Avalon 178

Chapter 178 [Medical officer] Trick Her Into Believing It’s Not Naughty and Receiving Her Virginity, Part Two

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 Realizing that he has reached his goal, Alexis moves his face away from her and reaches for his pants.

 —Should I take her virginity now?

 Alexis thinks as he loosens his pants.

 Meanwhile, Lily looks at him blankly.

 Her eyes drifted in the air, and for a while her chest was just moving up and down. Soon, however, she seemed to come to herself, and even the backs of her ears turned bright red.

 ”Ah… —T, This is”

 Before Lily can make any excuses, Alexis clearly points out, “That was a cute way to cum.”

 ”Was it so good to have my tongue clean you out?”

 Alexis stroked the back of Lily’s head as she lay on her stomach.

 This was to keep her from lifting her head.

 As expected, Lily remained lying on her face. She may have been too embarrassed to look directly at Alexis.

 She mumbled, “It was,” and then groaned, in a voice like a buzzing insect.

 ”So, how was it?”

 Alexis ask her persistently with a grin. Of course, he enjoys watching Lily’s embarrassment.

 As he pulls his p*nis out of his pants, he can see it stretching its length and wriggling vigorously. Now he is going to insert it into her vagina.

 —But Lily is still an innocent. It would be too much of a shock to show her directly.


 As expected, Lily’s mouth opens and closes in embarrassment.

 But then again, she can’t disobey the prince’s order, can she?

 ”Mmm… I, I’m sorry. That felt good…”

 Alexis wanted to laugh at the confession in her mosquito-like voice. But he couldn’t. Because.

 ”E-Even though it wasn’t something naughty… I shouldn’t have to… I… *Sob*”

 She was lying on her head, her shoulders shaking, and by the sound of her voice, she must have been crying.

 ”I-I… I don’t want to be rude to Prince… *Sob,* *Hic*…”

 Seeing this, Alexis patted her head and said, “It’s okay.”

 ”I don’t care, and I told you it was a secret to begin with, didn’t I?”

 ”Nnn… Mmm, yes”

 Lily nods her head. But then it occurs to her.

 ”A secret…? W, What kind of secret…?”

 She wonders what Alexis wanted to keep secret.

 ”Ah, you know. I guess it’s the secret that you showed me your precious place.”

 Alexis dodged the question at random.

 Lily thought it was strange, but she turned red and fell silent because she was embarrassed by the word “precious place”.

 ”Well,” Alexis muttered as he looked down at the wet spot between her thighs.

 ”It’s still dirty. I’ll have to clean it up a bit before you can put your clothes back on, right?”

 With that said, Alexis slowly extends his p*nis between Lily’s soft butt, suppressing his urge to do so.

 Lily’s body shuddered as Alexis rubbed his cowper-soaked glans against the valley of her ass.

 ”Ah… W, What…?”

 Alexis held Lily’s head back as she tried to turn around quickly, thinking that something strange was being pressed against her.

 As he tucked her face into the sheets, he spoke to her, “Well, hold still.”

 ”This is the easiest way to wipe. But it’s hard to do if you move”

 Lily stopped looking and nodded her head. She trusts Alexis.

 ”It’s okay. This isn’t a s*x thing, okay?”

 He said this to weaken Lily’s resistance, and Alexis traced the valley between her buttocks and finally placed his cock against her wet vagina.

 Lily’s body trembled every time the p*nis pressed against her.

 ”…Haa, mm, mm… Ah…”

 Lily almost says something, but then shuts her mouth. At this, Alexis prompts her, “What’s wrong?”

 ”Oh, um… I’m feeling a little weird…”

 Lily says in a muffled voice.

 Because it is soaking wet, it doesn’t seem to hurt just to press against it.

 ”Hmm? I see…”

 Speaking of which. Alexis suddenly thinks of something.

 He is sure that she will tell him anything if he asks her. Since this is the time. He wanted to ask her how it felt to be penetrated.

 So, slowly, Alexis sinks the tip of his p*nis into Lily’s vaginal hole.

 ”Ugh,” Lily groaned.

 Even with the tip of the p*nis in, Alexis felt the tightness that is typical of virgins.

 ”Nngh, haah, haah…”

 Lily was breathing heavily, but she didn’t say anything.

 Alexis then pat her head and ask, “How is it?”

 Lily nods her head and says, “It’s kind of painful…”

 Then she shakes her head in a panic.

 ”Oh. But, but, it’s what a prince does…! I, I’m totally fine. I’m fine…”

 ”Really? I hope so”

 Despite knowing that she’s not feeling well, Alexis pushes forward with his p*nis.

 There is a tightness that pushes back. Still, he inserts his cock into her, forcing her to pry it open.

 Lily moans in a biting voice, and then lets out a cry of discomfort that she can’t seem to get rid of.

 ”Uh, are you wiping…?”

 ”Yes, I’m wiping,” Alexis replies.

 ”B-But this is… just like…”

 Lily looks very red and her mouth is gaping as if she wants to say something.

 When Alexis moves his dick further in, Lily moans, “Mmmm.”

 ”Ah… Haah, haah, s, something, something is coming in…”

 Lily is complaining in a tearful voice.

 Well, it seems Alexis can’t fool her.

 (…I guess not, huh…?)

 He thought so, but he can’t seem to control his p*nis that’s halfway inserted.

 For a while, he stopped, but then decided to continue.

 As he slid it deeper and deeper, Lily let out an anguished cry, “Ahhhh!”

 ”Haah, haah, w, why…?”

 Lily turns around with teary eyes. Alexis lets her look back easily this time, but he does so by covering his back so that their lower half is out of sight.

 ”…Yeah, it looks like you’re getting wet and sloppy here too”

 Alexis responded by pushing his p*nis deep into her tight vagina.

 Lily stifled a moan, her brow furrowing.

 Just as the cock stops pushing into her, Lily opens her mouth.

 ”—Haah, haah, haah. Because. H, Here”



 ”My… what?”

 Alexis couldn’t keep his mouth from slackening.

 And a grin broke out on Lily’s face. Lily would have recognized it, but she didn’t let go of her trust in Alexis.

 ”M-My— Haah, haah, haah!”

 Lily turned red and stammered.

 She was embarrassed to say the rest.

 Alexis anticipated this and urged, “My, what is it?”

 Lily nodded her head and said, “M-My…” but her voice was barely audible.

 ”M-M-My pussy… feels… like… something’s in it…”

 Stroking Lily’s head as she finally confessed, Alexis whispered, “Well, I don’t know”

 ”I don’t know. What do you think?”

 As he listened, he moved his p*nis deeper and deeper.

 He adjusted the length, and then pushed it in all the way to the base.

 He felt a popping sensation, and Lily let out an anguished cry.

 ”—Haah, mmm, ugh, ugh…”

 Lily’s eyes filled with tears and her body trembled.

 She must have realized what had happened to her. Blood was slowly oozing from the joint.

 ”Haaah, haaah. P-Prince…”

 Lily sinks her head into the sheets and sighs. There was a hint of resignation in her voice.

 ”…I feel as if Prince has stolen my first time…”

 She said this in a muffled voice.

 Her vagina clenched tightly around Alexis’ p*nis, squeezing hard and fast.

 Alexis took a breath and said, “I feel like that, too.”

 At that moment, Lily’s expression changed.

 The corners of her eyes fell and she asked him, “Do you feel that way too?”

 Alexis nodded hus head and lightly twitched his p*nis.

 ”Mmmm—kkk, ugh”

 Lily lets out another moan, and Alexis asks, “What does that feel like?”

 She then nodded her head and whispered, “It feels tingly…”

 ”It’s like Prince is touching me, deep inside my belly… Ah, ahh…”

 Lily’s expression melted down, so Alexis tried to convey the sensation to her by rubbing that part of her body intensively to see if there was a good spot.

 Then Lily begins to let out a muffled “Haah, ahh, mmm,” sound. The sound of her voice is changing.

 ”Haah, haah, ah— Ahhh! Prince, ah, mmm… Princeee—”

 The quality of Lily’s voice is gradually changing.

 Lily has been controlling herself not to have any agitated feelings toward Alexis. However, when Alexis had just affirmed to her that she had lost her first time, she had lost her control.

 ”Haah, haah, I, I’m going crazy. Even though I’m just being wiped, ah, ah, my body, it’s so hot… Ah, ah…!”

 Lily is telling what it feels like, even though it’s choppy. Her face is bright red, and she is following Alexis’ lead, biting down on her shame.

 ”Haaaaah, there, there, my pussy—I, It’s tingling— Ah, ahhh, P-Princeee—”

 Lily starts bucking her hips.

 ”No, I’m going to become a perv—I’m not a perv, But I’m going to become a perv…”

 Lily’s throat is uplifted.

 ”Nhah, something big is coming again—!”

 Indeed, Lily’s vaginal hole had been tightening up again and again, and even now, as Alexis pistoned his p*nis into it, he could hear a loud, wet sound.

 ”Haah, haah, Prince, Princeeee—!”

 Lily seemed to have a second climax as she called out to Alexis.

 She arches her back and shudders loudly and repeatedly.

 Her vagina also tightens in response, twitching repeatedly.

 ”I want to cum too,” Alexis muttered to himself.

 Lily shook her body and said, “Yes, please.”

 ”I-It’s okay, Prince. L, Let it out. Please let it out inside me…”

 Lily says shyly, while her face is still moist with the afterglow.

 She’s already convinced that a p*nis has been inserted into her, even though they started the whole thing secretly. It’s no wonder. She has done this so many times.

 Then, as Alexis was still thinking that it’s okay, he sprays his sperm into her.

 ”—Mmm, mmm…”

 Lily’s whole body was shaking and she breathed heavily several times as she felt the hot cum pooling inside her.

 ”…I-I feel like I’m being filled with semen by Prince…”

 Lily put her hand on her abdomen as she said in a muffled voice.

 ”But… it’s just my imagination, isn’t it?”

 Lily smiles enchantingly and tries to be nice to Alexis.

 ”It’s not your imagination,” Alexis replies.

 The next moment.

 ”Hwehh. Eh, Ehhhhhhh~~!!,” Alexis was surprised that Lily really shouted.

 She was really trying to convince herself that she had imagined it. She was really a self-suggestive girl.

 ”You… how can it be your imagination after what I’ve done to you?”

 Alexis shook his still-inserted p*nis, churning the white fluid that had accumulated inside her.

 Lily shuddered several times and then burst into tears.

 ”Ugh. E-Even though I believed you…”

 ”You’re such a…”

 Alexis is both surprised and amazed, and is at a loss.

 However, the ejaculation was over for now, so he pulled out his p*nis.

 A cloud of white fluid came out from the vaginal hole that had opened. Because of the excessive amount of the white fluid, the color of blood soon disappears.

 He was thinking that this view is always satisfying no matter how many times he sees it, when Lily spoke to him in a whisper.

 ”…Um, Prince…”

 ”What?” Alexis ask her.

 ”…I can’t move. I’m wobbly…”

 With tears in her eyes, she complained.

 ”You should stay here for a while”

 Alexis responded, and Lily looked very uncomfortable, “…I’m sorry.”

 (Really, she didn’t have to be so modest…)

 Alexis thought so, but it seems that her excessive affection is not so easy to get rid of.

 (Well… it can’t be helped…)

 It’s not so bad to be treated like a prince from the bottom of one’s heart once in a while.

 So Alexis patted Lily’s head.

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