Avalon 215

Chapter 215 [Maid] Bondage with the Pretext of Punishment, Day Two-Day Four

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 From the next day, Fatima started to come to Alexis’ room in secret

 and somehow, she managed to get that far.

 Then, on the next day, she came to Alexis’ room again in her priestly clothes. Perhaps she wanted to keep her position as a priestess.

 But when Alexis asked her to undress, she did so with less resistance than yesterday, and she even easily tied.

 Although Fatima seemed to make an effort to muffle her voice, when she was being tied, she immediately changed her face to a melted face, shook her legs, and slumped down.

 It seems that the noose bites into her secret place when her posture is changed.

 ”Haah, haah, Alex. Haah, haah”

 In front of Fatima’s melted face, Alexis pulls out his tentacle and masturbates himself.

 When he ejaculates, he commands her to open her mouth.

 At his words, Fatima opened her mouth and her mouth was filled with the white fluid.

 ”Mmm, mmmm…”

 Fatima swallows it down with a fascinated look on her face. As for the portion that she could not finish drinking, it was poured over her body just like yesterday.

 She herself must not have been accustomed to this kind of drinking and pouring. But the craving made her accept it with rapture.


 It seemed that Fatima had reached the lightest of heights, shaking her body because of this.

 And now, little by little, she is remembering the pleasure of s*xual intercourse with Alexis.


 She rubs her thighs together.

 But when she finally comes to herself, she lowers her face without saying a word.

 ”Ah… No, nothing…”

 And then she fell silent.

 As usual, she is a rational person. Alexis thought.

* * *

 The next day, Alexis called Fatima to his room, undressed her, and tied her up as he had done yesterday.

 ”Haah, haah, haah…”

 Fatima looks at Alexis with a blank face and blue eyes.

 She seems to be getting to the point where she no longer feels guilty about this action.

 And looking at her bound figure, Alexis tries to masturbate himself as he did yesterday, but today he asks, “Where do you want it to be put out?”

 For a moment, Fatima’s eyes twinkled in surprise.

 But then, perhaps she made up her mind, or perhaps her desire was too much to resist, she changed her posture and got down on the ground.


 Breathing hard, she pointed at her butts.

 She gets on her knees and lifts her butts up. And through the rope, Alexis could see her butts and pubic area clearly. The knot was firmly bitten into her secret place, and a loving fluid was flowing down to her thighs.

 ”You look so shameful”

 When Alexis smirked and pointed out, this made Fatima shiver.

 ”Ah, no… please don’t say that…”

 Her voice is trembling as she speaks. She seems to be feeling pleasure.

 ”After all, you said you’d put it out wherever I wanted”

 She looks a little bit reproachful. And Alexis says, “Yes, I do,” and resumes rubbing his cock.

 Eventually, his cock splashed onto her round white ass, and Fatima shuddered.

 ”Ah, ahhhhh!”

 She seemed to have reached a light orgasm, having been sprayed where she wanted to be.

 ”Haaah, haaah, haaah!”

 When she finishes cumming, she lies down in a pool of white fluid.

 ”Mmm… A-Alex”

 She opens her mouth with a greedy look on her face.

 It seems a light orgasm is still not enough for her.

 ”What’s wrong?” Alexis asks.

 Fatima’s mouth was flapping for a while.

 But then her reason got the better of her, “…No, nothing…”

 Then she turns her face down.

 But then Alexis said to her, “Come back tomorrow. I’ll take good care of you,” and Fatima nodded her head.

* * *

 The next day, Fatima’s attitude is a little different from the time of her official duties.

 When she sees Alexis’ face, she looks restless and fidgety.

 However, she still seems to be willing to draw a line as a priestess, and she does not talk to him. In fact, she seems more distant from him.

 ”Well, there’s no need to rush,” Alexis thinks.

 (There is still plenty of time. I’ll make it look like a done deal)

 If she is willing to go all the way, there is no other way.

 Alexis was looking forward to the night.

* * *

 That night, Fatima was also visiting Alexis’ room. She dressed in a priest’s uniform again today.

 And when Alexis invites her in, Fatima already looked nervous and her cheeks were flushed.

 ”You have been very quiet today”

 When Alexis pointed this out to her, she said, “No, that’s not true…”

 Then, Fatima’s face fell down and she moves her body wriggly.

 Seeing her like that, Alexis gets a mischievous feeling.

 ”Why don’t we talk a little bit?”

 He says and sits down on the bed.

 ”Sit down at your leisure.”

 Alexis encouraged her to sit down and decided to check the distance between Fatima and him.

 She fidgeted and then seemed to choose a chair at a distance from the bed.

 At this moment, Alexis was a little disappointed.

 (Well, she has good self-control…)

 He thought so and beckoned to her.

 ”Why don’t you come a little closer?”

 Fatima shook her head quickly.

 ”Well, since she is still like this, let’s give up for the time being,” Alexis thought and they chat with each other in the same position.

 Sometime later, when they had reached the end of the conversation.

 Fatima finally spoke up.

 ”Oh, umm…”

 She seemed to be hesitating, wondering whether to say it or not.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 Alexis asked, killing the thought that he had finally arrived.

 Fatima looked very red and depressed, but finally, as if she had made up her mind, she opened her mouth.

 ”Well, you know… Won’t you… tie me up… today?”

 She asked the question cautiously and fearfully, but it seems she could not hide her true feelings.

 ”Do you want me to tie you up?”

 When Alexis asked her again, she shook her head in a panic.

 ”N-No!” Fatima’s tone became more urgent.

 ”No, that’s not what I—”

 It seems that reason is still getting in the way of honesty.

 ”It’s not that… well, it’s just… Today, too, if there’s a punishment…”


 Alexis giggles.

 ”You’re weird, wanting to be punished yourself.”

 When Alexis pointed it out to her in a wicked way, Fatima clammed up.

 ”Well, that’s not what I meant…”

 ”Then, what do you mean?”

 ”Umm… well…”

 Fatima sighed.

 ”Ugh… A-Alex is so mean…”

 Hearing her fading voice, Alexis wanted to laugh.

 ”It’s not the first time, is it?”

 ”Yes, of course, but…”

 After that, she went silent, so Alexis changed his tactics a little bit.

 ”Punishment, is that what you want?”

 He asks her softly, but she remains silent. But when he sees a slight tremor in her shoulders, Alexis is sure he’s getting a response.

 ”…It’s okay,” he speaks softly.

 ”It’s just you and me. No one will judge us if we tell the truth”


 Fatima let out a sigh. Finally, she opens her mouth.

 ”…I-I want to be punished…”

 Her voice was almost fading.

 ”…What do you want me to do?”

 Again, he asks gently.

 Her face turns red, and she tells him in a low voice.

 ”I want you to tie me up again today. Alex…please. Please tie me up…”

 At this, Alexis smiled and said, “Okay.”

 Finally, he had gotten her to ask for it.

 And like yesterday, he undresses her and ties her with a rope. Her bare skin is covered with the marks of the rope because he ties her every day. Then, he runs the rope over the marks.

 After being tied up, Fatima’s face melted and her body trembled.

 ”Are you so happy? Have you been waiting for this?”

 Alexis asked, and she nodded.

 ”…Yes. Alex… please tighten me more”

 He pulls the rope as she requested, and she screams “Ahhhh!” slumps down, and shudders.

 ”Haah, haah. Alex, please do me. I want you to make me cum again today…”

 As she says this, Alexis reaches out with his tentacle and presses it against her abdomen.

 Immediately, Fatima shuddered.

 ”Ah, ahhhh, Alex, no, you can’t…”

 ”It’s okay,” Alexis replies, rubbing his cock against her slightly resistant body.

 ”As you can see, I’m not “touching” you with my hand, and you’re not intentionally trying to give my dick pleasure, and we’re not having s*x, are we? Even if we do, it’s just an accident”

 Perhaps satisfied with this, she nodded her head slightly.

 After confirming this, Alexis rubs his cock against her body without any hesitation.

 He rubs his p*nis on her abdomen, her thighs, and her breasts while smearing her with Cowper’s fluid.

 In this way, he enjoys the softness of her body. The softness of Fatima’s body, which he tasted with his dick for the first time in a long time, gives him a pleasant sensation.

 Fatima also shivered and trembled when she felt the place where the cock had crawled.

 ”Ah, ah, Alex, mmm, mm, ahh…”

 Her eyes were completely wide open, and she was making sweet noises.

 However, her reason was still working because when he put his p*nis close to her secret place or her butts, she wriggled and refused to do so.

 Fatima even did not open her mouth when he puts it on her lips.

 ”Don’t you want to lick it?”

 He asked her. Fatima shook her head shakily.

 ”N-No… That’s… that’s just like… No different than having s*x”

 Alexis was a little disappointed, but she didn’t pester him.

 Well, he could loosen the taboo a little bit at a time. Alexis thought so.

 After that, he continues to rub his p*nis on her body until he was satisfied, and then he rubbed his Cowper juice on her body as if he was rubbing the smell into her.

 In the meantime, Fatima seemed to climax lightly several times.

 ”Ahh, Alex…”

 Alexis put his hand on his own cock while looking down at Fatima who was looking at him with melted eyes.

 ”Well, are you ready?”

 Fatima nodded.

 ”Where do you want me to put it out?”

 Alexis asked, and she got down on her knees as she had done yesterday, demanding that he puts it on her ass. After all, that must be the most important point for her.

 ”…Don’t you really want it in your asshole?”

 When he asked her this, she made a surprised face and shook her head hurriedly.

 ”N-No, not at all.”

 She seemed to get the point across by the way her tone of voice became more forceful.

 ”No, that’s not…”

 As she says this, her breathing is trembling.

 ”…but the asshole is not a s*x organ…”

 Alexis said this to reduce her resistance, but she shook her head.

 ”I-I can’t let the Priest-King touch my dirty parts…”

 ”I see”

 Alexis did not mention it anymore and lightly rubbed her hand over his p*nis.

 ”I’m going to get it out”

 Fatima shuddered and nodded.

 ”A-Alex… please”

 She looked at him with her eyes moistened with anticipation.

 Then, Alexis splashed her buttocks with a cloud of white fluid.


 Fatima’s body is shaking with joy.

 He made her wet like that, and the day was over.

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