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Chapter 103 [Maid] Enema + Anal Plug Endurance

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 ”No, nooo!”

 Fatima shouts loudly

 ”Don’t pull it out, don’t pull it out, don’t pull it out…”

 Of course, Fatima chose to avoid exposing herself to the public, even though her whole body was wobbling

 Her ears were red and her eyes were watering, and she said to Alexis in a pleading voice

 ”Please, stop… Please, stop it…”

 Even her language is almost faltering

 However, the sight of her shameful face arouses Alexis and makes him hard between his legs

 Fatima couldn’t stop her body from shaking, even though she was dazed and kept repeating the word “stop”

 The chill, as if she had been exposed to cold air, made her body shiver involuntarily. The shiver became a violent and thrilling sensation itself, as if it was pushing up from her abdomen to the top of her head, and it attacked her whole body


 Fatima managed to stifle her voice. If she opened her mouth, it would have come out

 But even that was close to the limit. At any rate, the tingling sensation that came along with the trembling was accompanied by a shock that pushed her up so hard she thought her body would be torn to pieces

 ”Ah… Don’t…— Stop it—”

 She didn’t know what she was saying, but that didn’t stop Fatima from saying no

 ”Please, forgive me… please. No, don’t do that…”

 In a faltering voice, she made a miserable plea with tears in her eyes, clutching the breast part of Alexis’ dress tightly

 The priestess, who always acts so calmly with hardly moving her face, now only begs for forgiveness with tears streaming down her face

 At this sight, Alexis’ lips lifted in a smile. And then

 ”No. I won’t allow it.”

 As soon as he said that, he pulled the plug out

 ”Ah, ahhhh—!”

 Fatima shakes even more violently

 A mixture of feelings of shame, despair, and openness, a thrusting sensation that she had been holding back for a long time hit her whole body

 ”Ah, ahhhhhhhhh—!!

 A sweet, numbing sensation that just covers the chills that make her whole body tremble, rushes up from her waist to the top of her head. Even the sensation of having her bowels pulled out creates a sweet numbness

 ”Ah, please. Don’t look at me, don’t look at me—”

 Fatima was sobbing

 She didn’t want anyone to see her having an orgasm through defecation

 She felt at odds with the situation and her intention, and her head was further confused by her disappointment in herself and her unnecessary embarrassment

 Because of the close proximity to the sea, the sounds and smells seem to be drowned out

 Alexis then pulls the stunned Fatima and moves her to a different location, where he puts her hands on a nearby rock face and makes her stick her ass out

 ”Eh, ah—”

 Fatima’s expression returns to her face slightly after being stunned for a while

 However, while Fatima was puzzled, Alexis pulled out his p*nis from his pants, stretched it out, and slid it into her asshole


 Fatima screams defenselessly, her whole body trembling

 ”Aaahh—That’s, aaahh, that’s—!”

 Fatima shakes her head, tears spilling down her cheeks

 As she did so, her whole body trembled at the sensation of the p*nis sliding through the walls of her intestines

 ”All of sudden— Ah, ah, ahhhh!

 Fatima could not do anything but let out a desperate cry

 Her asshole had already loosened up from the previous action, and even without any lubricant, she easily accepted Alexis’ cock

 The sensation of Alexis’ raw cock rubbing against the sensitive area was taking over all of Fatima’s nerves

 The sensation of a deep penetrating sensation is converted into a wildly pleasurable sensation

 It was a strange sensation, as if all the sensory functions were controlled by a single object

 ”Hwahhhhh, don’t…. Ah, ahhhhhhhhh!”

 Fatima seemed to climax with a shudder

 After all, her eyes are dazed and her lower part of her body is drenched with the liquid. She seems to be incontinent

 When Alexis continued to thrust, Fatima screamed “Ohhhhhh”

 ”Ah, ah, ah. Ahhhh…”

 He dug his cock deeper and deeper, and he pulled it out. Just then..

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhhhh—!”

 Fatima’s chin was tilted up, and her whole body was shaking as if she was climaxing again

 Fatima seemed to climax with each subsequent piston stroke, and after a few more, she seemed to have lost all resistance. In spite of the unbecoming situation, she just thrust her buttocks out with a look of ecstasy on her face

 ”Ah, that’s it. Do it more… moree…”

 Fatima’s mouth loosens and she now begins to beg

 In response, Alexis slides his cock back in and then pulls it out

 ”Ah, ah. Ahhhhhhhh—!”

 Fatima seems to have reached again, and her body is shaking violently

 Her hands have lost their strength, her legs are not standing, and her hips are still shaking

 The only reason she is able to maintain her current posture is because Alexis is supporting her

 ”Hwah. Noo… my butt, I can’t do this… My head, I’m going crazy…”

 Fatima’s loose, squishy mouth was complaining, which Alexis was thinking that she had already gone crazy

 ”Come on, I’m going to cum inside you…”

 Fatima nodded as Alexis announced

 ”Yes, do it, do it…”

 Hearing her voice with no effort, Alexis let his cock go into the deepest part of her body

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhh!”

 Fatima is shaking all over. It is hard to tell from her reaction whether she has reached or not. She is probably in a state where she can reach a climax no matter what is done to her

 Alexis gasps as the gut wall tightens all the way from the tip to the base of his outstretched p*nis

 ”…Kuh. I’m going to cum.”

 After saying that, he shot his semen deep inside

 ”Oh, oohhhhhhh!”

 Fatima was receiving it with her body trembling

 The sensation of white fluid filling her intestines again produced a sweet, trembling s*xual sensation. This was the first time for Fatima to experience such a sensation


 ”Her body must have been completely broken,” Alexis pulled out his p*nis while he was thinking so. Then the sensation was forced out of Fatima again

 ”Huh, ahhhhh!”

 Fatima was trembling all over

 Alexis pulled out his cock from her anus, and without being able to stop it, a cloud of white cum poured out from her ass and trickled down

 As usual, Fatima did not try to stop the discharge. Or perhaps it is more correct to say that she was in no condition to stop

 Fatima was exposing herself to Alexis’ eyes with her hips trembling

 After she finished that, she breathed a breath that could be described as disappointment

 ”Ah, it came out… ah…”

 Alexis was supporting Fatima in a hurry, because she seemed to stop speaking in the middle of the sentence, and she was about to fall down

 ”Hey, Fatima, are you okay?”

 She seemed to be limp, so he called out to her and picked her up

 It was not only that she seemed to be limp

 She was actually limp and had given up her consciousness


 Did I push her too hard?

 Thinking so, Alexis picks Fatima’s back up in his arms

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