Avalon 180

Chapter 180 [Personal Guard] Tease, Tease, Tease, and Screw

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 For a while, Eden did not understand what Alexis was doing.

 But while thinking so, Alexis began to trace Eden’s body with a feather duster in his hand.

 He traced Eden’s cheeks, neck, nape of the neck, shoulders, chest, breasts, abdomen and back, thighs and inner thighs.

 While avoiding the most sensitive areas, Alexis strokes Eden’s body with a soft feather duster, shaking it finely.

 (Wh-What is Master doing…?)

 Eden could not help but bewildered.

 It tickled slightly. But if someone asks her if it tickles so much that she can’t stand it, it’s not so ticklish.

 The feeling of hairs poking just above the skin. The sensation is too vague.

 Sometimes a crawling sensation creeps up and makes the hairs stand on the skin.

 But still, it is not unbearable.

 Rather, it is her hands, bound and suspended, that bother her the most.

 Like right now, Eden wriggles. The rope makes a small creaking sound as it rubs against the beam.

 Still, Alexis silently continues to touch her with a feather duster.

 It made Eden feel uncomfortable.

 Hanging naked, being touched with a feather duster.

 How could she not feel uncomfortable?

 And when there is nothing to do, she observes the situation intently.

 Where Alexis’ eyes are focused. Where is the feather duster touching right now…


 Eden swallows down the sense of embarrassment and shame that is slowly rising up in her.

 ”…Hmm, kuh…”

 Eden also feels her skin flush. The sensation that occasionally caresses her skin sends a creepy crawl up her spine.

 ”Mmm, …mmm…”

 It tickles.

 It’s not that she can’t stand it. But it tickles.

 And Alexis’s feather duster now tickles her inner thigh.


 Then, it tickles her lower abdomen. .

 The tickling sensation rises slowly, slowly, and gradually she feels a vague heat in her body. This heat becomes a tingle.

 ”—Hmmm, …hmm…”

 Little by little, little by little, Eden’s reaction changes.

 The corners of her eyes, which had been drooping, gradually begin to droop.

 Soon, Eden gasps, “Ah!” and after that, she swallows her breath.

 Gradually, her breathing begins to be unsteady.

 And a gasp begins to spill into the room.

 The room is quiet and Alexis does not speak.

 (What…is this…? This is so embarrassing…)

 Eden is turning red.

 Only her own ragged breathing reaches her ears.

 At the same time she is aware of her embarrassment, she realizes that the tingling in various parts of her body is similar to a tingling sensation. At last, she realizes.

 ”Mmm, ugh… Mmmm…”

 Eden jerked again.

 Alexis glances at Eden and returns to tickling her with the feather duster.

 ”Wh-Why did I…?”

 Eden finally spontaneously utters in between gasping breaths.

 ”Why? Do you want to hear?”

 Alexis asks, and Eden shakes her head slowly after closing her mouth.

 ”Well… if Master will allow it…”

 ”…I see”

 Alexis nodded and then fell silent.

 The feather duster continues to work on Eden’s body.

 The feather duster now touches Eden’s neck, and she lets out a small gasp.

 (W-What’s this? Why…)

 Eden breathes shallowly.

 Before she knows it, she feels a tingling sensation at the spot where the feather touches her.

 …She feels good…. She is clearly aware of the tingling. At the same time, she is frustrated.

 ”Mmm, mmm…mmm…”

 Now Eden twists her body slightly again.

 When the feathers come to her sensitive areas, such as her neck, on her breasts, inner thighs, armpits, and waist, her heart is hot with anticipation. When it leaves, she is disappointed.

 ”Haah, haah!”

 Her breathing had become shallow.

 And then Eden thought, “…More, more, more…”

 (I want more… more, touch me…)

 But Alexis kept touching her gently. This is not enough sensation.

 It’s frustrating. It’s too frustrating.

 ”Mmm, mmm…”

 Eden involuntarily loosens her legs and thrusts her hips out. She turns her hips toward Alexis, wanting him to touch her sensitive spot.

 And before she knows it, her love juices have collected in her secret place, wetting her inner thighs.

 ”Haaah, haaah, haaah…. Master…”

 Her voice is mellow.

 And Alexis asked, “What?”

 Eden immediately interrupted in a panic and said, “No… nothing.”

 She refuses to make demands of Alexis on her own. She may even think that she is not supposed to do anything unless she is ordered to.

 ”If it’s nothing, that’s fine”

 Alexis dares to say such a thing, giving only a sense of frustration.

 Eden sometimes wriggles and breathes seductively. She wants to be touched. She wants more clear stimulation.

 The melted expression on her face, her lips pursing as if she’s trying to hold something back. Just looking at them is enough to know.

 Then, as Alexis stroked Eden’s slit with the feather duster, Eden’s body jumped up.


 Eden’s body, which had been sensitive to the limit, must have felt the faint stimulation strongly. Eden shuddered and thrust her hips forward, but Alexis immediately stopped touching her.

 When he tickles her outer thighs with the feather duster, Eden sighs in disappointment.

 ”Haah, Haah… Haah. Mas…ter…?”


 Alexis asks, and Eden responds, “…is it fun?”

 ”Of course I do it because it’s fun, okay?”

 Alexis answered.

 Eden had no choice but to shut up.

 But the sensations were still persistent and too frustrating. Eden tried her best to hold it in.

 If she tries hard, tries hard to hold back, Alexis will give her a reward. Even he doesn’t have a s*xual desire, right?

 With this thought, Eden tried to hold back for a long, long time.

 But all she got was tingling. When the tingling turned into a numbness, Alexis did nothing.

 How long had he been doing that?

 Eden felt her feet were sticky wet with her love juice. It was like a little leakage.

 ”Haaah, haaah!”

 Now, all she could do was exhale.

 Her face is melted and crumpled. Her head also blank. She could not concentrate on anything.

 She only could think about Alexis’s p*nis.

 She wanted him to fuck her. She wanted him to put his cock in her as soon as possible. She wanted him to do it to her like before. It would be so much better to be fucked like before, hard and torturous. She wanted to be fucked all the time, no matter how much she cried or how much she screamed.

 And the next thing she knew, Eden was shaking her hips pathetically.

 ”Please, Please, Please, Master…!”

 She cries out in a hoarse, half-crying voice.

 ”Please fuck me, Master, fuck me full of your cock, torture me…”

 Eden begs, wiggling her hips as she wriggles free with her hands clasped behind her back.

 But Alexis smirked and replied, “No.”


 Eden’s face is painted with despair.

 ”No, no way! Why not? You know, your cock is big, so…”

 Eden seems to have forgotten her manners and etiquette toward Alexis, and shakes the rope jiggly.

 Indeed, as she said, Alexis’s cock was firmly asserting itself under his trousers.

 But Alexis said again, “No,” and continued to tickle Eden with the feather duster.

 ”Nnn, no, I don’t like it—!”

 Eden finally began to cry like a child.

 ”Master, I don;t like it, you have to fuck me… you have to fuck me, I don’t like it…”

 Eden’s hips bucked and she begged and pleaded.

 ”Please, fuck me. I want you to fuck me. Master, I want you to fuck me with your cock—!”

 Eden shakes her head as Alexis continues to attack her with the feather dusk.

 ”I don’t like it, my body, it’s so hot. It’s so hot, I’m going to break…! I’ll break without a cock…! Give me some cock, cock…!”

 Over and over again, Eden begs for cock.

 She seems to have lost all sense of reason, and there is not the slightest hint of the dependable dignity she usually displays as personal guard.

 ”Please, please, Master. Can I have your cock? Please…”

 Eden’s face is flaming red as she wiggles her hips, making a pool of her love juices as she begs and pleads. Finally Alexis smirked and asked, “You want it that bad?”

 Eden nodded her head repeatedly and shouted “I want it,” with a tear-stained face.

 ”Master’s cock, I want it…please, please, Master…without it…I, I…”

 ”Without it, what?”

 ”I’ll go crazy! I’m going crazy, I’m going to die…”

 Eden repeats, “Please,” while thrusting her hips out.

 ”I’ll do anything you want, please give me your cock…. Give me your cock…….”

 Eden seems to have lost her mind long ago.

 And thinking that he didn’t want her to go really crazy any more, Alexis responded, “Okay,” and put the feather on the table.

 He then put his hand on his belt, and immediately, Eden’s eyes changed color.

 Scarlet eyes wet with excitement. Her pupils dilate.

 Eden’s greedy look intensifies as Alexis loosen the belt, and when he stretch his p*nis through the gap created by the loosening, Eden sighs, “Ah.”

 ”Ah, that’s it… Ah, Master…”

 Eden’s face is bewitched.

 ”Master’s cock. Oh, Master’s cock…”

 Perhaps because she has been waiting so long, just seeing Alexis’s cock makes her feel joy all over her body.

 Eden shivers, thrusts her hips, and relaxes her mouth.

 ”Ah, quick, quick!”

 Alexis smiles at Eden as she speaks.

 ”Are you trying to urge your Master on?”

 He walks up to Eden and grabs her by the bangs.

 The tingling that swelled to its limit turned even the pulling of her hair into a pleasant sensation.

 ”Ahhhh,” Eden squeals, and the corners of her lips remain loose.

 ”Ugh, I’m sorry, but—”

 ”Yeah,” Alexis nods at Eden’s doggy-like huffing and puffing attitude.

 ”Did I make you wait too long? Well, I think it’s time to give you a good taste of me”

 Alexis slides his cock between her legs.

 When he puts his cock against Eden’s soaking wet secret, a gurgling sound can be heard.

 ”Ahhhh, Master, come on!”

 Eden wriggles and squeals in delight.

 Alexis had inserted his cock into Eden’s slippery vagina as requested.


 Eden’s whole body was shaking and trembling, apparently having reached the point of penetration just by the tip of the cock entering the shallow part of her vagina. Her whole body shakes and shakes, and the tide sprays.

 ”Did you cum already?”

 Alexis’ voice taunts her, and Eden’s body shakes again.

 ”Hwahh, ahhhh, aooohh, it’s gooood, I’m cumming, Master—I’m cumming—!”

 Eden was soon shaking her hips.

 ”Please do it, please do it more—Even if I cry”

 Pulling Eden’s hips back, who wanted to be fucked, Alexis stretched out his p*nis and inserted it deep inside her.

 He repeatedly rubbed the hardened opening of her cervix. Each time Eden seemed to climax, her whole body trembling and her feet getting wetter.

 ”Yes, more, more!”

 Eden cried out.

 As if to show her greediness, her own vagina was also tightening and swallowing Alexis’ cock hard.

 Alexis also curves it inside her, making it crawl and tremble in the hollow inside.

 Of course, Eden’s body shudders and responds with a series of climaxes.

 ”Hagyuuuh, Masterrrr, amazing—It’s like torture—It’s like I’m being tortured!”

 Eden’s expression was melted as she gasped and moaned and complained. She’s enjoying it. Delighted about it.

 Seeing this, Alexis laughs and whispers, “Is it torture?”

 ”Then I guess I’ll have to continue even if you cry and apologize. I’m going to fuck you until you lose consciousness.”

 When Alexis said this and moved his p*nis more vigorously, Eden’s body trembled. For a moment, there was a glimpse of fear on hER face, but it soon turned to pleasure.

 ”Do it, do it, do it… Master, masterrrr!!”

 Now, Eden will not refuse, and she does not say, “If it’s what you want, then do as you please”.

 She willingly desires to be fucked by Alexis, and she asks for it.

 ”So be it!” Alexis laughs.

 Eden must be pleased with that. Her vagina is tightening up like a spasm, begging for Alexis’ cock.

 ”Come on, I’m going to cum. But I’m going to fuck you again after I get it out. I’m going to keep fucking you until you lose consciousness.”

 Alexis pulsates his member and pours his cum into Eden’s womb.

 ”Ohhhhhh, Master’s semen…”

 Eden accepted Alexis’ cum with her body twitching and shaking her hips as she did so. The cum poured out of their joints repeatedly.

 ”Keep pumping, keep fill me… and keep poke me!”

 In response to Eden’s request, Alexis stretches out his cock and thrusts it up into the cervix. It is still tightly closed.

 He thrusts roughly again and again, and little by little, the glans finally reaches the uterus.

 Eden’s whole body shakes with joy and pleasure as she bends over.

 And drowning in the sea of pleasure, Eden’s reaction gradually slowed down, and by the time Alexis finished ejaculating for the second time, Eden had passed out.

* * *

 The next day, Eden woke up and remembered that she had been thoroughly violated until she passed out.

 The ropes had been removed before she knew it, and she was lying naked on the bed. Alexis was gone… or rather, she had been carried to her private room while she was unconscious.

 (…I’m not worthy. I’m…unworthy. Because of that, I don’t want to ask for it)

 She was well aware of the fact that she was more unworthy than others when s*x was involved. Her voice tends to be loud, and she is embarrassed.

 That’s why she restrains herself not to ask for it voluntarily.

 (But Master… wants me to have an opinion. He wants me to have initiative…)

 Should she be like that if Master wants her? Thinking this, Eden gets off the bed.

 She has been working out a lot and is able to move even though she was tortured so hard last night. Although there is still a tingling sensation in the lower half of her body.

 (…I can move)

 Eden stands up easily.

 It seems that yesterday’s frustration won’t drag on.

 Relieved at this thought, Eden reaches for her clothes on the table.

 But… Eden had at least one thing to say.

 (If it wasn’t Master, I wouldn’t be like that…)

 The previous master couldn’t possibly have been that violent.

 (The current master is… vigorous. He is not a master but a s*x master.)

 Eden wrinkled her brow and nodded her head deeply.

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