Avalon 18

Chapter 18 [Princess-maiden] Losing Virginity in Cowgirl Position

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 ”Come on, say it,” Alexis said while he smiles at Fransisca.

 ”Ha, ah, uhhh”

 Fransisca was on the verge of tears.

 But the tingling in her secret places had already turned into a burning heat. She was being rushed so much that she felt like she was going out of her mind.

 ”Ah, A-Alexis-samaaa!”

 Fransisca squeezed Alexis and said, “That place…”.

 ”That place?”

 ”U-uhhh… m-my…”

 Her heart was pounding so hard that she was almost out of breath.

 And as Fransisca was breathing hard, Alexis replied, “I don’t understand”.

 ”Oh, ohhh…”

 Fransisca was no longer crying, but she already knew enough to know that Alexis was this mean.

 ”T-this… this place. This..”

 Alexis turns to Fransisca, who lets out a shaky sound.

 And Alexis was waiting for the indecent words to escape from the lips of the supposedly innocent princess-maiden.

 ――However, Fransisca’s action was far beyond that.

 ”H-here… *Pant* *Pant* I want Alexis-sama’s… rub on h-here…”

 Fransisca spreads her legs to the left and right, and then shows it to Alexis.

 And with one hand behind her back, she stretches out her other hand toward her secret place.

 When she pushes the crack open, she hears a gurgling sound, and a thick, clear liquid flows out.

 ”H-here… please, Alexis-samaaaa…”

 She looked up at Alexis pleadingly with tears spilling down her cheeks.

 In her secret place where Fransisca is opening herself, on the narrowly closed and still unopened secret jar, the plump and swollen buds of her flesh are bright red, bloodshot and twitching.

 ”Well, I guess it’s OK,” Alexis thought.

 His plan was to listen to some obscene words, but he’ll forgive her for showing him her obscene scene like this. He thought so and reached out his tentacles.

 When he rubbed it into her crevice, Fransisca screamed “hyaaan” and lifted her hips up in an uncontrollable scream at the sensation she had been waiting for.

 ”Oh, Alexis-sama, that’s it, that’s ittt!”

 Fransisca’s legs are spread apart and her hips are wiggling, but is she aware of how indecent her behavior is?

 As Alexis rubs her p*nis against Fransisca’s buds, Fransisca lets out a loud voice, “Fuahhhhhhhhhh!”

 ”I’m cumming, I’m cummmmming…”

 Alexis sneered, “That was fast,” at Fransisca’s trembling hips.

 But Fransisca, who had been forced to endure the tingling for days and was being rushed, didn’t have time to worry about that.

 ”Ah, ahhh, ahhhhhhhhhhh!!”

 She trembled her hips and Spurt! Spurttt! The clear liquid was spurting out of her.

 Fransisca slumped backward, while Alexis saw his own stomach bubbling down with the liquid she had spewed, and muttered.

 ”Ahhhh. I didn’t think a virgin could squirt like this. You’re making me soaking wet”

 Well, it doesn’t matter that she got wet in the bathhouse, and the squirting was a delight to Alexis, as it reminded her of her qualities.

 But Fransisca felt like she had done something wrong and apologized in a croaky voice, “Ah… I’m sorry, I’m sorry”.

 Of course, Alexis could not pass up this opportunity.

 ”You owe me some kind of apology, okay?”

 Alexis pointed out, and Fransisca nodded.

 ”A-Anything you want… anything you need, I’ll do it…”

 As Fransisca speaks, she still pulls her legs together and manages to raise her upper body. Yet the tingling has not subsided. No, not only that.

 (Ah… my stomach… I have a tingle in the core of my stomach…)

 Fransisca feel like she’s missing something again.

 But then, Alexis interrupt her thinking and smiles at Fransisca.

 ”How about your virgin pussy to make up as an apology?”


 Before Fransisca’s breathless eyes, Alexis lies on his back on the floor and adjusts the length of his tentacles to that of a normal man.

 ”Why don’t you go ahead and do it yourself? A virgin princess willingly takes a man’s cock into her body while she’s still a virgin and breaks the membrane herself. Don’t you think it’s irresistible?”


 Fransisca understood what that meant and turned bright red.

 (A-Alexis-sama’s going to inside me…?!)

 She had never thought about it. ――But…

 (A-Alexis-sama’s… in my body…)

 She gently places her hand on her stomach. That was the true core of the tingle.

 ”――I want it,” she thought quickly, and her ears turned red.

 (W-w-when did I start thinking like that?)

 But it’s for her apology. So, it can’t be helped. Yes, it’s something she has to do.

 (B-But that doesn’t mean I’m doing it willingly…)

 When she had finished making excuses in her mind, Fransisca was soon straddling Alexis’ waist with her own will.

 ”Oh, oh…”

 Fransisca blushes as she realizes how immodest she looks.

 After all, she was naked and straddling a naked man.

 (I-I must look so naughty now…)

 Fransisca is panting with tears in the corners of her eyes.

 She puts her hands on Alexis chest and gently lifts her hips up, aware of Alexis’ licking eyes on her.

 Poke! The entrance of her hole made contact with Alexis’ glans.


 Fransisca’s body shudders.

 ”*Pant* *Pant* A-Alexis-sama, p-please d-don’t stretch your… p*nis…”

 Fransisca is so cute as she talks and giggles while turning bright red.

 ”Yes, yes. But you have to say it right, okay?”

 ”Eh… w-what?”

 ”Well, you’re gonna have to tell me what you’re gonna do”


 Fransisca’s mouth closed, but eventually she opened her quivering lips and let it out.

 ”M-my virginity to Alexis-sama…”

 ”Yes, yes, what is it?”

 ”I-I’m gonna ask Alexis-sama to take my virginity now…!”

 Alexis smiles at Fransisca, who spits out in a slightly louder voice all at once, and says.

 ”If you want me to do that, you’ll have to ask me nicely, won’t you?”

 ”Eh… A-Alexis-samaaaa”

 Despite her teary eyes, Fransisca managed to stifle her shame.

 ”P-please take my virginity… please take it”

 Liquid was pouring out from Fransisca’s secret place as she managed to speak, though her face was distorted by shame, and it soaked Alexis’s body.

 (This girl must be excited by being made to do something embarrassing…)

 Alexis thought so, but he did not point it out.

 ”Okay, that’s good. Now, sit back down slowly”

 Instead, he gives instructions in a commanding manner.

 Fransisca nodded her head and began to lower her hips.

 She touches her hips, and Squelch! A sound is made.


 Fransisca’s hand loosened for a moment, but she managed to hold on.

 Then Fransisca slowly lowered her hips.

 Squelch! The secret jar was about to bite into Alexis’s turtle head, and then it slid out of the jar.


 Fransisca was rubbing herself against her clitoris, and she let out a charming cry.

 ”Come on, get a hold of yourself. You want it, don’t you?”

 Alexis held Fransisca’s hips.

 ”*Pant* *Pant* yes…”

 Fransisca nodded her head and slowly lowered her hips again.

 This time, thanks to Alexis’ guidance, she swallowed a load into her jar.

 ”Fugu…. ugh, haaaah…”

 First, she sinks her hips down to the neck of rod.

 Fransisca gasps in pain as she does so.

 However, Alexis also moaning as he felt the intense tightness.

 ”Look, it’s only just at the entrance, okay? You haven’t even reached the membrane. You have to work harder to get it all the way in”

 Alexis ordered, and Fransisca nodded breathlessly, “Y-yes” and slowly lowered her hips again.

 She feels the flesh being forcibly pried open.

 ”Kuh, u-ugh…”

 Fransisca gritted her teeth to hold on to the pain.

 She usually dives in dungeons as a vanguard. So, she had always been good at enduring pain.

 ”Ggh, ah, kuh…”

 With a small exhale, Fransisca did not stop guiding Alexis’s deeper into her body. At last, she felt a rupture in the membrane.

 ”――…Kuhh…!? Kuha *Pant* *Pant*”

 Fransisca sank the rest of her hips into the bottom with a small quiver, then stopped moving once and exhaled heavily.

 Her soft ass is pressed tightly against Alexis’ thigh. At last, she has taken it all the way down to the base.

 And when it reaches the back of Fransisca’s hole, it is pressed tightly against the very core of her tingling.

 ”Haaah, haaah, haaah…”

 She was supposed to be exhaling painfully, but her breathing was somewhat nasal.

 And before Alexis could say anything, Fransisca started to move her hips slowly.

 It is a very slight movement, but she moves her hips up and down in little increments.

 ”Huh, ugh, ha, ha, ah…”

 Between the sounds of pain, sweet voices are sometimes mixed in.

 Perhaps she has become accustomed to the pain, but her movements gradually become bolder and bolder.

 ”Ah!? Ah, ah, ku…ugh, ugh…”

 Her brow is wrinkled, but her eyes are wide, and her hips are shaking.

 The vaginal wall squeezes Alexis’ p*nis so hard that Alexis can’t resist, but he grins and smiles when he holds back.

 ”Don’t tell me you’re feeling good even though you’re a virgin?”

 ”Ah, ah… y-yes…”

 Smiling, Alexis moves his tentacles to lick up inside Fransisca.


 Fransisca was shaking all over.

 ”That’s it, it’s amazing… I-I’m coming, already I’m coming…!”

 With Fransisca moving her hips modestly, Alexis tells her, “I’m going to come inside you”.

 Fransisca answered quickly, “Y-yes,” but she didn’t seem to understand what he meant.

 ”Ah, ah, ahhhhhh!”

 Fransisca seemed to have reached her climax, her whole body trembling on top of Alexis.

 The walls of her vagina swelled to swallow the load, and Alexis’s face contorted.


 At last, Alexis spurts his desire into Fransisca.

 ”Haaah, ah, ahhh!”

 Fransisca is shaking violently as she feels the cum pouring into her.

 By the time Alexis had finished pouring all of his cum, Fransisca’s lower abdomen was bulging out.

 ”*Huff* *Huff*”

 Alexis, who was exhaling with a pouty look on his face, said,

 ”I’m sorry. You’ve swallowed a lot of my baby seed”

 Fransisca’s color changes as she giggles.

 ”Eh―― B-baby?”

 ”Yes. The white fluid that comes out of a man’s p*nis is the source of his children. Didn’t you know that?”

 When Alexis looked at her, Fransisca looked like she was about to cry.

 ”Ugh, no. I don’t want to have a baby!”

 ”Well, well, well. It’s not a sure thing”

 Alexis lifts Fransisca’s hips and pulls his cock out of her.

 Then, a white fluid came out from her secret place.

 There seems to be a little bit of blood, but it is not so noticeable because the amount of white fluid is much larger than that.

 ”Come here, let me wash it”

 Alexis got up and pulled Fransisca’s hand to help her stand.


 Fransisca nodded her head but seemed to be unable to sit up. She soon became dizzy and leaned her body on Alexis’ shoulder.

 She was blushing up to her ears, but she did not look like the same lascivious woman who had just sat on top of Alexis and wiggled her hips. She is really a novice. It is no wonder that Fransisca is not used to being touched by a man.

 Alexis takes her to the bathtub, makes her sit down, and tells her to open her legs.

 ”Ahhh… yes…”

 Even though this is the second time today, she seems to be doubly shy in the presence of reason.

 Fransisca turns her reddened face away from Alexis as she slowly opens her mouth.

 Still, Alexis rinses her secret place with hot water and says, “Now you are completely my woman”.


 Fransisca nodded slightly, though she was red to the ears.

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