Wizard 165

Chapter 165 Shinji’s experiment with Function-Granting magic

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 The evil priest who reached her climax is continuously breathing hard.

 In the meantime, the ivy tentacles rubbed against her skin, and her sensitive skin felt pleasure on its own. But still, the Evil Priest’s eyes glared at Shinji fiercely.

 ”It’s a scary face. Are you angry?”

 ”Obviously~ ♡ Kuuuhhh~ ♡”

 When her gaze becomes more intense, she tries to argue with him in a louder voice, but Shinji squeezes her nipples suddenly while she is still tied up, and it made she turns her body upside down and closes her mouth.

 ”I’m not done yet…… The experiment just started”

 (This guy just said “experiment”!)

 The evil priest shuddered as she saw a pitch-black aura on the back of Shinji’s smiling face.

 Shinji who is standing beside the immobile priest grabs her chest with both hands. Shinji touched her breasts as he wished, squeezing and squeezing them to see how they felt.

 ”Your breasts are nice, firm and soft. You’ve had summoned some succubus, but I wonder if you’ve been affected in some way?”

 ”Stop it…… ♡ Nn~…… ♡ Why…. this guy…… keep touching me~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Hah~ ♡ Nn…. ♡”

 ”That’s an abusive language. But, Apostle Shinji, keep it up. When she became an evil priest, her body was transformed into what it is today by the blessings of heaven”

 Goddess Arian, watching from the side, is constantly reading minds.

 The Evil Priest, who was losing her mental capacity due to the torture of pleasure, was no longer able to fill her mind with hatred.

 Whenever she is asked a question while she is enduring, the answer to the question snatches her mind and is read by Goddess Arian.

 The evil priest tried to hate the man in front of him even more for his sloppy but extremely skillful caresses. But she couldn’t do it.

 It was a strange experience for the Evil Priest.

 As the evil priest’s chest squeezed by Shinji.

 Pyut ♡, her nipples suddenly spurting a milk.


 ”Oh, you’ve got milk coming out”

 Shinji muttered as if it was natural.

 The Evil Priest was stunned for only a few moments, as Shinji began to milk the Evil Priest’s breasts as if he were milking a cow.

 As the milk began to flow out of her nipples, the Evil Priest was assaulted by an unknown pleasure that she had never experienced before.

 Naturally, this phenomenon was also Shinji’s fault.

 By continuing to apply direct touch magic, he can break through the magic resistance of the opponent and give her breast the function to <Releasing Magic Power as Milk>.

 In addition, this is the first time he has tried to cast a function-granting spell on a target that he controls. Shinji expected it to be hard but it was easier than he thought and he was disappointed.

 ”Why~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Why are my…… ♡ Ah~ ♡ Breast spurting milk!? ♡ Ah~ ♡ Stop it~ ♡ Don’t squeeze it ♡ Ah~ ♡ It’s out~ ♡ I’m cumming from my breastt~ ♡”

 ”Apostle Shinji, you have some interesting magic”

 ”Thank you very much. That went better than I expected”

 Shinji milked a few times, but soon realized that his hands were getting tired and took his hands off from her breast. He replaces it with his tentacle ivy to milk the breast in place of Shinji’s hands.

 It’s started by squeezing from the base of the breast to the tip of the breast and mechanically squeezing it.

 (It’s weird~ ♡ It’s going to be crazy~ ♡ If it still going, I’m gonna crazy~ ♡ Please help me~ ♡

 Lord-sama ♡”

 ”Goddess-sama, you look like you’re having a great time……”

 ”Defending yourself is stressful, Apostle Shinji”

 Goddess Arian is really enjoying herself, and Shinji feels a bit uncomfortable because the scene he’s training is being treated as entertainment.

 However, this doesn’t stop Shinji. He grabbed the Evil Priest’s chin, who had already climaxed several times, and turned her face towards him.

 When Shinji looked into the eyes of the evil priest, the color returned to her eyes, which had been fuzzy from cumming so much. After he do that, Shinji tore off her underwear, but the only underwear Evil Priest still had the energy to resist.

 ”Hah……♡ Ah…… ♡ Do you want to insert it…… ♡ If you can do it…… ♡ Ah~ ♡ Ah~, Nn~ ♡ Kuh……, Just try it…… ♡”

 ”It seems that the evil priest like the succubus, she can absorb raw energy. What would you do? Apostle Shinji”

 Goddess Arian tells him why the Evil Priest is so powerful.

 But that was within Shinji’s expectations. It’s not only like he’s used to having s*x with Freri, a half-succubus.

 But he knows more about succubus than most wizards.

 ”There’s nothing wrong with that”

 ”…… ♡ What’s…. that…… ♡”

 The p*nis that emerged from under Shinji’s pants and underwear was larger than the men she had squeezed to death. It made the evil priest’s face turned pale.

 Just with the nipple tortures and milking have made her private parts visible and jittery. So, what will happen to her if such a magnificent p*nis inserted into her vagina…… even though she is used to having s*x.

 Naturally, Shinji also added the function of <Giving Pleasure to Women to His Penis>. He placed his p*nis on the secret part of the evil priest.

 The mere touch of the glans to the entrance of the secret part sent a numbing sensation of pleasure through her from her toes to the top of her head.

 ”Please……♡ Stop……♡ I’m going crazyyyyyyyy~ ♡”

 Shinji inserted his p*nis without regard to the evil priest who tried to stop him.

 That alone was enough to make her climax and show Shinji her pathetic face as she came.

 The evil priest who was still trembles, shocked to feel her magic power drain from her body. Because Shinji added a function to her vagina to <Release Magic Power when Climaxed>.

 The more she climaxes, the more magic power will be drained from her body. If her magic power is depleted, she will not be able to resist magic as far as she is concerned.

 Shinji’s plan was to finish the job by using hypnotic magic to get information out of her.

 ”Your vagina is not bad, but my p*nis feels better, right?”

 ”No good~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Hah~ ♡ Stop it……~ ♡ Fuaaaah~ ♡ Don’t move ♡ My pussy~ ♡ Will be gone~ ♡”

 ”It looks like it’s not just about sucking life energy ♪”

 The evil priest’s thoughts were quickly tainted with pleasure.

 The amount of raw energy being sucked out of Shinji by just inserting his p*nis was minimal. It was impossible for her to efficiently absorb the raw energy with her pleasure-soaked mind.

 The evil priest is only embraced one-sidedly by Shinji.

 Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡

 From the very beginning, Shinji’s skillful swinging of his hips caused the quiet room to echo with the sound of flesh against flesh and sizzling water.

 Every time Shinji thrusts, the tentacle ivy’s breasts shake and sway in his view.

 ”Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Oh~ ♡ Cumming~ ♡ I’m cummmming~ ♡♡♡”

 Kyuuu♡ her vagina tightens and the pressure is comfortable. As he feels so, he wants to ejaculate in her vagina, but it would be suicide to do so because she was a succubus.

 It is the instinct of the succubus to squeeze the life out of the ejaculated male, and it doesn’t matter how crazy her thoughts are. If Shinji give her life force, the magic power that is so close to emptying out will be filled again.

 Still, he began to thrust his p*nis deep into her vagina, and after making her climax five times, the evil priest was no longer able to control her expression.

 She climaxed while exposing her pleasure-stained face, and before she knew it, she was pulling Shinji tightly around his waist with his legs.

 (It’s time to finish……)

 Shinji looks at Goddess Arian with a smile on his face as she watches the Evil Priest steadily lose herself in pleasure.

 Goddess Arian, who has been quiet since it became impossible to interrupt from the side, is appeasing Miko Arian, who is watching the situation from the inside.

 Miko Arian said that it was her role to heal the Apostle Shinji, and that it was what she wanted to do. And after seeing the s*x that had started right in front of her, she wanted to have s*x with Shinji himself.

 When Shinji gouged the depths of the Evil Priest’s vagina, the Evil Priest came wildly and sprayed her milk all over the place. She became mess, and her magic power was temporarily reduced to zero.

 ”Answer the goddess’s question, okay?”

 ”Yhe…… ♡ Yes…. ♡ Anything…… I will answer anything…… ♡”

 Shinji’s hypnosis caused the evil priest’s consciousness to fall asleep deep in his chest.


 Milking play from tentacle ivy

 Squeeze all the magic out of her.

 The function-granting magic is quite excellent in the erotic field. It’s like the oracle that was developed for Freri. Still, Shinji-kun doesn’t really have a chance to use it, though.

 But the experiment has made it possible to play with breast milk! (laughs)

 There’s no way that an evil priest who only milked men weaker than herself can beat an erotic wizard who trained with a succubus.

 Miko Arian is protesting inside Goddess Arian (laughs)

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