Avalon 191

Chapter 191

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 Now that they are married merging their rooms might be a good idea.

 Thinking of this, Alexis invited Fransisca to his room.

 As Fransisca had just left the bathroom, she was wearing only a loose-fitting one-piece dress.

 She took off her dress and put on only her underwear, which caused Alexis to panic.

 ”What are you doing!?”

 Fransisca gave him a puzzled look.

 ”Eh? Um… weren’t you in the mood to do it today?”

 Fransisca blushes slightly and wriggles.

 ”No, I don’t mean that…!” Alexis says, his voice tightening.

 ”What do you think I am? Do you believe that in your mind, I’m a character who’s always eager to do it? What the hell do you think I am?”

 ”Eh… T-That’s…”

 Fransisca shuts her mouth. But the look on her face says otherwise.

 —It’s an affirmation that he’s a character who’s always ready to be fucked.

 ”Really, you…”

 Alexis’ shoulders slumped.

 However, he is aware of the fact that she might be right. In fact, he has indeed been doing it a lot.

 Still, he always knows when the time is right, and the place is wrong. Even today, he is aware of it.

 …Or maybe she doesn’t know that this is the right time.

 Alexis thinks about it and lets out a sigh.

 Then Fransisca, who has just put her dress back on, looks at him worriedly with a panicked look.

 ”Ah…I, I’m sorry, did I say something that offended you…?”

 Alexis shook his head.

 ”No…it’s not that”

 ”I-Is that so…?”

 Fransisca’s heart was relieved.

 However, her expression did not look convinced.

 (Never mind, let’s get down to business)

 Alexis pulls out a box from his pocket.

 The box is small enough to fit in the palm of his hand.

 ”Actually, I have something for you”

 Fransisca blinked.

 ”For me?”

 ”Yes. I went to the castle town of Krangal, didn’t I? I bought this while I was there. I hope it’s to your taste”

 Alexis opened the lid of the box and showed a silver ring inside.

 The ring was a simple, slender ring. It has a slightly twisted design. And the name “Fransisca” is engraved on the reverse side.

 ”A ring…? What’s going on? What is it?”

 Fransisca looked more and more puzzled.

 From how he was behaving, she could not believe it was just a souvenir. It had her name on it. It looked like something special.

 Alexis nodded and explained to her.

 Anyway, he knows Fransisca is clueless.

 ”Do you know what a wedding ring is?”

 ”A wedding ring…?”

 ”Yes. It is not a Sagrado custom, but most nations have this kind of custom. When you get married, you put a ring on each other’s finger”


 With such a puzzled look on her face, she asked him so. And Alexis was at a loss to explain.

 Nevertheless, he answered in a troubled manner.

 ”Well, it’s a kind of a marriage certificate. Besides, people can easily recognize us as husband and wife if we wear them, can’t they?”

 Fransisca’s face lit up.

 ”—I see! Do you mean it’s like a collar for a dog to wear?”


 Alexis was dumbfounded.

 How could she have possibly come up with that?

 ”Because even a dog’s Collar is a sign of ownership. If you write the name on it, people can easily recognize whose dog it is”

 ”I see… T, That’s true too”

 Alexis sighs and adds, “But this is slightly different from that.”

 Fransisca’s expression of wonder appears again.

 In front of her, Alexis pulls out another box from his pocket.

 ”This one is for me”

 He opens the lid of the other box and shows it to Fransisca.

 There was a ring of the same design as the previous one, but a little larger.

 ”…In other words, this is what I’m talking about, Fransisca”

 The details were tedious.

 Alexis put both boxes on the table beside her, picked up only her ring, and this time grabbed her left hand and pulled it closer.

 After putting the ring on her ring finger, he put another ring on his left hand.

 ”This is the sign of marriage. This is our wedding finger. Do you understand?”

 For a few moments, Fransisca seemed to be mulling over Alexis’s previous words and the event that was now before him.

 Her expression slowly turns into a smile.

 Eventually, she touches the ring on her finger.

 ”Hehe…I’m so happy”

 Her face relaxes, and she lets out a sincere voice.

 ”…But I’ve never seen my father and mother doing this before…”

 Fransisca holds her ringed hand toward the wall sconce, this time seeming to gaze into the light.

 ”…It’s kind of strange…”

 Fransisca murmurs.

 Alexis can’t help but let out a giggle, but seeing her looking at the ring for a long time, he interprets it as Well… it made her happy, didn’t it?”

 Soon Fransisca looked back at Alexis and said, “Thank you very much,” while she narrowed her eyes.

 ”…I will take good care of this”

 From how she said this, Alexis knew that she had finally understood the ring’s meaning.

 ”Yeah, I’d appreciate it if you would”

 Alexis also smiled, and Fransisca nodded broadly, “Yes.”

 ”With this, we are husband and wife! …Hehe, husband and wife, husband and wife…”

 Her expression relaxed. So much so that it made Alexis worry about her.


 But Alexis only lets out a giggle.

 He wondered if it was a Sagrado custom to buy her a ring, but he was glad he had done so.

 Maybe one of the reasons for her loneliness was her inability to fully understand it.

 ”You won’t be lonely anymore, will you?”

 Alexis put her hand on Fransisca’s head.

 ”…After all, I’m right here with you”

 Not wanting Fransisca to see his embarrassed face, Alexis turns his head away from Fransisca.

 But Fransisca seemed to sense it, and her voice was lively as she answered, “Yes.”

 ”I don’t mind if I lend you to someone else once in a while”

 Then, Fransisca hugged Alexis tightly.

 ”…After all, Alexis-sama is my husband…”

 She said with a bashful voice.

 ”So, please stay with me forever…”

 Fransisca whispers to her.

 Alexis replied, “…that’s the plan,” pushing down her embarrassment.

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