Avalon Dungeon

Avalon Dungeon


Author: Earl Gray (アールグレイ)
Genre : Adult, Adventure, Harem, ,Romance
Alternative Name :
Avalon’s Dungeon – Making a Pure and Innocent Princess Shrine Maiden a Tentacle Cock Slave


The protagonist, who has accidentally acquired a bizarre manhood, is sobbing
because even prostitutes are running away from him.

But one day, he receives an order from his father, the king. The order is: “Conquer
Avalon’s dungeon!”.

In that dungeon, created by an ancient mage, may lie the hidden treasure that will
restore his manhood! With this thought in mind, the protagonist spends his days attacking dungeons and
his nights training princess maidens. Will he be able to restore his manhood to its original state?

Chapter hapter:

    Volume 1 – Avalon Dungeon

    Volume 2 – Princess-Maiden Becomes a Slave

    Volume 3 – How a Princess-Maiden Begs to Lose Her Purity

    Volume 4 – Traps that Await

    Volume 5 – Changing Thoughts

    Volume 6 – Blacksmith Participation

    Volume 7 – Alexis’ Day Off

    Volume 8 – The Maid Become Slave

    Volume 9 – Life with Slaves

    Volume 10 – Sagrado Current Situation

    Volume 11 – Lorenzo Gets Blinded

    Volume 12 – Wreckage in the Fog

    Volume 13 – Mage’s Box Garden

    Volume 14 – Aborted Operation

    Volume 15 – Emissary from Home Country

    Volume 16 – Completion of Treatment

    Volume 17 – Promises and Hidden Thoughts with the Maid

    Volume 18 – First Torture

    Volume 19 – Jerome’s Irritation

    Volume 20 – Dungeon Resumption

    Volume 21 – Disappearance of the Fifth Prince

    Volume Extra

    Volume 22 – Sick Princess

    Volume 23 – Royal Cemetery

    Volume 24 – A Requiem for the Fallen

    Volume 25 – After a Fierce Battle

    Volume 26 – The Deaf Priest-King

    Volume 27 – Contract Revealed

    Volume 28 – Together with Two Sisters

    Volume 29 – Heading to the Capital

    Volume 30 – The Capital of Krangal

    Volume 31 – Marital Form

    Final Volume – God of the Underworld

    Extra Volume – the Merchant of Dushan

    Extra Volume – A Concubine with a Title Only

    Extra Volume – Priest-King’s Admirer

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