Avalon 177

Chapter 177 [Medical officer] Trick Her Into Believing It’s Not Naughty and Receiving Her Virginity, Part One

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 ”Ah… I-I’m…”

 As their lips parted, Lily turned her head red to the ears.

 ”Ah, um…”

 Lily touches her lip repeatedly as if to check its warmth.

 Seeing this, Alexis’ cheeks relaxed, and he hugged her again.


 Her voice is muffled.

 Taking advantage of her lack of resistance, Alexis reached for Lily’s waist.

 He gently stroked her waist. Then, Lily’s body shook a little.

 ”Oh, umm…”

 Lily’s eyes drifted timidly.

 She vaguely senses the change in the color of Alexis’ hands and eyes. But she doesn’t know any better and can’t force herself to answer.

 As she was still thinking, Alexis’ palms touched her butt through the fabric.

 He stroked her panties, and Lily felt a strange sensation that made her shiver.

 ”Oh, um…”

 Lily finally utters.

 ”P-Prince. Why are you touching me here?”

 Her eyes are shaken with confusion and shame.

 ”Because you’re so cute!”

 When Alexis responds, Lily’s cheeks turn redder and redder.

 ”Oh, um… Eh…”

 Lily doesn’t know how to refuse.

 Alexis giggles and whispers, “You’re so cute, you know that?”

 ”And you and I are the only ones here. Let’s get to know each other”

 ”Let’s get to know each other…?”

 ”Yeah. We’ll make a secret just for the two of us”

 Lily somehow realized that this invitation was tinged with evil intentions.

 And Alexis’ licking gaze and smirking smile reveal his ulterior motives.


 Lily was silent and still for a while.

 She thought it was better to say no.

 But… —at the same time, she remembered. She remembered the last time she and Alexis had taken a bath together.

 ”Oh, um… Uhh…”

 Lily’s eyes drifted to her ears as she blushed.

 ”J-Just the two of us…”

 (Just the two of us, the Prince and me)

 Her heart was burning.

 It’s like a dream, she thought.

 Yes, it’s been like a dream.

 She dreams of the Prince kissing her. She dreams of being hugged.

 But now, to have a secret just between them…—It’s so dreamy.

 And after a few moments, Lily nods her head.

 But she still keeps her head down, not showing her red face to Alexis.


 Lily reaches out her hand and squeezes the hem of Alexis’ outfit.

 Then she answered in a muffled voice.

 ”I-If it’s you, Prince…”

 If it was a dream, she could be forgiven for getting a little closer to him. Lily thought.

 And Alexis nodded.

 He then reached for the tunic blouse Lily was wearing.

 As he pulled it down to expose her shoulders, Lily shivered.

 It seemed that she was afraid of the unknown.

 Alexis noticed this and gently stroked Lily’s head with the hand that had been patting her bottom. Slowly Lily closes her eyes after her gaze drifts away.

 In the meantime, Alexis had slid her clothes further down her shoulders, exposing her modest breasts.

 As expected, Lily let out a squeal of surprise.

 ”Ah, uh, P-Prince”

 Although she didn’t try to stop Alexis’ hand, she was blushing up to her ears.

 ”I-It’s embarrassing…”

 Lily’s voice is muffled as she turns her head to the side.

 ”It’s okay. Lily has beautiful breasts”

 Alexis consoles her, but Lily says, “No, they’re not.”

 ”Mine are just a little, aren’t they? I mean, the princess who is usually the Prince’s partner is bigger… or, if you prefer, Fatima-san’s are bigger…”

 Lily says that with a red face and a dazed look. She is somewhat aware of Alexis’ s*xual situation.

 —But that’s not the case. It’s the kind of reward that someone worthy of Alexis can get.

 (I don’t know what to do…)

 Lily’s head is in a daze as she watches Alexis undress her.

 It is more accurate to say that she has no sense of reality.

 Her body is boiling hot, and she feels shame.

 But, yes, it does not feel real.

 Finally, Alexis’ hands have removed Lily’s top half of her clothes.

 Her tunic is crumpled on the floor, leaving only her shorts and long socks.

 (I-I feel like a pervert…)

 When Lily notices this, she turns bright red all over.

 ”P-Prince…I can’t do this…”

 She rushes to speak, but her voice is shaky and almost muffled.

 ”I-I can’t let you see me like this, P-Prince…”

 To Lily’s shyness and dread, Alexis repeats, “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

 ”Lily’s cute enough”

 ”B-But… Because…!”

 Lily is all teary-eyed.

 ”I-I have small boobs… and a not-at-all s*xy figure… and yet, I have a big butt…! Ah…! No, no…! Don’t look at it!”

 Turning bright red, Lily hugs both shoulders and wriggles her hips, probably trying to escape Alexis’ eyes.

 Her soft white skin and big feminine butts are emphasized more when she moves like that.

 Lily’s shyness also aroused Alexis’s curiosity, so he leaned forward and grabbed Lily’s wrists to make her get into a spanking posture.


 Lily gasps, looking like she’s about to cry.

 At the same time, Alexis was giving Lily a long, licking look.

 Lily’s body was trembling slightly, stifling her voice.

 She is small and slender yet soft and feminine.

 Her breasts are indeed smooth. However, soft flesh is slightly spread if touched, which accentuates her pale nipples, and close inspection reveals that her breasts protrude and retract properly.

 Even the tiny light-colored nipples, which are discreetly asserted at the tips, seem to be worth tormenting. Yes—just like Lily’s attitude.

 As Alexis looks closer, she must have finally reached a critical point of embarrassment because Lily sighs, “Ah.”

 ”P-Please doesn’t look at me like that… I-I’m sorry. It must not be fun for you to look at me, right…?”

 At this point, Lily is more concerned about whether or not she looks good to Alexis than she is about her own sense of shame.

 ”No, it’s fun”

 Alexis laughed and said so.

 ”It’s fun, so take more time to show me”

 Alexis picked Lily up and laid her down on the bed.

 Lily was light. Besides, she was not strong.

 So, she rolled onto her back on the bed easily. Then, as Alexis did, he rushed to clasp her shoulders again with both hands.

 But while he was doing so, Alexis was now reaching for his shorts, which were hiding his lovely bottom half.

 And since Lily was only covering her upper body, Alexis could undo the belt and unbutton the buttons of her shorts with ease and intention.


 Lily closed her knees in a panic, but it was only to make it easier to undo the shorts.

 When Alexis removes her shorts, she is left in only her panties and socks.

 The panties were of Lily’s typical, simple design, made of a fresh light blue fabric with a single small ribbon.

 ”Ah! P-Prince!”

 Lily’s mouth is gaping open. She doesn’t know what to do anymore.

 She squeezes her thighs tight, but her panties are already seen.

 (H-He’s looking at me. Prince is watching me…!)

 Lily is panicking.

 Noticing that Lily’s face turns redder, Alexis touches her panties. Immediately Lily’s body jumps up.

 ”Ah, ahhh…”

 Lily doesn’t say no or no. No, actually, she doesn’t, but Alexis doesn’t know how she feels.

 She can feel Alexis’ hand caressing her pubic mound through the cloth.

 Whenever Alexis stroked her panties, Lily’s body shivered and trembled.


 As Lily calls out, Alexis looks at her face.

 Lily is still red to the neck, and her lips are pursed with tears in the corners of her eyes.

 When her eyes meet Alexis’, Lily is startled.

 After that, Lily sighed, not blaming or disliking Alexis.

 ”Mmm… U-Uhhh…”

 She turned her face to the side and looked away, expressing an indescribable voice.

 But since that was all she said, Alexis decided that she must be okay with it and hooked his fingers into her panties. He slides them down to her knees, and Lily’s thighs are extra tight.

 Lily’s bush, which hides the most important part of her womanhood, is deeper than he had expected. And the pale reddish-yellow hairs, tinged with honey, overlapped each other in a curling wave, covering the woman herself.

 ”Ah. P-Prince, don’t go that far…!”

 Lily lets out a voice trembling with agitation.

 Perhaps because of her nervousness and shame, she is breathing hard and rubbing her upper lip. Besides, she thought…

 —I had been seen in such a place.

 This thought pushes her shame to the limit and explodes, exposing her to a shuddering, bone-crushing sensation of weakness.

 ”Ah, ahhh. I can’t do this anymore…”

 Lily’s voice sounded like she was crying.

 She couldn’t say “no” or “stop.” Because it was the Prince.

 So, Lily only pushes her trembling body down on the bed and bites back the urge that rises up in her. She feels she is being tested to her limits, and her body is getting more and more out of control.

 And the sight of Lily’s crying face, gasping for breath, and her pale skin flaming red arouses Alexis’ lustful and degrading sensations.

 Alexis traces Lily’s abdomen with his palm.

 It is probably because she has been exposed to the situation for a long time. Her body seems hypersensitive, and she jumps up with a jerk.

 Then, when Lily lets out a squeak, Alexis’ mouth relaxes.

 ”What’s wrong? You seem to be very sensitive…”

 Lily seems to have sensed some lewd nuance in the word “sensitive,” and she shakes her body again.

 ”Ah… No, it’s not…”

 ”What’s different? Are you so happy to be seen by the Prince of your dreams?”


 Lily shakes her head and then says again in a muffled voice, “No.”

 ”It’s not like that…”

 Again Lily turns her face away from him, her voice trembling, but Alexis gently retraces her lower abdomen.

 Lily’s hips shuddered again, and she let out a moan.

 ”Haah, haah. T-That’s not it. P-Prince— I’m not looking at you with naughty eyes…”

 With her eyes all moistened, Lily finally confesses the true nature of her growing insecurity. Shaking her head, she says, “Ah.”

 ”N-No, it’s not like that. I’m not thinking Prince like that. No, no, no…”

 At this point, Lily tried to deny her growing lewdness toward Alexis.

 But her denial seemed to stir her whole body into awareness, and when Alexis stroked Lily’s belly again, that was all it took.


 She uttered aloud, her body shaking and trembling.

 ”—Mmm, ah, no, no, no… P-Prince—!”

 Lily’s eyes blurred with tears, and she saw Alexis’s expression as he stared at her.

 What she thought was shame now covered her whole body with a shaking sensation.

 Then Alexis feels an impulse and whispers, “Is that so?”

 ”You’ve got a very naughty reaction for a guy like me. Don’t tell me you’re feeling horny because I’m the Prince?”

 When he stroked Lily’s abdomen again, her body jumped up and down, and she melted down and went up and down with a moan.

 ”Haahh…! That’s not right…! No, no, I…”

 Lily turns her head away, clenches her teeth, and tries desperately to deny it.

 She doesn’t care that Alexis has stripped her naked and made her lie on the bed. Perhaps she blames herself for everything Alexis has done to her out of love for him.

 So, even now, Lily thinks to Alexis.

 (I made the Prince do such a naughty and indecent thing to me…)

 But that can’t be true. Lily denies it in her mind.

 (In the first place, Prince didn’t say anything about doing anything naughty… He just said secret, a secret between us… So this is not supposed to be naughty… A-And! He only touched my belly… it’s not a naughty place at all. Only my belly. But…)

 Lily is puzzled by her own skin sensation that makes her feel a tingling sensation.

 She felt that even though she was just being watched by Alexis, she had a strange reaction. Even if she was touched lightly in a not-so-indecent place, she reacted s*xily on her own.

 ”Ah, d-don’t… don’t…”

 Lily turns bright red and moves around, trying to change her position.

 But her body is not as strong as it should be, so she only manages to poke her hands out and turn her back to Alexis.

 And since her panties were still down, her plump white buttocks were exposed to Alexis’ eyes.

 ”I-I can’t do this anymore…”

 Lily tried to say, “I can’t take it anymore. I want it to end,” but Alexis’ hand touched her ass before she could say anything else.


 Lily jumped up involuntarily.

 It was not only her belly. Her buttocks were also sensitive.

 ”—Ah, y-you can’t do that suddenly…”

 Lily threw her upper body onto the bed with a groan. And her buttocks are raised up in a posture.

 Alexis gulps at the sight of her asshole and the plump vertical muscles under the bush that surrounds her vagina.

 It must be because of this sudden change of posture. A clear liquid with a sweet and sour smell, which seems to have accumulated in the cracks of the two pieces of meat, runs down her inner thighs.

 Lily’s body trembled again when she felt the drops oozing from her secret place.

 ”—Ah, I’m sorry, Prince…”

 Lily was pale. She now realized what had happened.

 ”P-Please forgive me… I showed you my dirty place. And I’ll be quick—”

 Before Lily’s voice could finish, Alexis stroked her inner thigh with his hand. As he wipes away her love juice, Lily’s body shivers again.

 ”Ah, ahhh— Mm, mmm, t-that’s dirty—”

 Before she was horrified, Lily was embarrassed at herself for having made a lewd sound again.

 While Lily was still embarrassed, Alexis continued to run his hand over the source of her love juices and inserted his finger between the skin folds. Just then, Lily’s body jumped up.

 ”Hwahhh—! Haah, mmm, mm…! Don’t touch that place… Please, I’m sorry, I’ll wipe it off myself…”

 Still, Alexis rubs his hand back and forth, and Lily wriggles and gasps.

 ”Please, I’ll clean it myself—I-I’m sorry— I’m sorry…!”

 Lily still doesn’t think that Alexis is doing something naughty to her.

 She thinks Alexis is just cleaning up her mess.

 Of course, Alexis giggles and tells her at this sight.

 ”Don’t worry. Just sit still. I’ll clean it up. —Here.”

 Alexis grabs Lily’s buttocks and moves his head down, burying his face in her thrusting pussy.


 Alexis dips her tongue into Lily’s secret place, which makes her squeal in surprise.

 His tongue darts from the crack of her puffy pubic mound to her skin-covered clitoris, her urethra, and the crevice between her inner folds, licking the sweet and sour liquid from her clitoris.

 At this act, Lily’s hips buckled.

 ”Ahh—ahh! There—nghhhhhh…!”

 For a while, Lily’s whole body shakes and trembles, while only her buttocks are pushed high up into the air. She turns her chin up as if she is going to let out all the swelling in the pit of her stomach at once and shouts deeply, “Ahhh…!” as if to expel all the nodes in her stomach at once.

 After that, she dropped the lower half of her body on the bed as if she had lost all her strength in one fell swoop and breathed heavily.

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