Avalon 201

Chapter 201

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 The assistant secretary is lying on the sofa, still trembling in the afterglow.

 The lower half of her body is still exposed, her inner thighs are soaked with the white fluid, and the dripping liquid is soaking the sofa and the floor.

 (I should send her to the bathroom and clean her up…)

 Looking down at Maria, who has stopped moving, Alexis adjusts his clothes.

 He did not forget to unbutton some of the buttons to make his clothes look more casual. After all, it is hard on the shoulders to stay in formal attire.

 Just as he was thinking this, the door opened with a bang.

 ”…Master. I’m back”

 The person who entered the room with full body armor clinking was Eden, the personal guard who had just dropped off the guests.

 She looked at Maria and immediately realized that it was after the fact. But without even a hint of agitation, she says in a flat voice, “Master.”

 ”What? Do you want too?”

 When Alexis smirks at her, she doesn’t even change her tone.

 ”A knight has come, and the King has invited you, Master. This is the invitation I received”

 Eden thrusts the letter in her hand toward Alexis.

 Then she nodded her head slightly.

 ”…Master. Should I do it?”

 ”No. It’s okay.”

 Alexis took the letter from her hand as if snatching it from her.

 ”You know, this is the kind of thing I don’t like to force. It should be a little more romantic…”


 Eden growls and begins to be silent. It seems that she is seriously contemplating the subject of male romance.

 While thinking about it, Alexis opens the wax seal and checks the contents.

 ”…I see…”

 Alexis groans quietly. It was indeed an invitation.

 It was an invitation to dine with him, the King himself. The Conqueror of Avalon.

 ”What a pain in the ass…”

 He unintentionally let out his true feelings.

 ”Do you want to refuse?”

 Eden asks, and Alexis shakes his head.

 ”Of course not. The King has personally invited me”

 ”Well, then…”

 ”I’ll be there tomorrow. Maria will have to reschedule—oh, let’s talk about that later”

 Alexis looks at Maria, who is still in a daze.

 ”Tell her to clean herself up when she wakes up. And about the schedule change. Then, I’m going to the bathroom first. You, too, get some rest early today”

 Eden nodded in agreement with Alexis.

 ”Mmm… Okay”

 ”Or do you want to do it?”

 Alexis smiled at Eden, and Eden’s expression was still emotionless.

 ”If you want, Master”


 Alexis is unnerved.

 ”Well, anyway. You take care of the rest.”

 This time Alexis walks away.

 Eden sees him off with a nod.

 And after she is alone, she turns her head again.

 She looks at Maria.

 ”…a man’s romance.”

 Eden was still thinking about it.

* * *

 The next day, the group went to the castle where King Dushan was waiting for them.

 The castle of Dushan is a magnificent stone palace in the capital’s center.

 Upon showing his invitation, Alexis was immediately invited to the King’s room.

 Sitting on a magnificent sofa, the crowned King arrived with his personal guard and attendants.

 ”Well, well, well! Your Majesty Alexis Sheridan Sagrado, the Conqueror of Avalon and King of Sagrado! Thank you very much for your visit!”

 King Dushan stood up to shake hands with Alexis and was a young king still in his prime. Though Alexis was young enough to be a king too.

 Anyway, Alexis shakes hands with him and smiles his signature affable smile while thinking so.

 ”My pleasure. I am honored to be invited.”

 ”Well, I didn’t know you were here, and I’m sorry I didn’t invite you before today. —But if you had told me, I would have made all the arrangements…”

 ”No, no, no. I am not visiting as King Sagrado today but as a vassal of Krangal. Thank you for your hospitality, but it’s not necessary”

 ”Oh, I see. So you were meeting with the Bernard Merchant Association…?”

 Alexis sees the King’s inquisitive look and wonders if he knows what he’s talking about, making him sigh inwardly.

 Bernard’s Merchant Association is the company’s name run by the merchant Alexis had met yesterday.

 ”…It’s a personal matter. By the way, why did you mention it?”

 Seeing, Alexis doesn’t like to be pestered too much.

 The King looks embarrassed and pulls out a handkerchief from his pocket and wipes off his glasses.

 ”—Well, the Bernard Merchant Association is an important trading company for our country”

 The King’s story began with this.

 ”Actually, I have a favor to ask of you, Conqueror. But to be honest, it pains me to ask you to do this, but it’s not someone else’s business. It’s for you and for us”

 ”—What do you mean?”

 Alexis found himself leaning forward.

 He was expecting a formal exchange of pleasantries and compliments, but it was not to be.

 ”Have you ever heard of the “Callisto Guild,” Conqueror?”

 The King asks, and Alexis shakes his head.

 ”No… I’m not familiar with the affairs of this country. I only started staying here a few days ago.”

 ”I see, then it’s no wonder you don’t know”

 According to the King, the Callisto guild is like bandits to the common people.

 They take money from the rich and give it to the common people. This is not an uncommon story, but it is still rare.

 ”This guild is existence in name only. They are like saviors for the common people who just want to get money—but for the merchants who fall prey to them, they are the devil himself. They are nothing but a band of robbers who attack innocent merchants, rob them of their wealth, and even kidnap their daughters for food”

 The King sighs heavily.

 Alexis could see why he was deeply troubled.

 This country, the Kingdom of Dushan, has a feudal system led by the King, but its strength is supported by its merchants.

 If their business is interfered with, the country will be in trouble.

 ”The merchants’ association has made repeated appeals to us. We have thought about a large-scale campaign to defeat them. —But, there is too much public support for the righteous. The people are blinded by the immediate gain and understand little. Making it harder for merchants to do business will eventually lead to economic stagnation, which will threaten the citizens’ livelihood. However, the popularity of the righteous is too high to send soldiers now. It would invite a coup d’etat. But that doesn’t mean we can just let it happen”

 Seeing the King clutching his head, Alexis knew what he was trying to do.

 ”I see. —So you want me to take down this gang of robbers?”

 The King nodded in response to Alexis’ question.

 ”—That’s right. With your skills as a conqueror of Avalon, it should be easy”


 Alexis takes a deep breath and thinks.

 —Conqueror of Avalon.

 That title follows him to every country he goes to.

 It makes him awe-inspiring and special.

 And not because he is King Sagrado. Alexis is favored wherever he goes.

 (Conqueror, huh? They treat me like I’m a hero with superior power)

 It’s not that it doesn’t work positively.

 Rather, it has many benefits.

 (…Still, I’m not a hero with special power)

 Alexis scratches his hair.

 But the King’s eyes are fixed on him, and he does not look away.

 He must be grasping at straws.

 ”—I understand”

 Alexis nodded.

 ”I will accept your request”

 ”Oh! Really?

 The King breaks into a smile, and Alexis shakes hands with him.

 ”Leave it to me, Your Majesty.”

 Alexis smiles.

 Indeed, this is not an easy task. But this offer— it’s not bad. It’s enough to ingratiate yourself.


 There are a few things he’ll need to accomplish this.

 ”—Of course. I’ll arrange it that way”

 The King nods readily.

 Alexis thus concludes the contract and leaves the castle.

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