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Chapter 103 [Maid] Enema + Anal Plug Endurance

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 By the time they arrived at Izard town, Fatima’s knees were already wobbling and her breath was coming in gasps. She could hardly stand on her own

 And yet, she was thrown down from the horse, and there was nothing she could do but to stand clinging to the arm of Alexis next to her

 Despite her repeated complaints, Alexis was unconcerned

 Now, amidst the brick streets with the smell of the sea, many people come and go, glancing at them and talking with their companions

 (I-I’m sure they think I’m crazy…)

 Fatima is so uncomfortable that she can do nothing but lie down to hide her blushing face

 But the people around them saw Alexis and Fatima and whispered to each other like this

 ”Hey, she’s so beautiful, and she’s so s*xy!”

 ”Hey, hey. She’s got big tits, too!”

 ”Is he her lover?”

 ”Huh..? With that dull guy? Damn, I’m so jealous…”

 People around them whisper to each other in this way, and Alexis is met with a gaze that is either envy or jealousy

 Alexis feels superior and pulls Fatima’s toward him


 Fatima reacted hypersensitive

 After that, she talks to Alexis, her breath shaking and disturbed

 ”A-Alex… D-Don’t move me so suddenly…”

 While she was talking to him, her hand holding onto Alexis’ arm became stronger, as if she was trying to hold back

 Then her breast covered by her blouse is pressed against Alexis’ arm

 Alexis smiles as he feels the eyes of the men in the street become even sharper

 ”You’re such a spoiled child, Fatima.”

 ”I-I didn’t mean it like that…”

 Fatima’s cheeks turned vermilion as if she was embarrassed to be called a spoiled child

 ”Do you want to get together with me so badly?”

 ”I-It’s not that… B-Because, Alex…”

 Fatima looked up in a hurry and tried to argue with him, but Alexis asked smilingly, “Because?”. At this word, she had no choice but to soften her tone

 ”Oh, uhhh… Y-You did something to my butt…”

 With all eyes on them, she can only make a muffled voice

 And Alexis knows it

 ”Something? What do you mean?”

 Fatima keeps her mouth shut as she is urged to confess in broad daylight

 After a while

 ”N-No, it’s nothing…”

 In the end, she has no choice but to say so

 ”I see. So it’s nothing. Good, good, nothing.”

 Alexis says this and starts to walk with Fatima

 Fatima is angry with Alexis, but she has no choice but to step forward fearfully

 If she fell behind Alexis and let go of his hand, she might fall down. If she falls down, it would be an embarrassment for sure

 (Ah, it was stupid of me to think that I wanted to have a date with Alex…)

 Fatima regretted it more than ever

 Fortunately, her slow pace was matched by Alexis. So her hand did not separate from him

 ”Well, where shall we go first? Are you new to Izard? Is there somewhere you want to go?”

 Alexis asked as they walked

 But Fatima was not interested. The ache in her stomach was increasing, as if it were robbing her of her body heat. She could barely manage to hold on to Alexis’ arm as a chill rose up and a dull ache shot up from her abdomen, robbing her legs of their strength

 ”Haah, haah!”

 Fatima was silent for a long time, breathing hard

 Gradually, it became difficult for her to hang on to his arm

 ”Oh, ahh…”

 Finally, Fatima slumped down on the ground

 Then, passers-by around her started to murmur

 Hey, hey, is that girl all right?

 Is she sick or something?

 Fatima hears such voices in the distance and her ears start to get red

 (Oh… N-No! Don’t look… Don’t look at me…)

 She turns her face down, keeps her mouth shut, and shivers as she thinks desperately

 ”…Hey, Fatima!”

 But then, Alexis pulls Fatima’s arm to stand up

 ”What are you sitting there for? Get your feet up.”

 And he makes her walk again

 —Ah, Alex, it’s impossible. I can’t do this anymore. …

 Fatima wants to open her mouth to say those words, but she shuts it again

 (No, no! I can’t speak now…)

 Instead, Fatima was shaking her body

 ”…Hmm, ku…”

 She tried to stifle the sound that was about to escape

 ”…Haah. Huff… Mmm…”

 Her voice, mixed with her breath, hangs close to Alexis’ ear

 Alexis couldn’t help but glance at Fatima who was supported by him

 She is reddening, tears in the corners of her eyes, and looks as if she is killing her anguish

 Her body is trembling, her legs are wobbling, her breathing is ragged, and her voice sometimes sounds as if she is trying to kill herself

 Is she aware of this? She looks as if she has intercourse, and the passers-by look at her more than usual

 But Fatima does not seem to be aware of it. It seems that Fatima has already lost the time to look at the scenery around her

 (I guess it is time to move on.)

 Alexis judges so, and pulls Fatima’s almost standing waist closer to him

* * *

 Alexis soon took Fatima to a deserted area

 They went to the harbor, and then walked along the seashore along the harbor to the reefy terrain. The seashore is basically a crowded place when it comes to the beach, but when they came to this point, which is some distance away from the seashore, there was no one to be seen

 That may be so. The place is not suitable for swimming or fishing. After all, there is a beach for swimming and a harbor for fishing

 In fact, Alexis had been walking to this place from the beginning

 When Alexis found a place where the rocks made a good blind spot, he picked up Fatima and carried her there

 Fatima no longer understood what was being done to her, as she looked dazed and almost unconscious

 When Alexis lowers Fatima down so that they are facing each other, she seems to regain consciousness for the first time and shakes her body tremulously


 Fatima turns her eyes to Alexis, who is standing right in front of her before she knows it, but she immediately turns bright red and shuts her mouth

 She almost slumps down, but Alexis hurriedly supports her by hugging her from the front

 At the same time, Fatima let out a “Mmm,” between her gasping breaths as Alexis hugged her

 ”No, no… No more, please… please…”

 The reason why she has been able to endure so much, even though she is out of breath, is almost entirely due to the thing inserted into her butt

 It’s corked tightly enough to keep Fatima in check, but she has to be careful not to exert too much pressure

 As she does so, Alexis lifts her skirt

 ”Ah,” she squeals as Alexis reaches for Fatima’s butt, and puts his hand on the plug. At that moment, Fatima shuddered and shook

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