Avalon 189

Chapter 189 [Princess-Maiden] Reunion Sex in the Courtyard

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 Alexis strokes Fransisca’s hair two and three times, after which he lowers her hand.

 Then, his hands move down to check the softness of her breasts, and Fransisca’s body jumps a little.

 ”…Um. This is the courtyard…”

 Her voice is almost fading in embarrassment.

 ”It’s okay. No one’s looking”

 While saying this, Alexis put his hand through the hem of her dress and tasted her breast directly.

 They were soft and fluffy but firm enough to feel like a woman’s.

 And Fransisca’s breath came in ragged gasps as he rubbed them repeatedly.

 ”Haah, haah… Um…”

 Her reserved voice escapes between breaths.

 ”What if someone comes…?”

 ”Just let it happen then”

 Alexis covers her lips with his, silencing her.

 He inserts his tongue into her mouth, and when they flap their tongues together, Fransisca falls silent.

 He teased her breasts while mixing saliva with her tongue.

 Then, when he pinched and pulled her nipples with his fingertips, Fransisca’s body jerked.


 Fransisca’s eyes narrowed as Alexis looked into her face, and she had a mellow expression.

 As their lips part, she presses her body against Alexis’.

 ”Haah, haah… Geez… You don’t care anymore…?”

 Fransisca says in a sweet voice, reaching her hand to Alexis’ crotch.

 The already swollen p*nis is gently grasped through the cloth, and she begins to slowly squeeze it.

 The p*nis jumps up at the frustrating sensation, and it is like about to come out of the pants.

 In return, Alexis hugged her and turned her around.

 Fransisca let out a small cry, and he lifted her skirt and pulled down the panties she was wearing underneath.

 Her thin silver hair swayed when exposed to the air.

 And Fransisca’s face turns red.

 ”I-I can’t do this. If someone comes in here, they will see me right away…”

 She seems to complain that she should hide her face a little more.

 But Alexis wants to see her embarrassed like this. After all, what does he care if anyone sees it? He is the master of this fortress, and she is his wife. No one will complain.

 ”So what’s the problem? You can show them then”

 Alexis could see Fransisca gulp in response to his reply.

 But then, he pulled down his pants and extended his tentacle.

 He picked up Fransisca’s legs and spread them apart in an “M” position. Then the slit of her secret hole, which had been closed, was opened to the left and right, exposing even its red ripe interior.


 Fransisca cries out.

 Alexis was groping Fransisca’s secret place with the tip of his tentacle p*nis.

 He traced the entrance of the honeypot from her ass, between the folds, and stroked up from her urethra to her clitoris.


 Fransisca’s body jerked up.

 Despite her shyness, her body had been longing for Alexis.

 After all, her vagina becomes moist in no time, and her love juices start to flow out of her.

 ”A-Alexis-sama, stop it—!”

 Fransisca wriggled and jerked her body again and again.

 The thick and thick love juice that flowed onto the p*nis made it slide more easily.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ahhhh—!”

 Fransisca arches her back and shivers. Apparently, she has reached a light orgasm.

 ”—Ah, haah, haah, Alexis-samaaaa…”

 She still let out a protest.

 Still, Alexis holds her legs apart and whispers, “Let them look at you.”

 ”You planted these flowers, didn’t you? Let the flowers you planted and love look at you as much as they want.”

 When he says this, Fransisca must be thinking about it.

 It can be seen that Fransisca shivers and trembles.

 ”Ah, no, no, stop…”

 Alexis ignores her crying voice and continues teasing her with his p*nis, followed by a sucking sound.

 Her love juice spilled out, slowly wetting the soil.

 ”Ah, ah, A-Alexis, sama—”

 Fransisca was shaking all over.

 She seemed unable to lie only in her facial expression and completely melted.

 ”Ahh, ah… You’re still teasing me, aren’t you…?”

 Nevertheless, as she protested, Alexis pressed the glans against her honey pot and felt it twitching. She must want his p*nis.

 ”Are you unhappy?”

 Alexis asked with the head still on the glans, and after a short pause, she shook her head.

 ”No… Haah, haah. If I say I’m unhappy here, you won’t put it in, will you?”

 Fransisca twists her head slightly to get a better look at Alexis’ expression.

 Alexis smiles and replies, “You’re right.”

 Then, Fransisca mumbled, “…I’m not unhappy,” in a muffled voice.

 As soon as he heard her voice, Alexis sank his p*nis into her vagina.

 ”Ah, ahhhhhh—!”

 Fransisca screamed with pleasure.

 Her soaked and ripe vagina clamped down on the p*nis as if it was sucking on it tightly.

 ”—Haah, haah. Alexis-sama’s, cock… Ahh…!”

 She makes a sound as if she’s in a state of excitement. Then, while hearing so, Alexis moves his p*nis and asks, “What’s wrong?”

 ”What’s the matter with you?”

 ”Because—it’s been a long time… Ah! It’s been too long, too long—”

 Fransisca responds in between her cries of pleasure.

 ”Oh, no, I’m cumming! Can I cum? Can I cum now?”

 Fransisca asks in a very urgent voice.

 Before Alexis can say no, Fransisca stretches her hips and shivers.

 ”Ah, ah, ahhhhhh—!”

 She raised her chin and exhaled deeply. Her vagina twitched and tightened.

 Seeing this, Alexis couldn’t help but giggle.

 ”Hey… before I can answer”

 ”Ah…I’m sorry… I-I’m sorry, Alexis-samaaaa”

 Even though she apologized, her body must have felt more comfortable than guilty.

 Her voice was mellow, and her vagina was still tightening. She seems to be shaking lightly in the afterglow. Still, each time the sensitivity increases, the pleasure that comes to her body makes her moan again.

 ”Mmm—Ah, ah, please move me again… P, Please use me until Alexis-sama is satisfied…”

 With such words in between her sweet voice, Alexis could no longer blame her.

 ”…You must have been waiting a long time…”

 Alexis regained his composure and extended his p*nis, which had only penetrated halfway, and let it dive deeper.

 The deeper he dives, the more insistent her vagina becomes, and the more it twitches.

 ”Oh, oh! Ahh!”

 She doesn’t reply, just gasps.

 After that, Fransisca dutifully responds to Alexis’ previous words.

 ”I-I’ve been waiting so long! Every day, day after day… I want your cock so bad… I’m so lonely…”

 Fransisca started to shed tears again, and Alexis thought, “Is this a snake in the bushes?”

 ”But you’re not sad anymore, are you?”

 Alexis said, and Fransisca nodded, “Yes.”

 That made Alexis dive his dick deeper into her and whisper.

 ”Okay, I’m going to imprint the taste of my cock on your cunt so that you’ll never be sad again”

 Fransisca nodded repeatedly.

 Then she said, “Inside me, please.”

 ”J-Just like before— P, Put it inside me, Alexis-sama…”

 Fransisca stretched her arms behind her back and placed her hands on Alexis’ back and the back of his neck, respectively.

 She then presses her butt tightly against Alexis while she is held up.

 ”I, haah, haah. I want them to see… I-I want them to see me being fucked by Alexis-sama… I want the flowers to know that I’m Alexis-sama’s thing… in the garden, I want them to see me…”

 Alexis smiled thinly, thinking this was an auspicious gesture.

 ”Okay,” he responded, inserting his p*nis deep into her cervix and penetrating deep into her womb.

 Her cervix is still hard but has been in and out so many times that it now opens easily to receive Alexis’ p*nis.

 There is a soft, wet, sucking tightness at the shallow end and a hard ring of tightness at the deep end. The back part of the womb is a hollow-like space where the p*nis moves and touches the wall, which changes its shape flexibly to embrace the p*nis.

 When Alexis strokes the walls of her womb, Fransisca’s body jumps up and down with sensitivity.

 ”Ah, ah, ahhh—! I’m cumming again—!”

 Her voice is hoarse and shaky as if she’s in desperate need.

 Her eyes are wet with tears of ecstasy, and she wriggles.

 ”Haah, haah, no, I can’t stand it, I can’t, I can’t—”

 Alexis giggles, her taste buds titillated.

 ”What if I tell you to be patient?”

 ”Haaahhh—I, I’ll put up with it—… I’ll put up with it…!”

 Fransisca bites her lip, her body trembling pitifully.

 She tries to respond to Alexis’ light teasing seriously.

 And fighting back the urge to laugh, Alexis says, “Okay,” and then adds.

 ”Today is special. You can cum as many times as you want”

 ”Eh—Really?” Her face lit up with a flash.

 ”Haaaaah—Then, I’m going to cum. I’m really cum… Ah, ah, ahhhhhh—!”

 Fransisca climaxes.

 The sensations in her uterus and at the mouth of her cervix remain the same. Still, her vagina is wriggling and squeezing tighter and tighter.

 The clear liquid shot out from around the junction, creating a tide pool on the soil.

 Nevertheless, she keeps her hands on Alexis’ body, her ass still pressed against him and her body still wriggling.

 ”Make me cum, make me cum again, Alexis-sama…”

 Fransisca begs with a mellow voice and tongue.

 She must have lost sight of her surroundings by now.

 Alexis wanted to cum, but he resisted a little longer and gave in to her desire.

 He thrusts again and again, stroking the depths of her uterus to make Fransisca climax.

 And again and again, she begged me for more and more, squirting repeatedly.

 Alexis is stunned but decides to stay with Fransisca until the end.

 The feeling of ejaculation is building up close, but he manages to keep it up until the end while he rests.

 Even when Alexis stops moving, she seems to be able to sustain the pleasure because of the sensation of penetration. She repeatedly reaches the point of orgasm.

 ”Haah, please let it out! Please let it out—pump my tummy!”

 She seems to have taken her request to the next level.

 But Alexis just laughs and re-hugs her legs, saying, “You’re hopeless, aren’t you?”

 ”You better make sure they see you, okay? Let them watch you get impregnated”

 ”Yes—look at me, Flowers. I’m going to be poured by Alexis-sama. I’m going to be impregnated with a baby”

 Fransisca giggles.

 ”Look at me—I’m about to get a big glass of baby’s milk…”

 As Fransisca spoke, Alexis was ejaculating.

 While he was spewing his semen, the swelling sensation of ejaculation lasted indefinitely.

 Once again, Fransisca’s whole body convulsed, and she put her hands on her expanding belly and spread her legs apart, “Look…”

 ”My…inside… My…pussy… is… full…”

 Perhaps because she spread her legs wide apart, a white fluid was leaking out from the joint.

 After a while, Alexis had finished ejaculating and pulled his p*nis out of her.

 Then, a cloud of white fluid started to flow out and spread the pool of water that had been formed by the tide.

 Fransisca slowly closes her eyes, feeling the hot and slippery sensation of the muddy water running down her ass.

 Now, she does not care what happens to her.

 She did not care who was watching her, and she did not care what kind of situation she was in.

 (As long as everyone thinks that I am Alexis-sama’s, I—)

 Fransisca was slowly pulled into a comfortable slumber.

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