Avalon 102

Chapter 102

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 Alexis finished getting ready and waited in front of the fort with one of the horses, with a bag strapped to it, on a rein and in his hand.

 ”Huff… Sorry to keep you waiting. Forgive me…”

 Finally, the person he was waiting for appeared, saying in a halting voice.

 Fatima walks through the gate of the fort and takes a step or two toward Alexis with an uncomfortable expression on her face.

 She is not dressed in her usual maid’s uniform as Alexis is dressed for a day out on the town.

 But she is wearing a white ruffled blouse and a chic navy blue loop tie. A navy blue corset is worn with a navy blue flared skirt. Though, the color of stockings does not change.

 ”Hey, you…”

 Alexis sighs when she sees Fatima.

 ”Don’t choose to wear something so plain and unremarkable, even if it’s not a maid’s uniform…”

 ”…Is that the first thing you say when you open your mouth? Is that it? It can’t be helped, can I? I don’t have a lot of clothes…!”

 Fatima says hurriedly while blushing.

 But then again, she must have come from a good, if not royal, family. The fact that she does not have her own clothes probably has a lot to do with the fact that Avalon has taken her land.

 ”I see…”

 ”She’s been through a lot, hasn’t she?” Alexis is sobered.

 ”Okay, I get it.”

 Alexis patted the horse’s back lightly, and then jumped on the horse himself.

 ”Get on, Fatima. This time I’m going to treat you to a lot of treats for your meager salary. I’ll buy you a lot of clothes too.”

 ”If you think I don’t get paid enough, you’ll have to pay more. Besides, I don’t have a horse…”

 As she was about to say this, Alexis pulled Fatima’s hand and pulled her up, placing her in front of him.

 ”Don’t worry, I’ll hold you up so you can ride, okay?”


 Fatima felt the warmth of Alexis’ body on her back, and her cheeks turned bright red.

 Eventually, Fatima nodded her head.

 Alexis looks at her and smiles, “Okay”.

 ”Shall we go?”

 ”Uh, yeah…”

 Fatima nodded fidgetily.

 Alexis picks up the reins and kicks the horse in the flank to get it going.

* * *

 Then, after a stop at an inn, they arrived at their destination, Izard town, before noon the next day…

 ”U-Ugh. Alex is terrible. Alex is the worst…!”

 Fatima immediately regretted it.

 Because Alexis did something.

 It was about 20 minutes before they arrived in this town.

 It was a good thing until then that he stopped his horse for a rest.

 ”We’re almost there, aren’t we?”

 ”Yes, that’s right…”

 Fatima was still full of anticipation at that time.

 It was not that she did not care about the princess. In fact, she wondered if she was doing well, if she was having any bad feelings, or if there were any problems. Such things were on her mind.

 However, this was also a training to mitigate the overprotectiveness that she was getting tired of herself.

 Worrying too much and not being able to enjoy the company of Alexis would be a bad thing.

 With this in mind, she finally succeeded in getting Fransisca out of her mind.

 At that time, Alexis dismounted Fatima from the horse and got off himself, and started to rummage through the baggage.

 It was a sack that he had strapped to his horse but had not touched for a long time.

 Fatima had always thought that it was unnecessary since Alexis has a pouch on his waist and there are inns along the way, but it seems to be useful here.

 (What is Alex doing? Well, whatever…)

 Fatima wonders, but decides that it is not a good idea to pry too deeply into his business.

 She sits down on a fallen tree as a chair and rests for a while.

 Even though she was only riding a horse and she hardly needed to stand on her own because she was supported by Alexis—it was still a tiring ride.

 For Fatima, whose physical condition is still not perfect, the ride was surprisingly tiring.

 Alexis knows this and takes breaks frequently.

 (…Thank goodness it was a beautiful day)

 Fatima was staring at the clouds in the sky.

 Although she is in a daze, she doesn’t look so dazed. Her eyes are coolly narrowed and she is silent.

 If someone looks closely at her face again, she is so well-defined that anyone would be fascinated by it. It was as if she were a cutout of a painting.

 Fransisca also has an attractive appearance, but Fatima is different from her.

 If Fransisca’s appearance is the kind that attracts attention of others, Fatima’s is somewhat unapproachable.

 It could be described as the difference between an idol and a work of art. In fact, Fransisca’s role was that of a princess-maiden, almost like an idol to others.

 This role might not have been the intention of the court of Sagrado. But to the rest of the people, especially to the tourists who frequented the place, it was definitely such a position.

 This is why the motives of the soldiers who initially came to the fort were so terrible, even before Alexis arrived…

 (…OK. I guess that’s it)

 Alexis finally stops rummaging through his sack and turns to Fatima, who is still leisurely looking at the clouds.

 Alexis smiles at the thought of what she is about to go through.

 After all, he was about to go on a date with a beautiful girl like Fatima in a popular town.

 Alexis knew that even though she was difficult to approach, there were times when she made an impression that any man would want to touch and get close to.

 ”…Well, Fatima, I’m sorry to keep you waiting…”

 Alexis’ words made Fatima turn around as if to say, “What?”.

 She opens her eyes slightly, a gesture that could be seen as an expressionless face by those who are not used to seeing such a gesture.

 ”I’ve prepared this for this.”

 Alexis showed Fatima a bag of water connected to a tube with a plug in it.

 ”…What is it?”

 Fatima wonders in amazement.

 No, Fatima had seen something similar recently.

 ”Is it an I.V. drip?”

 ”No, it’s not,” says Alexis, who easily denies Fatima’s guess.

 ”There’s a thin salt water in here…”

 Alexis shakes the bag of water.

 ”Thin salt water?”

 Fatima was so surprised because she had no idea what he was talking about.

 While Fatima is puzzled, Alexis starts to pick up dead grass and fallen branches.

 ”Okay, wait a minute. I’ll warm it up to human skin.”

 Fatima looked at Alexis curiously as he made a light fire and carefully warmed the water bag from the side of the fire while touching it with his hand.

 And then.

 ”Okay, that’s about right.”

 Alexis stopped warming the water bag and put out the fire by putting some soil on the fire. And then.

 ”Fatima, take off your panties.”

 He quickly cut in.


 It seemed so sudden that Fatima was taken aback and immediately looked around.

 It was a deserted street. Even now, there is no sign of people coming and going…

 ”I-I’m not supposed to take off my panties out here”

 Fatima rubs her thighs against him, her cheeks flushed.

 ”It’s a date, right? So, why don’t we have more fun?”

 She agreed with Alexis’ words. She agreed it, but…

 ”Who else can enjoy someone taking off their underwear? A-Alex is the only one…!

 ”If you know I’d enjoy it, you’re doing great. Well then—”

 Alexis comes up to Fatima with a bag of water with a tube in her hand.


 Fatima groans and eventually, reluctantly, stands up. She decides to follow Alexis.

 ”I just have to take it off, right? Right…?”

 She ask him to confirm.

 She is wearing a skirt, but it is still knee-length. No one will be looking down there. It’s certainly uncomfortable, but if it makes Alex happy…

 Thinking so, Fatima slips down her panties.

 Finally, she pulls the panties off her legs and presents it to Alexis and said, “Is this okay?”.

 Alexis nodded and took the panties from Fatima’s hand and put it into the bag.

 She had taken the underwear out of her reach.


 Fatima felt more uneasy than she had imagined, and she stepped closer to the baggage bag.

 Alexis walks closer to her and says, “Well”.

 ”Lift up your skirt and turn your hips toward me.”

 ”Eh…!? No way, I can’t just take it off…”

 ”Just take it off. I told you, okay? It’s for my own amusement.”

 ”T-That’s… Yeah, but…”

 Fatima’s gaze drifts around in agitation, but she turns her back to Alexis and pushes her hands against the fallen tree.

 ”W-What are you gonna do? We’re not supposed to do this here, right—”

 ”We’re not going to do that, so don’t worry.”

 ”Ugh…. I don’t mind if it’s just for a little while, but… please, let’s get this over with before anyone comes…”

 Alexis nodded to Fatima and said, “I know, I know,” as he lifted up her skirt.

 He then pulls up her skirt, revealing her white, plump butt.

 Fatima keeps her butt facing Alexis, her face red and still.

 ”C-Come on…”

 If he wants to see it, do it now.

 That’s what Fatima said to him.

 ”Quickly? I know.”

 As soon as Alexis said that, he pulled the plug from the end of the tube in his hand.

 Then he pushed the end of the tube, which slowly began to ooze salt water, against Fatima’s anus.


 While Fatima’s color changes, Alexis slips the tube into her butt. The tube is thinner than a pinky finger, so it is easily inserted.

 ”Eh? What—?”

 Feeling the warmth of the salt water flowing into her gut one after another, Fatima’s complexion turns from red to blue.

 ”Wh-What are you doing, Alex—”

 Soon her stomach starts to move around and Fatima sounds upset.

 ”It’s an enema. Don’t you know?”

 ”Yes, I know that! But Wh-Why, in such a place, with such a thing…!”

 ”You’re used to my fluid enemas aren’t you? So I thought you might be able to endure it even for a long time. Besides, there’s a lot of salt water I can put in…”

 ”Ehhhh—Wh-What are you thinking…”

 ”Don’t worry, don’t worry. I’ll handle it when it gets to the limit.”

 Alexis says it lightly, but Fatima is concerned about it.

 She doesn’t want to be seen excreting something out of her butt, not even by a stranger, not even by Alexis himself.

 ”No, it’s not okay! P-Please stop it. Stop it right now…”

 Fatima’s voice was shaking, but she could not move.

 Her abdomen was still filled with salt water, and although she said she was used to it, it was not a viscous liquid like man’s seed. If the tube is pulled out now, there is a possibility of leaking.

 Alexis, who seems to be aware of this, grins and says, “Are you sure?”.

 ”I can pull it out now, but won’t it come out? Something you don’t want me to see.”


 As Fatima talks, Alexis deliberately pulls the tube out.

 ”Ah…! No, don’t pull it out!”

 Fatima regrets saying that as soon as she says it.

 Alexis smirked and said, “What?”.

 ”It’s not that bad for you either, is it?”

 ”Uhh. No, of course not…! If you try to pull it out all of a sudden…!”

 ”What do you mean when I try to pull it out?”


 Fatima was apparently too embarrassed to say what happened next.

 ”No, that’s enough… Enough…”

 Saying this, she manages to hold back with a thin exhalation of breath.

 After pouring at least a liter of fluid into Fatima’s body, who became still and silent, Alexis pushed a plug into her butt, which he had also prepared.

 Fatima let out a yelp, “Hwahhhh,” and then panicked, “What do you have that for?” she complained to Alexis in a panic.

 Alexis replies with a sarcastic “Well, I’m just getting it ready”.

 ”Anyway, I was going to use it a long time ago, you know? But you, you were healing. Well, I can get a lot of this things from Sara if I talk to her, you know?”

 ”Sara, what have you given Alex?”

 Fatima is trembling.

 ”Anyway,” he said after pulls down her skirt and then, he says to her.

 ”The break is over. Let’s go to town, Fatima.”

 ”Eh… Y-You’re leaving me like this?”

 ”Of course. It’s no fun to do it in a deserted place.”

 ”It’s much less fun in a public place…!”

 Fatima insisted, but Alexis would not listen to her.

 ”Come on, come on, hurry up!”

 With that, Alexis took Fatima in his arms and mounted her on the horse, pulling her forward as well.

 ”Ohhhh… Oh, my butt…”

 Alexis starts to ride the horse while Fatima fidgets with concern. Fatima rushes to cling to the horse’s neck.

 ”A-Alex! Don’t shake it too much…”

 Her cheeks are red with shame, and the normally expressionless Fatima has tears in the corners of her eyes.

 ”I know. I’ll move you as gently as I can, but you have to be patient, okay?”

 ”I-I know it…!”

 Fatima had no choice but to answer.

 It was a nightmare for Fatima to have the person she loved the most look at her most dirty place and dirty it up.

 ”Well,” says Alexis with a smile on his face.

 ”Let’s get on with it.”


 Fatima did not have time to respond by then.

 Thus, she was forced to go to town with fluid in her intestines, and with a plug in its mouth—just as Alexis wanted her to do.

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