Wizard 208

Chapter 208 Christina’s Dream (Surrogate Pregnancy)・Before

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 ”As expected, Shinji, it was a good setting”

 ”Well, I have to make the setting easy to accept at first. If the setting is too unreasonable, she might wake up”

 ”””I see……””

 After the s*x was over, Shinji released Christina from the lewd dream and had a conversation with Freri, Eve and Clara in the dream.

 Shinji’s talk was beneficial to Eve and Clara as novice succubus, and they listened to Shinji and Freri quietly.

 ”There are only two days left. We need to make sure the connection is made”

 ”A connection?”

 Eve tilted her head.

 ”Most of the noble families have exorcism magic in their houses. So, pure demons can’t get in”

 ”But if there is a connection to the other side, that’s a different story. And in order to be able to show her lewd dreams when she returns to the city, we need to teach her pleasure during the trip so that she will welcome us”

 ”I see, but will two days be enough?”

 Clara asked Shinji a genuine question.

 ”It’s not difficult to make a connection with Christina in two days. She seems to have more potential than I thought”

 Shinji grinned viciously.

 The three succubus were flattered by the look on his face and their cheeks flushed.

* * *

 The return trip on the second day went without a hitch.

 Then, at night.

 Christina is led into a lewd dream again…

* * *


 Christina’s consciousness is awakened by Shinji’s voice.

 ”I’m okay. Let’s make this quick”

 She tried to hide her nervousness with the clerical voice, but she was aware that her mind was wavering.

 (I think we’ve discussed this)

 Christina married Alvin, who had become an honorary knight.

 Alvin lived happily with his wife, Milis, and his second wife, Christina, and their neighbors, Shinji and Renka.

 However, Alvin contracted an illness from an outbreak. The disease is cured, but the fever is so high that Alvin becomes infertile.

 Milis and Christina comforted Alvin after he became very depressed, and although Alvin managed to get his mind back on track, he insisted on carrying Milis and Christina’s child.

 After a discussion involving Shinji and Renka’s husband and wife, a conclusion is reached…

 (I will have a child with Shinji, and raise it)

 An honorary knight is an honorary position for one generation only. The child would be a commoner, so bloodline would not be an issue.

 But in noble families, if the wife is the head of the family, she must have children although the children was with her husband’s blood relatives instead of her husband who can’t have children. Naturally, this would be information that should be kept secret.

 (Milis has already made a baby with Shinji-san, so I can’t just run away. Fortunately, Shinji-san is a kind man, and……. it’s for the sake of Danna-sama)

 This is one of the reasons why Christina agreed to do it, because she and Shinji had become close friends and she didn’t feel bad about it.

 Christina, who tries to be a devoted wife, has given her heart to Alvin. So, it is not her intention to allow her body to be with anyone other than her husband, but she reaffirms her resolve to be okay as long as her heart and mind are firmly connected with him.

 ”I want to be quick, but if I don’t…… wet yourself properly, it’s going to hurt”

 ”Eh? ………!?”

 Shinji’s erection was so big that even through his pants, Christina could see that it was big.

 (W, Why!? Why is it so different from Danna-sama!?)

 Christina gasped at the sight, which was impossible for her husband, Alvin.

 ”I’ll try to make this as quick as possible for you……”

 ”I understand…… I’ll leave it to you……”

 Christina nodded slowly.

 Her body started to remember having s*x with Shinji and she took a deep breath to cover up the fact that her vagina was starting to tingle.

* * *

 ”Shi, Shinji-san! I can’t believe you’re doing this with your mouth……♡”

 Christina who was laid on the bed was told that only her vagina would be caressed. So, without taking off her dress, the front of her skirt was rolled up, and when Christina blushed, Shinji stroked the inside of her thighs and opened them from both sides.

 And then, Shinji approached her secret place and sucked on it. She tried to close her legs as quickly as possible, but it was too late. Shinji’s tongue, which was full of saliva, licked up her vagina from her underwear, causing Christina’s hips to jump.

 (What was that……? It’s chilly…….)

 Shinji doesn’t mind being sandwiched between her legs, in fact, he feels good about her healthy and smooth thighs, firmly gripping her waist and carefully caressing her with his tongue.

 Christina, who had never experienced cunnilingus before, could only stare blankly at the first tongue caress and shudder in pleasure.

 (I, I can’t believe he licked it…. ♡ Ah ♡ Oh ♡ It feels so good ♡)

 It was a pleasure that she could not imagine in foreplay with her husband. Still, Christina tried to remember what she had done with her husband in the first place, but she couldn’t remember anything.

 She can’t even remember that she’s married to Alvin or that she’s already had s*x with him, because it just a setting that’s been imprinted on her.

 ”Hyaa ♡ Ah ♡ Don’t lick on that place ♡”

 To prevent Christina from thinking, Shinji’s torment became more intense.

 When he slipped her underwear to the side and touched her clitoris with his tongue, Christina’s sweet voice escaped from her mouth.

 ”Faaaaaaa ♡ Shinji-san ♡ Wait ♡ Please ♡ Wait ♡”

 Christina’s vagina, which had made sensitive by the aphrodisiac magic, overflows with love juice when Shinji licks her.

 And Christina was too busy enduring the pleasure and trying not to climax by thinking about her s*xual activity with Alvin.

 Christina begged Shinji to stop, but he wouldn’t stop caressing her with his tongue.

 Slurp ♡ Slurrpp ♡ Slurrpp ♡

 The sound of Shinji slurping her love juice echoes through the room. His tongue flicked around the entrance to her secret region, loosening it languidly.

 Christina had lost the strength to close her thighs due to the pleasure, and was now spreading her legs like an upturned frog and presenting them to Shinji.

 (Danna-sama ♡ Danna-sama ♡ I’m sorry ♡ Shinji-san’s tongue ♡ feels so good ♡ it’s making me crazyyyyyy ♡)

 Before she knew it, Shinji’s tongue was crushing her swollen clitoris.

 As Shinji tries to make her cum, Christina hold her mouth and try not to let out a sound.

 Squirt ♡ Squirt ♡

 It felt so good that Christina squirted for the first time in her life. Before long, Shinji removes his mouth from Christina’s shivering clit.

 ”I hope that’s enough”

 ”Haa……♡ Haa……♡ Ah……”

 She turned her head to look at the ceiling and saw that Shinji’s p*nis was erect.

 Finally, she was going to have s*x with Shinji.

 Christina could tell that her body was expecting it.

 She hadn’t expected to feel so good with just foreplay. Because she had thought it would be more of a perfunctory affair.

 Even though her husband had already agreed to it, she felt guilty and turned her gaze away. She also felt guilty that he was making her feel better than necessary.

 And then Shinji didn’t cover her up, but instead turned Christina and lifted her hips.

 She was on the position of all fours, her cheeks flushed with shame, but Shinji whispered in her ear, “It’s better if you didn’t see my face, right?” And she nodded silently.

 (Danna-sama…… is the only one I like……)

 Shinji’s p*nis is inserted into Christina’s vagina as she thinks of Alvin’s smile.


 Christina’s second day.

 The only reason she has lewd dreams every day is because the only time Shinji-kun have a chance is during the trip.

 Shinji is gradually increasing the amount of s*x she is having.

 Even though she has no memory, her body remembers the experience of s*x.

 The setting that she is married is also acceptable.

 An honorary knight is an honorary position for commoners who have distinguished themselves in battle.

 It’s a one-time nobility without a territory. The child still treated as a commoner because only his or her military prowess that evaluated.

 Still, honorary knights are treated as nobles.

 They receive an annual salary because they are ordered by the king to “hunt monster for the country,” but if they skip work at the Adventurer’s Guild, they may be deprived of it.

 The honorary knights are also a symbol of the power of the state, so although their titles are low, they are allowed to have daughters from other families as their second ladies, and it is considered a benefit to have blood relatives who have a talent for fighting.

 In many cases, children are educated so that they can be adopted into the main noble family when they come of age.

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