Avalon 105

Chapter 105

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 (If it were true, it would have been better to go back home after going on a date in Izard.)

 Alexis thought after inadvertently held Fatima who was just waking up, and she fell asleep after that.

 Now, in the morning of the third day, Fatima seemed to be able to get up and crawled out of the bed in a doze. However, she was still naked since yesterday.

 So Alexis made her go to the shower room to take a shower while he was getting dressed.

 After all, today, he decided that he would not get sidetracked. He was afraid that Fatima might get angry with him.

 As expected, Fatima comes out of the shower room and looks unhappy.

 Her face is as if to say, “I told you I want a date with you, but why did you have to do this?”.

 But she does not say so, perhaps because she is reserved to Alexis.

 Rather, she puts on her clothes and asks Alexis, “What are you going to do today?”.

 ”And I’m sorry… I fell asleep again last night. Maybe we should go home today…”

 Fatima must think this is her own fault. She tries not to show it in her expression, but she can’t cover up her slumped shoulders.

 ”Yeah, that’s the thing”

 Alexis said.

 ”Let’s take a look around town today. Well, no one will complain if we’re a day or so behind schedule. I heard you’re interested in going to the theater. Well, there’s a small theater. Wanna go with me?”


 Fatima’s eyes widen in surprise, and then her gaze drifts around in an agitated manner.

 ”Oh, um… But I don’t want to bother you too much…”

 ”Don’t worry about it. Since I said it’s okay, it must be okay, right? Come on, Fatima!”

 Alexis says so, and so today they finally have a date.

* * *


 ”Oh, um… What does this mean…?”

 Fatima was blushing red and fidgeting with her butt through her skirt, though she had just left the inn.

 ”Hmm? What do you mean?”

 Alexis asked back with a blank stare.

 ”I-I said…”

 Fatima almost said, “It’s enough…,” but she slumped her shoulders in resignation.

 Well, before leaving the room, Alexis took out an anal plug, “Let’s put this on”.

 Fatima was shocked when she saw it.

 She thought that she would be made to go again with salt water in her intestines like the day before yesterday. And of course, she had had enough of being made to endure for a long time in front of others or having Alexis see her collapse again. Even if it was strongly pleasurable.

 But Alexis said he would not put anything inside.

 ”Calm down, it’s just a plug”

 ”B-But. With that thing in there, what am I supposed to do when I go to the bathroom…?”

 Fatima resists, though she is reluctant to say so.

 Alexis replies, “Of course,”.

 ”Just tell me and I’ll take it out. Naturally, you’re not allowed to pull it out yourself.”

 ”Eh… D-Do I have to tell you every time I go to the bathroom…?”

 Fatima’s cheeks turn bright red.

 Seeing her attitude, Alexis doesn’t try to hide his smirk.

 ”Isn’t it obvious?”

 ”O-Of course not! Isn’t that just like…—”

 ”Yeah, like a toddler in diapers?”

 ”Ugh. B-But I’m an adult…”

 ”I know it. Oh, and one more thing.”

 ”Y-You have another one?”

 What Alexis said to a breathless Fatima was this.

 ”You’re not allowed to go to the bathroom without my permission.”


 Fatima was absolutely mortified.

 Still, when she was asked to offer her ass, she couldn’t refuse and Fatima was inserted the plug. The underwear she was originally wearing was collected by Alexis as before.

 As a result—

* * *

 (Ugh. It feels strange… My butt feels uncomfortable…)

 Fatima had to go out while biting back her embarrassment.

 (In such a state, Alex is asking me to enjoy the date? But it’s a rare chance to be alone with Alex…)

 Fatima looks at Alexis reproachfully.

 Then, Alexis turned his head and their eyes met.

 Fatima feels embarrassed and hurriedly tries to look away. At this, Alexis asks and holds her arms.

 ”Do you want to hold me?”

 ”Eh? Uh… Well…”

 Fatima tried to refuse. But Alexis interrupts, saying, “Don’t need to hold back”.

 (A-Alex’s arm…)

 He is offering it to her. This might be the only time she can make a public effort to get close to him—and she can’t say no.

 In the end, Fatima gives in to temptation, nods her head, and fearfully reaches out her hand to Alexis’ arm.

 She is not under any pressure as she was last time. This makes her feel a sense of shame.

 Despite her nervousness, Fatima intertwined her arms with Alexis’s. She wanted to get closer to him, but she was afraid to do so.

 However, gradually, her body is closer to him. Then her breast is pressed against Alexis’ arm.

 (Mmm, my breast is against Alex’s arm…)

 Fatima notices this and looks at Alexis’ face, and finds that he does not seem to be satisfied with the situation.

 So Fatima pushes her breast and pulls herself closer against Alexis body.

 At the same time, the edge of Alexis’ mouth is turned up.

 And Fatima smiles at him.

 ”Your chest is it hitting me, you know?”

 Alexis points out.

 ”Do you want me to touch them?”


 Fatima’s cheeks were tinted.

 ”..You know, when I get close to you, it just hits you. But… being close to you makes me feel safe.”

 Fatima affirmed.

 ”Hmm, I see.”

 Alexis smiles in satisfaction.

 Fatima felt happy when she saw that.

 (I-If Alex is happy with me, I’m happy too…)

 She thought so, but did not say it.

 If she did, she was afraid that Alexis, who was very skilled, might do something naughty to her again.

 Even now, she’s walking around with a sense of discomfort in her butt. So, she can’t stand to have it any more.

 (…Really, I’ve changed…)

 Fatima feels this way, looking more at Alexis than at the townscape.

 She has spent two nights in the same room with the opposite s*x, even though she is so exhausted that she is almost unconscious. Well, three nights, if it include the one night in the fort.

 Before this, Fatima would never have allowed it, not even for a couple of nights.

 (Such a thing, not even husband and wife…)

 This fact stimulates Fatima’s guilt, but she also thinks this way.

 (…I can only do this now. My status is not suitable for Alex, so it’s only for now…)

 God will forgive me if it’s an unfulfilled dream. In any case, it’s too late, since we’ve already done something more irreversible than sharing a room.

 Fatima thought like that.

* * *

 Alexis took Fatima out to see the sights and then went to see a play.

 Alexis was not so interested in it, but he thought it was OK if Fatima was happy.

 Thought, Fatima seemed to be worried about her skirt during the whole time they were walking, but she seemed to forget about it when she saw something she was interested in.

 After the play, she smiled with satisfaction.

 ”Alex, thank you. It was fun. I’ve always wanted to see it. As a priest, I don’t get many opportunities like this…”

 Fatima smiles as she pulls on Alexis’ arm.

 She seems to have gotten used to having her arms around Alexis.

 ”No problem. Fransisca said the same thing.”

 ”Ah, I see. If it’s Her Highness… no wonder, I thought it was strange that Alex knew.”

 Fatima nodded in agreement. She also seemed to be in a good mood, happy with Fransisca’s concern.

 She also said, “I’ll bring something for Her Highness…”.

 However, she no longer says that she is worried about Fransisca. Alexis nodded, thinking this was a good sign.

 ”…Oh, by the way, Fatima…”

 Alexis said as if he had just remembered.

 ”Do you need to go to the bathroom?”


 Fatima seems to have been brought back to reality by Alexis’ words.

 ”Ugh… A-Alex…”

 Fatima starts to give Alexis a reproachful look.

 ”Hmm, what’s wrong?”

 When Alexis dares to smile back, Fatima opens and closes her mouth to say something, then slumps her shoulders, “…Nothing”.

 Her tendency to swallow what she wants to say makes Alexis chuckle.

 ”I think you’re living a life where your shoulders are stiff”

 ”W-Why are you asking in all of a sudden…”

 ”Well, what’s wrong with that? If you’re okay, let’s go to the next place.”

 ”No one says it’s okay yet…”

 ”So you’re not okay?”

 When Alexis asked, Fatima blushed and said “…I’m okay!”. Alexis smiles and takes her to the next place.


 ”Ahh, what did I say, really!” Fatima is trembling as if to say so.

 Seeing her like that made Alexis want to laugh, but he felt sorry for her to know that he was amused, so he held back.

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