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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Chapter 7 A Pinch is not Something to be Trifled with, but It is Something to be Exploited.

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"I think we'll take the quest to destroy the goblin's nest today." (*Note : The word says Oni but I use Goblin because some reason if you know what I mean)
 The next day, after Shinji and Renka had gone shopping, the four of them gathered at the guild to choose a quest.
"Goblins' nest. The place is too small for Alvin's weapons and style, right?"
"I know. But I want to take it."
 Alvin stared at Shinji with a serious face. Milis and Renka are also staring at Shinji with the same face. Is there a reason for this? Shinji muttered and tilted his head.
"There was a lower party that received a request before we did. I think they failed when I heard that they didn't come back. The party was from my hometown."
"I'd like to send their belongings to their families if possible."
"Of course, I also want to avenge them."
"I see"
   Shinji nodded. "Do you have a request form?" Shinji asked. Then, Alvin handed the request form to Shinji. He bowed to Shinji, who was making a difficult face as he checked the contents.
"It's completely personal this time. So, if you don't want to go, Shinji-san..."
"You fool!"
 Shinji smacked Alvin on the head to stop him from speaking.
 Milis and Renka are also dumbfounded by Shinji's sudden chop.
"I'm sorry...!""
"Don't underestimate me. I'll go too. I just checked the details. The request prize is appropriate for the intermediate level, so there is no problem."
 Shinji then handed the request form back to Alvin.
 Alvin smiled happily when he received the request form.
"Why, it's hard to tell! With a face like that!"
"I'm sorry about that. It's a wizard's job to think."
 Alvin slapped Shinji's back as he shrugged his shoulders without seeming to be offended.
"It's true! This time, Alvin is right!"
"Thank you, Shinji-san."
 Renka and Milis are also laughing along with them.
 The heavy atmosphere is completely gone, and the usual cheerful atmosphere returns. Alvin ran vigorously towards the door of the room.
"All right! Then let's go, everyone!"
"Ou! (Un!) (Ei!)"
 The three of them followed Alvin and left the room.
 This is a quest that is expected to be difficult. But the four of us can win.
 Alvin was convinced of this.
    After finishing their preparations in the city, <Running Wolves> visited the goblin's lair in the morning of the next day. After disposing of the dozing guards, they proceeded deeper into the cave.
 The cave was dimly lit and the passages were narrow. Renka led the way, holding up a lantern and remaining vigilant. Alvin and Milis, who had switched from their large swords to shortswords, followed Renka. Shinji was keeping a wary eye out for a back attack, and he had summoned the spirit Freri to detect any reaction from the goblin.
 When they're at a junction and wondering which way to go, Freri, who was riding on Shinji's shoulder, touched his cheek and pointed to the end of the passage.
"...! ......!!"
"Well, it looks like there's still a living human response up ahead. And there seems to be no reaction from the goblin either...Wait, Renka!"
 Suddenly, Renka rushed out in response to Shinji's words. Alvin and Milis followed Renka. Shinji regretted his careless words, but he ran after the three of them.
 The room in which they reached was probably a breeding room for goblins. In the corner of the room, a group of women with empty expressions were lying naked. In the middle of the room, there was also a girl lying on the floor...
"Wait, Renka, it's a trap!"
 When Shinji arrived at the room, Renka had already touched the girl.
 Alvin and Milis stopped at Shinji's shout, but it was already too late. As Renka shook the girl, whom she called Akane, something fell from near the ceiling of the room. As it hit the ground, a loud, high-pitched sound echoed through the cave.
"An alarm..."
 Shinji muttered bitterly. Alvin frowned and Milis leaned closer to Alvin. Renka is shocked. The girl who was rolled over, Akane, only weakly repeats, "Run...run...run...run...run away"
 Shinji made up his mind. He was ready to risk his life.
"We can't save ourselves if we're surrounded in every direction on our way out. I'll intercept them here. Alvin, switch to your big sword and go wild as usual. Milis will provide support. Renka...Oi Renka! Don't just stand there. We'll all hear your reflections later."
 Shinji slapped Alvin's butt as hard as he could. "Bang!" It makes a nice sound, and the cave echoes with cries of "Ouch!".
"It's a bunch of goblins that look like they're setting a trap for us. We have some time before they gather and come to us. We must be prepared in the meantime."
"I know! Mil! Renka! Let's go! Mi and Renka, gather the women to the far end of the room! Shinji, you set barricade with the woodman! (*Note Kijin ->Woodman)
"Yes, sir! Al! Renka, hurry up!"
"O, okay...I got it"
"Goodness, you're a rough leader. Freri, I'll leave you in charge of the woodman."
 Each of them started to move.
 Shinji took out three fist-sized seeds from his pocket and threw them on the ground.
"Tree, tree that protects us. Listen to the voice of the flower and help us. <Woodman>"
 Using Freri's magic, he cast a spell on the seeds.
 Roots exploded from the seed, overlapping and binding together to form a humanoid form the size of a human. It's a wooden soldier with a club in his right hand and a shield in his left. When Freri took control, the wooden soldiers began to move and surrounded Alvin.
 Next, another seed is planted in the center of the room.
"Grow it. <Wooden Wall>"
 A wall of roots grew up in the middle of the room, splitting the room in half with a waist-high barricade. Alvin and the woodman were at the entrance, Shinji, Milis and Renka were waiting across the barricade, and the women were trembling behind them.
"Alvin! There are no more seeds for the woodmen. I can't replenish them."
"All right! I'll take the front! You take care of them!"
"Al! Be careful!"
 There was no response from Renka. When Shinji checked on her, Renka was still pale and her hands were shaking as she held her bow. Because of her strong sense of responsibility, Renka still hadn't fully recovered.
 Why, why...didn't she checked it first? She should have known that it could be a trap. But It had all been blown away when she saw the person she knew. Gently, Shinji placed his hand on Renka's head as she continued to blame herself.
 The warmth of Shinji's hand calmed her messy thoughts. Renka's face, which had been downcast, rose up and met Shinji's eyes.
"We all make mistakes. That's why you have to work hard to fix it. And I hope you kill more goblins than Alvin."
 Strangely enough, Shinji's words resonated with Renka. Her pale, lifeless face regained its vitality. Shinji had not only used words, but also weak thought-inducing magic to turn Renka's negative thinking into a positive one.
 Of course, Renka didn't realize that she was under the spell of thought induction. So, she turned her shining smile to Shinji and nodded.
"You know how good I am with a bow, don't you? It's no wonder! Al! I'm the one who's going to kill the most! Watch it!"
"What the hell, Renka? Are you done with your depression mode! Let's do it!!"
"Leave it to me!"
 Renka regains her normal energy. Milis smiled in relief at the sight and bowed slightly to Shinji.
"Thank you very much. Renka-chan, if me, I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to regain my energy like that in such a short time."
"Well, I'm the oldest of them all. At least, I can do this easily."
"You take good care of me too, don't you, Shinji-san? You're like a Big Brother to me."
"Hahaha, you can call me Shinji, if you want."
 Shinji tries to be playful and Milis giggles.
 The desperate atmosphere was completely gone.
 Shinji moved away a bit from them as Milis and Renka began their talks.
"...I think we've got a chance to win this thing."
 Shinji muttered to himself so that no one could hear him.
 It was truly a fight to the death.
 A horde of goblins invaded the room one after the other.
 Alvin swung his greatsword in all directions and cut down the goblins.
 Milis's magical barriers were constantly put up to Alvin, deflecting the arrows and magic of the goblins and reducing injuries.
 Renka's arrows shoot through the goblins that are moving around, one after another, trying to destroy Alvin's blind spots.
 Freri's wooden soldiers beat the goblins while their bodies were cut down by them, and sometimes they became Alvin's shields, shattering over time.
 Shinji manipulated the roots of the barricade and bent them like a spear, killing the goblins with the thick roots as they closed in on the barricade.
 They continued to beat them down, and beat them down, and beat them down, eventually the swarm of goblins ran out of numbers and stopped their advance.
 Then, Alvin cut down the last goblin.
"Is it...over...?"
 Alvin muttered with his face turning red by splashing blood. Shinji looked at Freri on his shoulder.  Freri tells Shinji that there are no more reactions from the goblins.
"Ah... there's no more goblin reaction nearby."
 Alvin shuddered at those words. And.
"Whoooooooooa! We've wonnnnnnn!!!"
 He stabbed his greatsword into the ground and howled.
 In this way, despite the terrible crisis, <Running Wolf> has completed the extermination of the goblins.
 The exhausted members of the <Running Wolf> immediately called for help. The women who had been raped by the goblins were safely taken care of. They don't know what will happen to the women who have been so traumatized. From there on, it was up to the guild.
 All of the members of the lower-ranked party were confirmed dead except for Akane, the girl who had been raped. Alvin and the others were greatly saddened and sent their belongings back home.
 Then, <Running Wolf> was promoted to a higher intermediate level for its achievement in destroying a larger-than-expected nest of goblins.
Alvin's favorability rating has increased!
His "san" in his name has been removed! (Shinji-san -> Shinji)
Milis's favorability has increased!
Shinji has earned the title of big brother! (Onii-chan)
Renka's favorability has been increased!
Thought induction multiplied! (dirty)
Edited by Kanaa-senpai.
Thanks for reading... 

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