Avalon 192

Chapter 192

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 That is the report from a search party.

 While walking through the deserted town of Sagrado in search of the cup of dispel, the group encountered a mysterious figure.

 ”What are you doing there?”

 The man who called out to them was a half-naked giant. He had two straight, magnificent horns on his head.

 At first, they thought he was a monster who had crawled out of Avalon, and the soldiers held up weapons in their hands.

 But the man did not have a weapon in his hand. And he looked panicked and waved his hands from side to side.

 ”Wait, wait! I’m not a monster. I’m a human being. In the first place, as you can see, I’m talking. See, can the monsters of Avalon do this?”

 Convinced by the man’s words, the soldiers put down their weapons.

 The man did not accuse them of pointing their weapons at him but asked them calmly what had brought them to this place.

 The group then brought up the subject of the cup of dispel.

 ”I see… I walked all over Sagrado and never saw anything like that. But… well… Now, that you are here…”

 The man mumbled with deep emotion and slowly shook his head.

 ”I’d like to go with you, but I’ve got some business to attend to… Do you know about the “back hand of Avalon”? Some of the monsters that crawled out of that side are now threatening the neighboring lands. I was on my way to track them down. So, be careful that you don’t run into them”

 The man then gives the soldiers a quick look at their equipment and says, “…that won’t help you against them.”

 And with these words, he left.

* * *

 ”But he dropped something when he left… this is what he left behind”

 The soldier who came to report reverently presented Alexis with two strong horns wrapped carefully in cloth.

 Alexis put them on the command center desk, took off the cloth, checked the contents, and murmured: “…Lorenzo.”

 ”…Probably… Lorenzo.”

 Fransisca, who was standing beside him, nodded her head in agreement.

 ”What was it…? The spirit of the Sagrado forest, or was it a guardian god?”

 The soldier’s expression as he mumbled with a mysterious look indicated that Lorenzo must have undergone a further transformation since then.

 ”…Thank you for your report. You can go now”

 After Alexis said this and made the soldier leave, he and Fransisca looked down at the corner of the table.

 After a while, Alexis blurted out something like this

 ”But… if the cup of dispel was not found…”

 ”…What are you going to do?”

 Fransisca heard that Alexis was looking for the cup of dispel. However, Fransisca, who had not been explicitly told what it was for, could only ask Alexis for his decision.

 Alexis nodded deeply and answered.

 ”…We have to go to the dungeon like this”


 Fransisca’s lips tightened at the thought that the time had finally come.

 But Alexis folded his arms.

 ”However… We need to check out Lorenzo’s horns first…”

 For the time being, he wonders if he can do something if he brings it to Sara’s place… He suddenly thought of that.

* * *

 As soon as she saw Lorenzo’s horn that Alexis brought to the doctor’s office, Sara said, “Oh, isn’t this Dorothea’s work?”


 ”Yes. It’s made of the same material as the previous horn, so you should take it to Dorothea’s place. If you do that, she might make it into a good weapon or armor, right?”

 ”Another piece of equipment…”

 Alexis looks down at the cloth-wrapped horns in his hand with a sour look on his face.

 (I already have Lorenzo’s shield… Is this supposed to be a weapon or armor too?)

 It is powerful, but he is disgusted that it used to grow on the human body.

 Nevertheless, it is indeed powerful.

 ”…Well, I guess I’ll bring it to her…”

 Alexis thanked Sara and decided to bring it to Dorothea.

* * *

 Today, Dorothea was in the workshop with the other blacksmiths.

 But, as soon as she saw the horns that Alexis brought, her eyes lit up, and she said, “Leave it to me!”

 Apparently, a part of Lorenzo is nothing but good material for her.

 (I wonder what she will make of it…?)

 Alexis can’t help but be curious.

 But she said she would finish it tomorrow, so he thought it would be OK to go to Avalon afterward.

* * *

 The following day, Alexis and Fransisca visit the workshop to pick up the equipment.

 Dorothea showed them a sword and a spear sword.

 The center of the sword’s blade, which glowed blue-white, was made of pure white as if it had been carved from a horn.

 ”I made this sword from the ore the princess gave me and Lorenzo’s horn. This is Lorenzo’s holy sword, and this is Lorenzo’s holy spear.

 Dorothea explained eloquently and then said, “I am sure that you can trust your life to this weapon.”

 She then put the weapon in the hands of Fransisca and Alexis, respectively.

 For a while, she stared at them with a serious expression on her face.

 ”I’ve prepared these weapons for this day”

 Fransisca and Alexis nodded at Dorothea’s words.

 ”…So, you mustn’t die!”

 Dorothea’s voice was full of power.

 Alexis answered, “Of course.”

 ”I’m not going to die”

 ”—Yes, that’s right”

 Then Fransisca spoke softly.

 ”We’re just going to ask God for forgiveness”

 ”Well, that’s the best we can do”

 Alexis nodded with a wry smile.

* * *

 Before departure, Alexis and Fransisca, both fully equipped, sit around the desk in the command center and decide on the final members of the team.

 Alexis has Lorenzo’s shield on his back.

 And having completed the entire conquest, all that remained was the true core, where the God in Gorlois’s body resided, and they had already checked that Avalon was not so vast.

 ”It is probably only as big as the field where the floor boss is located. It is about 50 meters in all directions, and both parties should be able to see each other. —Of course, he could see us too”

 Hearing Alexis’ words, Fransisca nodded.

 ”…So we may not need an engineer to assist us in our search”

 ”That’s true. As long as the destination is already decided, it won’t be a problem if we increase the number of members”

 ”Wouldn’t it be disrespectful to God to have too many people coming in?”

 Hearing Fransisca’s opinion, Alexis let out a sigh.

 ”You know what? How can you be rude to the God you’re going to fight with?”

 Fransisca gave Alexis a puzzled look.

 ”To fight? Not to talk?”


 For a moment, Alexis was at a loss for words.

 …To talk. It would be better if he could.

 But it will not be possible—that’s what he expects.

 In that case, the only way is to do everything in their power. By force— but how?

 God is immortal. However, he hasn’t heard that he has no sense of pain.

 Then they have no choice but to fight him “thoroughly” and make him say, “I’m finished. So don’t attack me anymore. I’ll make Avalon converge.”

 (Though… Actually, it would be better if we could. And even if it comes to a fight, it’s not wise to provoke too much anger… is it? We don’t know how strong our opponent is, but he is a God. If we are not careful, we may not be able to win even if we have dozens of men. Then, it’s better than going by manpower…)

 Alexis remained silent for a while, and Fransisca became more and more worried.


 Fransisca asked him, and at last, Alexis opened his mouth.

 ”…That’s right. Let’s talk about it first”

 As she said, this is the most ideal way.

 ”For that purpose, can we take at least me, Fransisca, and some of the people who will be our squires? Then Fatima the maid and Valencia the knight are good. They can serve as squires. They’re good-looking too”

 ”And Eden-san?”

 ”I’m sure she’ll want to follow me. But we’ll leave her behind. We don’t want too many fighters”

 ”What about the healers?”

 Fransisca asked. Alexis thought for a moment and then asked.

 ”Sara,” he answered firmly.

 ”Sagrado would be a better choice for God than Krangal. Besides, this way, the members will be…”


 Fransisca nodded as she realized something.

 The members Alexis had chosen were all Sagradoans.

 And that’s not all. Now Alexis is also a Sagrado by blood contract.

 After realizing and accepting this fact, Fransisca murmured

 ”… Indeed, the most favorable member for God, isn’t it?”

 Alexis nodded, saying, “That’s what I mean.”

 ”Well then, tell everyone to get ready and gather in front of the fort”

 Alexis said.

 ”We are going to Avalon”

 ”…Yes!” Fransisca nodded.

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