Avalon 179

Chapter 179

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 From the next day, Lily’s attitude toward Alexis was the same as before, but slightly changed.

 When their eyes meet, she smiles and then her gaze drifts away. She does not seem to be avoiding Alexis. Perhaps she is just embarrassed.

 As usual, she is polite, but she is conscious of refraining from saying “Prince” in front of others.

 After breakfast in the dining room, everyone, including the coachman, leaves the inn with Alexis’ words, “Well, let’s get going…”

* * *

 As they approach the Krangal castle town, the narrow roads become thicker and paved with bricks.

 Through the village, they passed through a barrier gate, and the sun began to set again as the wide brick road was lined with walls to protect against beasts, and they decided to stay the night at an inn in a certain town.

 The inn was a three-story stone and wooden house on the outskirts of the town, with a small reception area on the ground floor and all the rest were guest rooms.

 Lily did not interfere this time, but because the castle town is quite close, the owner of the inn, a bespectacled man in his early years, looked at Alexis’ face over the counter and said, “Oh.”

 ”Well, well, if it isn’t the Prince! It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? How have you been lately? Where have you been wandering around this time?”

 The owner was an acquaintance of Alexis. He knew him well from his days as an adventurer.

 ”I’m in Sagrado”

 ”Sagrado… The place with all the black scenery? What’s the fun in adventuring in such a place?”

 The owner of this store seems to be the type of person who speaks up.

 ”There’s fun in that, isn’t there? Mainly these one”

 Alexis gave him an unapologetic pinky. The owner turned to the three women accompanying Alexis and grinned.

 ”Well, I see that you have become a very handsome man before I even saw you, Prince… I guess you have the blood of the king, don’t you?”

 ”I don’t mind such compliments…”

 ”I’m not trying to be flattering”

 ”I’d rather rent a room. I’d like to pay you as usual”

 ”—Yeah, I understand. I’ll just put it on the castle?”

 ”Yes, please”

 With this exchange, a room was quickly secured.

 Alexis told the other members of the group, “This is a nice and hassle-free place to stay.”

* * *

 After that, they were assigned to single rooms.

 In the small room, there was a bed for one person, a wooden box for luggage, and a table for one person. Bread, cheese, and jam from the room service are placed on the table. Beside it, there is a small table with a feather duster. There is also a basket with a feather duster stuck into it.

 Furthermore, when someone wants to cleanse himself or herself, he or she is directed to the well at the back of the room.

 This is a room for a normal person.

 Again this time, Alexis told the others to leave the room as soon as they were shown to the room and to take a good rest.

 The others obeyed, but Eden stayed behind.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 Eden opened his mouth when Alexis asked him, “…Master.”

 ”…Last night, Lily… was there. Do you have plans tonight?”


 Alexis’ eyes were wide open.

 Apparently, she knew that Alexis had slept with Lily yesterday.

 ”Are you listening carefully?”

 Alexis asked, and Eden shook her head.

 ”…It’s my mission to protect Master…”

 Eden responds in a muffled voice. She must have meant it seriously.

 Alexis, however, wants to tease her, so he folds his arms and laughs, “But it seems to me that you’re not actually said that.”

 ”And I thought you wanted me to do it to you too, right?”

 Eden tilts her head slightly and says, “Hmm…,” after a pause.

 ”If Master wants me to… Then, that’s fine”

 …Boring. Alexis thought.

 It was a letdown.

 She could have been a little more… resistant… Or shy. There are more ways to react.

 And yet, Eden says something like “If you want me to, that’s fine” before she can confirm or deny.

 Well, in the first place, it is not good that she is still wearing the iron armet. He can’t see her face. Because even if she was upset, he cannot see her expression.

 ”Isn’t it good manners to take your hat off indoors?”

 Alexis grabbed Eden’s helmet and removed it.

 Eden’s innocent, sleepy face took on a troubled look and she mumbled, “…that’s not a hat.”

 But her point was not important to Alexis.

 ”Okay, okay. So, here’s what I’m going to do tonight… —I’m going to make you pretty, okay? That’s what I want”

 Eden nodded her head and said, “…if that’s what you want me to do… I’ll do it.”

 Then, Alexis took her by the hand and led her to his room.

 Two people in a small room.

 Although he has let Eden into his private room, her attitude is boring to Alexis. She kept respond, “If this is what you want me to do”. It was so boring to be told that.

 (Then let’s make her really want to do it)

 Alexis tells Eden to take off her armor.

 Eden nods and takes off the armor covering her whole body. Every time the armor falls to the floor, there is the sound of metal clanging against metal.

 The walls of the inn are thick. For this reason, Alexis used to call on prostitutes when he was an adventurer. This is also the reason why Alexis is so fond of this place.

 Now, Eden wears a tight one-piece dress with a slit that shows off her curves.

 She, who is only wearing it, stands there in a daze. She has no ill intentions.

 She simply does as her master wishes. As if this is the reason for her life, as if it is a way of life, Eden can do it without question.

 ”Take those off, too. And your underwear, naturally”

 Eden did not disobey Alexis’ order.

 Without hesitation, she undresses herself, and it is doubtful that she even remembers her shame.

 Her physique is toned and muscles are faintly visible. Her breasts are as big as a turned-up bowl, and well-shaped. Her nipples adorn the tips of her breasts, and she does not even try to hide her underarm hair, which is the same shade of sky blue as her hair.

 Perhaps she has no shame at all. Still, her cheeks are faintly tinted.

 Nevertheless, Eden is completely naked, standing upright without trying to hide her body.

 (If that’s how she feels…)

 Alexis laughs at the thought, and said “Well”.

 ”The night is still long. I’m going to take good care of you from now on”

 Without thinking, Eden nodded her head and replied, “As you wish.”

 Alexis opened the luggage box, took out a rope from inside, and grabbed Eden’s arms. The rope was a service provided by the innkeeper to keep the luggage together.

 The ropes are useful for putting things that do not fit into the box, and now he uses them to tie Eden’s wrists together, and throws the ropes toward the beam on the ceiling.

 When the rope is pulled tight, Eden’s arms are naturally lifted up to a hurray posture. Eden looked a little puzzled and asked, “…Master?”

 Eden recalled the torture she had once been subjected to. She had been violated hard with her body unable to move.

 And immediately, Eden’s white cheeks were slightly reddened.

 Eden wriggled and gave an uncomfortable look to Alexis who was in the process of wrapping the rope around the ropes to finish the end of the process.

 ”M-Master… again, like before…”

 As expected, even Eden’s expression became tense.

 The intense act must have given her a lot of pleasure, but the pain was greater than the pleasure, and it must have been a bit traumatic.

 ”Do you want me to torture you like before?”

 Alexis asked, and Eden growled, then murmured, “…as you wish.”

 That’s not so bad— it’s just that Eden’s behavior of repeating “as you wish” is boring at the moment.

 So, Alexis picked up the feather duster on the table.

 Checking the softness of the bristles at the tip, he murmurs, “Well.”

 ”You promised to take good care of me, didn’t you? I’m not going to be rough with you, so don’t worry”

 Eden looked relieved. But it was short-lived.

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