Avalon 190

Chapter 190

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 Fransisca wakes up in Alexis’ room.

 She finds herself lying on the bed in his room and turns over.

 There, she sees Alexis’s sleeping face.

 ”Eh… What…?”

 Fransisca thought for a while. She was thinking about what had happened yesterday.

 (Yesterday, Alexis-sama made love to me, and then… and then…)

 She had lost consciousness beyond that.

 She realized she had come to this moment as if she had blacked out.

 ”I-I’m… again…”

 Fransisca wanted to hold her head.

 But there was nothing she could do. It’s just the way it is. It feels so good to do it with him. Of course, she’s not the only one who faints.

 (It’s not only me, but other people would have fainted too…)

 So it’s okay. Yes, it’s okay. Fransisca consoles herself.

 More than that, she feels sick. She wanted to go to the bathroom.

 But it was too bad to leave the room without permission, so Fransisca poked Alexis’ cheek with her fingertips, although she felt bad.

 ”Ugh,” Alexis groaned.

 ”…um, Alexis-sama”

 She whispers in a small voice.

 Then Alexis’s eyes narrowed.


 Hearing the sleepy response, Fransisca spoke up.

 ”I’m going to the bathroom. I’ll open the room… please stay there.”

 ”…ah, yes…”

 Fransisca looked at Alexis, who nodded and closed his eyes.

 (It’s… it’s okay. Now he won’t feel strange when he wakes up, and I’m not here)

 Fransisca strokes Alexis’ hair a few times as he begins to sleep again.

 After doing so, she smiled, realizing that this was the first time she had touched his head in this way.

 She stroked him until satisfied, kissed him on the forehead, and then left the bed.

 ”For a while longer, take your time”

 Fransisca left the room after murmuring these words.

* * *

 After a while, Alexis woke up.

 ”I slept well… Huh….? Fransisca…?”

 There was no memory of the dreamscape left in Alexis.

 ”…What? Did she just get up and go away? It’s a mess. I had something for her”

 Well, he’ll see her when he’s on duty. Alexis did not think too much about it.

* * *

 Soon it was time for the office.

 Alexis showed up at the command center as he had done yesterday. Sure enough, Fransisca was already there, looking at the papers the new soldier had just brought in.

 ”Hey, Fransisca, you’re so rude to leave without saying anything…”

 Alexis says hello, and Fransisca looks up, miffed.

 ”I-I have told you…”

 ”Oh? Did you? I was asleep”

 ”…That’s true, but…”

 Alexis is sitting in his chair, talking like this.

 ”Well, what’s today’s work?”

 ”It’s almost the end of the month. We need to make a budget and submit it to Krangal…”

 ”…Ah… And I’ll have to look around for equipment”

 Alexis flips through the documents in his hand and thinks, “…Ah, right”.

 (I have something for her… But, the timing seems not to be right. I knew I should have done it in the morning)

 Even though they are close, Fransisca has never initiated a casual atmosphere during the workday. She is a serious person.

 It would have been fine if Alexis had approached her. After all, if Alexis asks, she will stop working.

 Besides, she’s always done that when having intercourse.

 (She should not mind if I ask her to do whatever I want, right?)

 Alexis thinks so, but he’s not so sure about this…

 …This is not the right time and place, after all.

 (…I don’t have a choice. I should wait for the break time…)

 Alexis thinks so and decides to work quietly.

* * *

 It is not a difficult job for the two of them.

 A few soldiers and servants come in and out to run errands here and there, but that’s it.

 ”Ah… is it that late already?”

 Looking out the window at the sun’s height, Alexis pulls up a chair.

 It seems that Fransisca also realizes that a lot of time has passed, and she puts her hand on her stomach with a small smile.

 ”—Yes. I’m hungry now that you mention it”

 ”It’s lunchtime, after all, “

 When Alexis responds, Fransisca reassembles the open papers in her hand and asks a question.

 ”Would you like to join?”

 ”Shall I?”

 Alexis agreed and decided to go to the canteen with her.

* * *

 The canteen of the fort was already crowded with soldiers.

 ”Oh, Alex-kun”

 ”Ah, you’re right. Prince, over here!”

 Sara was the first to spot Alexis, and Dorothea, standing next to him, called him over.

 They had already arrived at the long table with their own meals.

 Besides Sara and Dorothea, Lily, Fatima, and Maria were also present.

 While Alexis was puzzled, Fransisca quickly went over to them and conversed with Fatima.

 ”Your Highness. How are you progressing?”

 ”Yes, it’s going well, thanks. Is Fatima cleaning?”

 ”Yes. But I’ll finish in the morning, then I’ll go back to helping Your Highness”

 ”I see. Then, I’ll ask for your help”

 (No, you don’t have to ask her to do that. I have something for you. It’s not something I want to give it in a place where everyone is having a good time)

 As Alexis thought that, someone tapped him on the shoulder.

 He turned around to see Valencia with a big, innocent smile on her face.

 ”Alexis-sama! Are you here in a place like this? Then, would you like to have lunch with us?”

 ”Us?” He looked to see Eden beside Valencia, who was nodding her head.

 ”How long have you guys been friends?”

 ”Since a long time ago! Right, Eden-san?”

 Eden nods her head when Valencia asks her a question.

 She is still taciturn, even when she is close to someone.

 (Well, it’s a good sign that Eden, who has always followed orders, has a friend…)

 Alexis thinks and points to the table where Fransisca and the others are.

 ”They’re all here. Wanna eat with us?”

 Valencia and Eden nodded, so Alexis chose to eat with them.

 (…Well, there’s still time to eat…)

 The cause of his defeat was his own fault that he had fainted yesterday.

 Worst case scenario, it could have been at night when all the daily routines are over.

 Alexis decided to take it easy.

* * *

 The day is over, and it is nighttime.

 As expected, Fransisca was with Fatima from then on, so they did not have much time to talk.

 But on his way back to his private room, he saw Fransisca, who was just coming back from the bathroom, so he stopped her.

 ”Hey, come to my room now”

 Fransisca looked at him for a moment, and then she responded with “…Okay,” with her cheeks turning red and her eyes drifting.

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