Avalon 214

Chapter 214 [Maid] Bondage with the Pretext of Punishment, Day One

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 Fatima accepted the punishment because she thought he would forgive her.

 As long as nothing s*xual happened, she could still face him as a priest.

 So she decides to do it and undress in front of Alexis.

 It had been a long time since she had done that.

 It should be more than three years since Alexis was crowned as King of Sagrado.

 All that time, Fatima had been withdrawing herself from him.

 All that time alone, she comforted herself.

 She thought it was for his sake.

 And because it’s been so long since she took off her clothes like this, she feels as if she were a virgin.

 But now, pushing down her nervousness, she loosens the waist strap that holds her priestly robe and pulls it off her shoulders.

 It is a one-piece robe, so it slips down to her feet.

 To show her breasts in her underwear was a shameful act for Fatima now.

 Biting her lip, Alexis watches her undress with a sense of shame.

 He suppresses the urge to touch her right away. That’s the deal.

 First, he must not betray her trust.

 Fatima’s breasts, which he has not seen for a long time, are more voluminous than he remembers.

 The bra is holding back two full and soft-looking bulges that seem to spill out even if he scooped them with both hands.

 After a while, she finally took it off. The white bulges are thrown out with a swaying motion.

 ”Haah,” Fatima gasps.

 She took off her clothes, exposing only her breasts, and hid them by hugging her shoulders with her arms, as if she was too shy to do so.

 She left her panties, garter belt, and garter stockings on.

 As usual, she seems to be wearing black chic underwear.

 ”You haven’t taken off all of your clothes yet, have you?”

 Alexis points out, and she shudders.

 Her face is bright red, and her eyes are glazed over.


 ”You should take off your panties, too.”

 When he pointed at her panties, her body trembled.

 ”B-But… But…”

 ”But, what?” Alexis thought.

 He felt she was more embarrassed and resistant than she should have been.

 So he says, “It’s not the first time, is it?”

 ”Yes, it is. But…”

 Fatima’s attitude is always bad.

 It made Alexis get impatient and say, “Or I’ll touch you.”

 She shakes her head and says.

 ”Don’t, I’ll take it off! So you don’t have to touch me. It would ruin your reputation as a priest-king to let you touch a woman’s body.”

 ”She doesn’t want me to touch her?” Alexis was displeased.

 Anyway, she finally takes down her hands that were covering her breasts and pulls her panties. She slides it through her legs and finally pulls it off.

 Her pubic hair, the same color as her hair, is revealed. In this state, she reaches out to undo the garter belt, but her hands seem to be shaking with nervousness, and she repeatedly slips her hands away from the clips.

 ”Leave it on”

 Alexis said and walked over to her, holding a rope.

 He can see her body stiffen as he puts the rock around her neck.

 ”Keep your posture straight”

 He tells her to keep her posture straight, and he starts to pull the rope.

 As he lowered the rope, making knots as he went, he noticed that her breathing became rougher and rougher.

 Her skin was also flushed and pale.


 She tries to pull away, but Alexis pulls back on the rope.

 ”Hold still.”

 She shudders as if sensing something.

 ”Oh, uh… It’s, uh…”

 He passes the rope between her thighs as she sighs. Immediately, her body shuddered as she felt the rope rubbing between her thighs.

 ”Oh, oh, Alex, don’t!”

 With tears in the corners of her eyes, she shook her head no, but Alexis said, “But that’s what you promised me, right?” as he went behind her and pulled the rope.


 She screams charmingly as the rope bites into her pubic region.

 Her love juice slowly seeps out and soaks the rope touching her pubic mound.

 Fatima is now red to the ears and shaking her head.

 ”No, no… Don’t… Don’t do that… Alex… no more, I, no more…”

 Fatima tries to refuse, but Alexis pulls the rope through her, saying, “I told you it was punishment.”

 Her body convulses as he pulls the rope through the top and bottom of her breasts.

 ”Ah, ahhhh—no, Alex, ahhhh—”

 Fatima’s eyes were completely melted. She was shaking her head no.

 ”But is this really so good? I’m just tying you up, aren’t I?”

 Alexis points out, and she shakes her head again.

 ”Ah, no. It’s not that, Ahhh… I just, my body…”

 For Fatima, the sensation was so unexpected.

 She was prepared to feel a little nervous, even tied up. But she thought it was something she could tolerate.

 But somehow, a tingling sensation came up from the place where she felt the tightness and suffocation of the rope. Moreover, the more the rope makeup is advanced, the stronger the sensation becomes.

 But not enough to reach the point.

 Fatima slumps down on the spot, trying to choke out the charming voice that leaks out.

 Then the rope through her secret passage bites into her.

 The strong sensation makes her jaw drop.


 She lets out a loud voice.

 She felt her own luscious liquid running down her inner thighs.

 ”Haaah, ah, ah, ah, ah—”

 Fatima was left with no choice but to slump down and tremble.

 Alexis stares at her helpless state of being undressed and tied up.

 It stirred Fatima’s sense of shame to the utmost.

 But as promised, Alexis does not touch her. He just looks down silently at Fatima, who is slumped over in her tied-up state.

 It would have been much better if he had touched her. But she would have died of embarrassment, so he certainly did not.

 Still, Fatima endured. She endured desperately.

 She resisted the desire to climax. However, the urge to touch becomes stronger. Still, she resists it.

 ”Alex, don’t look. Don’t look at me, ah, ah…”

 The sight of her saying that made Alexis feel sensual enough.

 Before, he was just going to watch her, but he extended his tentacle to her.

 He took it in his hand and squeezed it as he looked at her. Fatima seems to have noticed this and gives her a greedy look. She shouldn’t think that he is looking at her that way.

 But he promises not to touch her.

 And so, Alexis just looks at her and squeezes his own tentacle.

 ”Ah, Alex, ahhhhh!”

 Alexis ejaculates just as she turns her head toward him and shudders.

 One after another, he poured his spunk onto Fatima’s body.

 ”Ah, ahhhhh!”

 Fatima received it with a face of ecstasy.

 ”Nn… Ah, haah, haah, Alex, ah…”

 She closed her eyes and sniffed. She trembled as she smelled the cloudiness. And she licks off what touches her lips with her tongue.

 ”Mmm, mmm…”

 It seemed that she couldn’t cover up her swooning and seeking attitude in front of the white muddy water.


 She then looked at him hungrily with her eyes while she was still tied and soaked in the white muck.

 But she eventually shut her mouth soon after.

 ”Haah, haah, haah—”

 She just breathed heavily, sometimes sounding coquettish, and said nothing more.

 Well, Alexis decided to release her.

 But when the rope was removed, a sticky, clear liquid spilled onto the floor.

* * *

 ”Come back tomorrow”

 Alexis told Fatima, who was depressed and didn’t say anything.

 By that time, Fatima had cleaned herself in the bathroom of the king’s bed-chamber and was able to put on her priest’s clothes as before.

 Again Alexis said to her, “Come back tomorrow”

 ”I don’t have a wife. It’s your job as a concubine to relieve my s*xual desires, isn’t it?”


 Fatima let out a sigh.

 ”Sexual things are… not good.”

 ”We’re not touching. Not to each other.”

 ”That’s true… But…”

 Fatima is silent.

 Their first agreement was not to do anything s*xual. Now it’s been replaced by “no touching.” But she doesn’t seem to realize it.

 Well, that was Alexis’ tactic.

 He smiles, taking advantage of the fact that she is not looking at him.

 ”Then, come back tomorrow. The priest won’t be able to find us this time of night. Understand?”

 He said again, and Fatima finally nodded.

 ”I-I understand.”

 Her voice sounded like it was about to fade, but she agreed.


 She looks at him as if she wants to say something.

 ”Yeah, okay. I understand.”

 Alexis replies.

 ”I won’t touch you except to tie you up. That’s a promise”

 Fatima nodded, “Yeah”.

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