, then she must be planned to forgo it this time and get plenty of magic power when she could do it without hesitation.

 In addition, she is dissatisfied with the fact that Flair would not have s*x with Shinji unless he asked her to. Freri believes that there should be rewards for hard work. So, she decided to give it to Flair, who was the first person to say she wanted to have s*x with him, so that she would be more likely to ask him.

 ”Flair is going to do it for me?”

 ”Y, yes. Well, now that you have said it, I must do it~noja. That’s what you need to do when you’re dealing with a succubus”

 Flair’s cheeks reddened as Shinji’s words made her realize that she was making a hasty excuse.

 Shinji laughed a little at Flair’s enthusiasm for the idea, even though he had already had s*x with Renka and Milis.

 ”W, what? Hurry up and lie down~noja!”

 ”Yes, yes. What are you going to do to me?”

 Shinji lay down on his own bed and waited for Flair with a relaxed attitude.

 The first thing Flair did was to take off Shinji’s pants and underwear. Flair gently rubbed his hands over Shinji’s p*nis, which is still large enough to be erect.

 When Shinji’s p*nis was half erect, Flair stood up then straddling him.

 Shinji, who looks up at her from his back and can see the black lace underwear behind Flair’s skirt.

 ”How about it~noja? Shinji likes this kind of thing, right?”

 Flair untied her underwear, and the lacy underwear fell off, revealing her beautiful private parts to Shinji.

 The best response was that his p*nis, which was supposed to be semi-erect, was now engorged.

 Flair lowered her hips, but did not try to insert his p*nis, but instead rode it lightly in her secret area. After sucking the hem of her dress in her mouth so that Shinji could see her vagina, Flair slowly swayed her hips back and forth.

 ”Fu~ ♡ Fu~ ♡ Nn~ ♡ Fu~ ♡”

 Flair’s love juices dripping from her secret area coated her p*nis and took the place as a lubricant.

 Flair’s sumata him while stimulating the glans with her one hand. It made him felt so good

 that he folded his hands behind his head and made a loose face.

 (Shinji~ ♡ Your face looks good …… ♡ Me too…… ♡ It feels good to rub it …… ♡ I’ll make you cum with it~ ♡)

 Flair’s enthusiastic service continued until Shinji’s limit was reached.

 ”I’m cumming……!”

 When the semen is released from Shinji’s p*nis, Flair caught it with the hand that was stimulating the glans. Flair’s hand became sticky with semen from the repeated ejaculations.

 ”Flair, drink it”

 ”……It’s special~noja ♡”

 Flair licked her hand and licked up Shinji’s semen and swallowed it. Shinji pulls her up and hugs her, knowing he must repay Flair for all she has done for him.

 ”Lift your hips”

 Shinji whispered in Flair’s ear as he took a face-to-face position. As he says, Flair raises her hips, and his erect p*nis jumps up and is placed at the entrance of her secret region.

 ”Faaaa~ ♡♡♡ It, it’s very deep~noja ♡”

 When Flair lowered her hips, his p*nis was inserted. Her insides, which had been soaked by the love juice, accepted Shinji’s huge cock with no problem.

 They embraced from the front, and their bodies were perfectly pressed as her soft breasts were crushed his chest, which felt good. Flair’s thoughts were lost in the pleasure of having her vagina pushed upward.

 As their tongues kissed each other, Flair shook her hips in a steady attempt to make Shinji feel better.

 (Flair has changed. It seems a lie that she was so cautious like in the past)

 (It feels good~ ♡ It feels good~noja ♡ Shinji’s dick…… ♡ It’s inside me~noja ♡)

 The bed creaks as the two of them go at it.

 The two of them were about to climax when it happened.

 ”Mo~. Don’t ignore me~ when Shinji-san and Flair-chan together~. Ah!”

 Marie moved into Shinji’s room, and since Shinji and Flair hadn’t responded to any of her thoughts, she came directly to him.

 Flair, who had been in a state of debauchery, came to her senses and panicked. But Shinji didn’t care at all and went for the last spurt.

 ”Wait~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Shinji~ ♡ Nn~ ♡ Hah~ ♡ Don’t look at me, Marie~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Cumming~ ♡ I’m cumming~nojaaaaaa ♡♡♡”

 Flair climaxed, her body jerking up and down. Marie who saw Flair his semen while exposing her sloppy come face, also watching with pounding heart.

 (It looks like it feels so good for her~♡)

 Marie swallowed her saliva without thinking.

 When the p*nis that had finished ejaculating was pulled out, her eyes were drawn to the size of it. Flair is exhausted from climaxing so hard.

 Shinji gently laid Flair down on the bed.

 Flair’s sumata play.

 Freri is the type of girl who will beg for a reward for her hard work.

 Flair doesn’t beg for rewards for her hard work, so I wonder if this will be a good opportunity to make it easier for her to get rewards.

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