Avalon 104

Chapter 104 [Maid] After Tying Her up and Teasing Her, She Begs for an Enema by Herself

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 On the second morning in a room in Izard town, Alexis was having his second day of sleep.

 Since he could not leave Fatima alone, he rented a room for two with two beds side by side.

 Fatima slept in one of the beds until late afternoon.

 When she woke up, Fatima was depressed beyond her control.


 Alexis was prepared for what she would say to him about staying in the same room, but she didn’t have any words to say.

 After a while, Fatima disappeared toward the shower room after saying “I’m going to clean myself up…”.


 As he saw her off, Alexis asked her, “Are you OK?”. However, she is just simply quiet.

 After a while, Fatima came back, but she was not dressed properly, just wrapped in a bath towel.

 She was sitting on the bed again, looking gloomy and silent.

 A beautiful woman with a melancholy look on her face is sitting there dressed in nothing but a bath towel. Her well-defined breast duo can be peeked at from an angle.

 As Alexis thought, it was not good. And that he should leave her alone.

 But—if he could stay like this for any length of time, if a woman who would never do such a thing to him would do such a thing to me… He’s at a loss for what to do.

 ”…You know, Fatima…”

 Alexis sat down next to her and talked to her.

 ”…Hmm? Ehh—”

 When Fatima answered, Alexis had pushed her down on the bed.


 Alexis looked down at Fatima who was stunned.

 ”No matter how depressed you are. It’s not nice to be dressed like that unprotected…”

 Alexis placed his crotch, which was bulging and groaning under his pants, against Fatima’s lower abdomen.

 Fatima let out a small “Oh,” and then her cheeks turned red and her gaze drifted to the floor, “Well, you know…”.

 ”I-I was depressed, or…well, that’s part of it, but…”

 Fatima stops speaking and seems to be thinking about what she is going to say.

 But, above her, Alexis pulled down his trousers and asked, “Is it okay”?

 Fatima opened and closed her mouth a few times and then said.

 ”Ah… O-Okay…”

 She affirmed in a voice that sounded like it was about to fade away.

 At these words, Alexis takes off the towel that was unreliably covering her body.

 Then, not only her ample breasts, but also her fair-skinned and fleshy body with clear bumps were all exposed.

 Fatima, knowing that Alexis is watching her, lies still on her back on the bed with her cheeks turned down and her eyes averted.

 When Alexis slowly moved his hand to fondle her breast, a moan escaped from Fatima’s lips.

 As he kept rubbing her breasts in a circular motion, Fatima’s breathing became rougher and rougher.

 ”Mmm… hmm… Haah… Ah, ah…”

 Her voice is becoming thick and raucous.

 Alexis gradually decreases the speed and finally rubs her erect nipples. Then Fatima shakes her body, as if she is getting a tingling sensation.


 A clear voice came out, and then Fatima’s eyelashes were down as if she was ashamed of her body.

 ”Ah… Haah, haah… Alex…”

 In between breaths, Fatima gives a greedy look.

 Alexis whispers, “Yes, I know”. Then, he pulls away from Fatima for a moment.

 ”Hmm… What?”

 Fatima is puzzled.

 It seems that there is some kind of gap between their perceptions of each other.

 Alexis went to the bag he had brought into the room and took out another tool from it.

 It was a bundle of ropes.

 ”As I thought, you need this, don’t you?”

 ”Eh… I-It’s not that it’s essential…”

 Fatima’s cheeks were flushed.

 ”Now, now,” says Alexis, as he ties the rope around her neck.

 Once around her neck, he pulls it down, making knots as he goes.

 ”Come on, open your legs.”


 Fatima turns red and fearfully spreads her legs wide enough to fit an arm. In the meantime, Alexis handed her a rope and told her to get into a prone position.

 Fatima showed some hesitation, but eventually she did as Alexis told her to do.

 Then, as the rope was passed from her crotch to her butt, she opened her mouth, “Oh, um,” she said.

 ”Alex, are those bags only for this kind of thing?”

 ”Of course they are. I’m going to be able to spend some quality time with you.”

 ”Well, for my part, I’d rather walk around the town with you… Uhhhh… I mean, this isn’t really a date…”

 Alexis listens to Fatima’s inarticulate complaints as he finishes applying the noose and ties her up behind her back with her arms behind her back.

 ”Here,” he says, pushing her bound hands down. At the same time, Fatima falls down onto the bed in a crouching position.

 Even if only her arms are free, she seems to find it quite difficult to move her body.

 Just then, Fatima says in a muffled voice, “A-Alex,” as she lies down on the bed.

 ”D-Did you hear what I said?”

 ”Yeah, I heard you. But—”

 Alexis pulls the middle of the rope from behind her. Then the rope must have bit into her secret place.

 Fatima squeals in a very nice voice, “Haaaaahhhh!”

 Seeing her like that, Alexis smiles at her.

 ”—You’re not satisfied, are you?”

 ”—Hah, haah. A-Alex…”

 Fatima turns bright red and opens her mouth to complain.

 But before she could say anything, Alexis pulls the rope, and she yelps as if her hips collapsed.

 Alexis starts to touch Fatima’s breast again with his other hand while pulling the rope with one hand.

 Fatima can’t say anything more, and she can only shake her body as she is touched.

 ”Ah, ah. No, no, not there, ah!”

 Fatima’s breasts are as sensitive as ever. Every time his fingertips touch the most sensitive part, she twists her body, but the twisting seems to increase the penetration, and she helplessly lets out a muffled cry.

 Then Alexis stopped pulling the rope and made her get up on her knees and played with both of her breasts together.

 As expected, she shudders each time he plays with her breasts, and her own movements seem to increase the sensitivity of the ropes as they bite into her secret places.

 ”Haaaaah, Alex, Alex, Alex—N-Noooooo!”

 Fatima sounds desperate with a melting expression on her face.

 ”You’d better learn to tell me when you’re cumming, okay?”

 Alexis said, and Fatima nodded her head. Then she said,

 ”Cumming, I’m cumming, Alex…”

 Fatima declared with a raised voice and arched her back.

 Alexis rubs her erect nipples with his index fingers and thumbs, and her knees buckle.

 ”Ah, ah, ahhhhhhh—”

 But, Alexis removes his hands from her breasts as she tries to climb to a higher level.

 ”Eh… Ahh—”

 Fatima breaks her back in mid-stride and makes an obviously sad face.

 ”Try coming yourself. The penetration alone is enough for you, right?”

 Fatima has tears in the corners of her eyes as he says this to her from behind.

 ”Alex is terrible, terrible…”

 She wiggles her hips and rubs herself against the knot where her secret passage is being tied in her lower mouth.

 But before she knows it, the knot that is catching her love juice is dripping clear liquid onto her inner thighs.

 ”Ahhh… I’m cumming, I’m cumming, Alex—”

 Alexis nods to Fatima, who declares again with a complex mix of emotions: pleasure, shame, and longing.

 ”Yes, you can cum.”

 Fatima shakes her body in acceptance.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ahhhhh!”

 After shaking her whole body for a while, she sat down on the bed as if she had lost all her strength.

 ”Ah… Hah, haah…”

 Alexis said to Fatima’s back, who was breathing while her chest was moving up and down.

 ”Now, let’s see if you can make me feel better next time, shall we?”

 ”Oh…,” Fatima turned around.

 She was dazed and biting her lip lightly, frustrated that she had been made to cum alone.

 She shakes her head as Alexis reaches for her lower mouth with his tentacle, then says.

 ”This… this way. I want you to use it, Alex…”

 Fatima opens her closed legs, saying in a muffled voice.

 Her face turned bright red as she exposed her ripe and soaked bottom to Alexis’ eyes.

 ”No, I don’t want to end up like this… No, no…”

 She must have hated what she had just done, like masturbating by herself. With tears in her eyes, she complained like that.

 ”You mean, you want me to use your pussy?”

 Alexis opens the two ropes buried in her secret place to the left and right, and Fatima lets out a small “Mmm,” and nods her head.

 ”A-Alex, you like this, don’t you? This kind of thing…”

 Fatima, blushing, confirms Alexis’ taste.


 ”Why do you care about it even at a time like this?” Alexis was slightly miffed at the thought. The fact that he’s being asked to adapt is a bit like being deprived of the lead, and there’s a chance he’s being funny.

 ”Well, sure, I like it…—”

 Alexis decided to be mean and ran his hand over Fatima’s buttocks.

 ”But you like this one better, don’t you?”

 As expected, the vermilion color of Fatima’s cheeks became reddish.


 She blushes and her eyes drift to the other side, and then she nods her head.

 ”Yes, but… but…”

 ”But what? That’s okay, right? I’ll put you in whichever one you want.”

 Alexis says softly, and sure enough, Fatima begins to hesitate.


 Fatima is still thinking, keeping her mouth shut and her eyes drifting restlessly.

 But Alexis continues to speak to Fatima.

 ”Well, if you want me to fuck this one, you have to clean it up first…”


 Fatima, who had been on the verge of wobbling, responds to Alexis’ words.

 Alexis nodded, “Yes”.

 ”I’ll give you an enema like I did yesterday, and I’ll have to clean you up inside.”

 ”L-Like yesterday…!?”

 Fatima was surprised, but Alexis laughed, “Yes”.

 ”Don’t worry, I won’t make you walk around with a lot of warm salt water. I’m just telling you that you need to defecate in the water again.”


 Fatima ponders this, but Alexis continues.

 ”Otherwise, I can’t use it. After all, the butt hole isn’t really designed to hold things in the first place.”

 ”I-I know that…”

 The vermilion in Fatima’s cheeks darkens.

 She has just felt depressed about not being able to use it unless she cleans it, so she feels even more embarrassed when Alexis emphasizes that it is not originally designed for this purpose.

 ”I know, I know it. But…”

 Fatima’s gaze drifts.

 She understands. She does, but—

 …She also understands. How comforting it can be.

 And then Fatima…

 ”…A-Alex, if you don’t mind…”

 Blushing up to her ears, she chose to do it.

 ”Here, use this one, please…”

 Fatima did the best she could by lying back down on her stomach and lifting her buttocks.

 She made a bright red face as she did so.

 ”M-My but. I want you to clean it…”

 She said in a muffled voice.

 ”Ah, okay…”

 Alexis was honestly a little disappointed.

 He had been planning to continue the verbal torture for a while, watching Fatima’s struggles in front of and behind her. However, she admitted it more readily than he expected and started to ask for an enema on her own.

 She sticks out her butt, which should be the most embarrassing part, and waits for Alexis’ action.

 Anyway, Alexis puts his hand on her rope and removes it.

 ”It’s hard to move like this, isn’t it? Let’s take care of this first.”

 He says so, but he does not want to make the rope dirty in case he has to do it now.

 When the rope is untied, it leaves a red mark.

 Fatima sighs when she sees the red bruises that look like thin snakes crawling all over her body.

 ”Ah, what Alex did to me…”

 Fatima’s mouth is smiling as she looks at the red bruises that seem to be crawling all over her body.

 While she is enjoying the rope marks, Alexis is bundling the rope and pulling out a water bag with a tube instead from his bag.

 ”Ah… Y-You prepared more of those…”

 As expected, Fatima had a complicated expression on her face.

 ”Well, I brought it as a spare in case of failure. I didn’t think you would ask me to do it yourself.”

 When Alexis replied, Fatima turned red.

 ”Uh… Well, I mean, you know…”

 Fatima seemed to be looking for an excuse.

 But Alexis made her lie on her stomach again and thrust her ass up, then he pulled the corkscrew out of the tube and inserted it into her anus.

 Soon she felt the water invading and Fatima opened her mouth still more, letting out a voice “Ugh”.

 ”D-Didn’t I say that Alex… I want to clean it up?”

 ”Yes. But you know, you don’t have to ask me to do it, you can do it by yourself.”


 Apparently, Fatima had not thought of that.

 She looked shocked, so Alexis thought he had said something unnecessary.

 ”T-That’s enough! I’ll take it myself…”

 Alexis grabbed Fatima’s wrist as she twisted and reached for the water bag from Alexis.

 ”Not this time, okay? You’re the one who asked me to do it.”

 ”Yes, I did, but… Mmm…”

 Fatima breathes heavily from time to time, looking uncomfortable.

 ”Haah, haah”

 Her stomach seems to be getting tight, and her breathing becomes more and more erratic.

 ”…Mmm, ku. M-My stomach, is full…”

 Fatima complained, but Alexis was not going to listen to her.

 ”What are you talking about? Isn’t it still less than yesterday? Isn’t there enough to fill a whole bag?”

 ”Ehh? Uh, mmm…”

 Fatima is shaking uncomfortably.

 ”Haah, haah. R-Really? Yesterday, it was painful enough… Mmm…”

 Fatima’s eyes are getting narrower and narrower while her body is shaking occasionally.

 Her trembling is getting stronger and stronger.

 ”Haah. Haah, haah… A-Alex, so what? You made me like this, Alex…”

 Alexis was grinning as she was breathing heavily while making some excuse.

 ”Don’t tell me that you’ve become addicted to this?”


 Fatima’s reaction was so astonishing that Alexis wanted to laugh out loud.

 ”You’re really a pervert”

 When he patted her on the head, the vermilion color of Fatima’s cheeks became stronger.

 ”Wha…! B-But Alex—Ahh”

 Fatima is interrupted by her outburst. She is interrupted when Alexis shakes her full belly with his hand.

 ”Oh, oh. Stop, stop, don’t do it!”

 Fatima’s voice is shaking. It seemed that the stimulation was too much for her.

 But soon, Alexis pulls out the tube and says to Fatima, “It’s done.”

 Fatima looked at Alexis with tears in her eyes, but immediately put her hands on her butt and walked out of the room as she was told.

 She seemed to be very embarrassed to be caught defecating by Alexis in this way. When she came back to the room, her red face was even redder and she did not come closer to Alexis after slamming the door.

 ”Ah… Geez… P-Please leave me alone…”

 However, Alexis grabbed Fatima’s arm and pulled her back onto the bed.

 He then turned her onto her stomach and placed his long-awaited p*nis against her ass.

 ”But you’re clean now, aren’t you?”

 ”Well, that is.”

 She nodded her head, and Alexis reached his tentacle into her asshole.

 Fatima’s body trembled as much as it did yesterday as the tentacle was moved through the intestinal wall.

 ”Ah, ah, ahhhh—!”

 Apparently, Fatima seemed to be hypersensitive when she had an enema.

 Alexis thinks that this might kill two birds with one stone, since it loosens her asshole and makes it easier to insert a p*nis. Though he has brought some lubricant with him, he may not need it.

 As he moved his dick back and forth, Fatima’s back was arched.

 ”Ahhh, no not this—”

 ”What’s wrong?”

 Alexis asked while he was pistoning her dick. Then Fatima said breathlessly

 ”B-Because— Nnnnahh! Because, because my body is going all weird! Aaaaaaah—!”

 Fatima’s body is shaking violently. Then, as Alexis begins to pull out the tentacle that has penetrated deep into her body, she lets out another moan.

 ”Stoppp… this is ahhh—making me weird, ahhhhhhhh!”

 Fatima shook her whole body more and more and wobbled, and then she became limp.

 ”Ahh—I came, I came…!”

 Still, Alexis inserted his p*nis into Fatima again, and her body trembled again.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhh—!”

 After a big jerking spasm, Fatima complains, “I’m going crazy”.

 ”A-Alex is making me all crazy…”

 ”Do you dislike it that much?”

 As he asked her, he pulled out my dick from deep inside her again, and Fatima climaxed by shaking her body again.

 Then she said with a look of ecstasy on her face, “No, I don’t hate it”

 ”If it’s Alex, If it’s Alex’s—Ah, ahhhhh!”

 Her whole body was shaking as she climaxed again, and then she said, “If it’s Alex, I don’t mind!”

 While saying so, she was shaking her ass with her weak body.

 ”So make me like this, make me like this more—!”

 Being told so, Alexis inserts his cock into Fatima’s asshole again, and then he pulls it out.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhhh!!”

 Fatima climaxed for an unknown number of times, and then said “Alex is so good, I love you so much…” without even a fragment of reason left in her body.

 Within her, Alexis also spewed his semen.

 ”—Haah, haah. Can you feel it? I’m inside you…”

 Fatima laughed happily when Alexis said that.

 ”Ahh… Yeah, I know, Alex.”

 ”Yes. But then you might defecate your pants again, right?”

 Then Fatima growled a little but said in a whispering voice, “…It’s okay”.

 ”…I don’t care… I want you to put so much in me that I’m going to shit myself…”

 As she said this, Alexis unreservedly released every last drop into the depths of Fatima’s body. When he was done, he contracted his cock and slid it out.

 As soon as it was out of her anus, the unclosed part of her anus spilled out a muddy white fluid.

 ”Look, it’s leaked.”

 When Alexis pointed this out, Fatima nodded her head with a red face.

 ”Uh… hmm. When this is done to me, it seems that my butt won’t be able to tighten up properly for a while…”

 By “this,” she probably meant the action of being inserted immediately after the enema.

 ”I see. So you don’t mind me watching you defecate?”

 When Alexis teased her, Fatima’s face turned redder, as if she was aware of it.

 ”No, I’m not okay…”

 ”No? Then, aren’t you less resistant than before?”

 When Alexis asked the question, he wondered if it was something Fatima did not want to hear. He looked at her for a moment and then said.

 ”Yes, I’m embarrassed. But… you accepted everything. So…I want Alex to see my embarrassing appearance…”

 She said this in a fading voice, making Alexis blush involuntarily.

 ”Hmm… Oh… well, I see.”

 Not knowing how to answer, he patted Fatima’s leaking buttocks and told her to go and defecate.

 Fatima nodded and stood up with unsteady steps. “Uh…well,” she said with her red face still on her back from Alexis.

 ”B-But I want you to…forget about that…”

 ”About earlier?”

 Alexis looked at her blankly.

 Then Fatima said.

 ”A-About I… love you. I-I didn’t mean that…”


 Alexis laughed.

 ”Well, even if she allows me to use her body, she doesn’t want me to think that she has feelings for me, huh?,” Alexis thought.

 ”Okay, I know. You don’t have to worry about an occasional impetuous gaffe. I don’t worry about it either.”

 That’s what Alexis was saying to her.

 Fatima, however, took his words as forgiveness for her own indiscretions and nodded her head.

 ”Ah… Yeah.”

 She couldn’t seem to stop her cheeks from getting even hotter.

 (Alex is a wonderful person. Alex forgives everything…)

 When she thought about it, she couldn’t stop her heart from burning in her chest.

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