Avalon 216

Chapter 216 [Maid] Bondage with the Pretext of Punishment, Day Five

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 The next day, Fatima’s attitude during the day was also distant.

 In fact, her friendliness was getting worse.

 She did not even make eye contact, and she seemed to avoid conversation as much as possible, even though they were together all day due to her official duties.

 As a result, Alexis was a little worried about her safety. However, she came to his room again that night.

 Just like yesterday, Alexis invites Fatima into the room and points out that she has been very distant today.

 Fatima shivered and her eyes were already moist and her cheeks were flushed. Her breath is slightly raspy.

 ”I-I don’t mean to be distant.”

 She shakes her head, and for some reason, she already looks very excited.

 Alexis gulps, but he’s going to have to be a little meaner than that.

 ”Do you really hate this time so much?”

 He asks, and she shakes her head, wide-eyed.

 ”Of course not!”

 Alexis was surprised to hear her say that more clearly than he expected, but he tried to keep his composure and asked her, “Even though it’s a punishment?”


 Fatima must have been aware of the fact that she would not look good if she was happy with the punishment. She then hesitates, but after a moment, she takes a step toward Alexis.


 Fatima’s breathing already sounds like she is in a lot of pain, even though she is not doing anything.

 ”W-Won’t you tie me up?”

 She looks at him like she’s about to cry.

 ”…not exactly.”

 Alexis is taken aback.

 This is a bad strategy. He had expected her to be a bit more reasonable.

 However, this is not an inconvenience. The purpose was to break her rationality and to save him the trouble.

 ”If you insist on it, I can tie you up”

 She nodded her head slightly.

 She then puts her hand on her priest’s uniform, says, “Please…” and takes it off.

 Wasn’t she dressed like that to draw a line between the two? Well, there was no point in coming all the way to ask her in a priest’s uniform. Alexis thought.

 While she is undressing, Alexis prepares a rope.

 The only time Alexis’ hands touch Fatima’s skin is when he lets the rope crawl over her.

 The mere rubbing of his hands makes her tremble.

 ”Haah, Alex”

 She looks at him with melted eyes even though the rope is still tied around her neck.

 She looks more sensual and aroused than ever today.

 Because of this, Alexis’s crotch is squirming under his pants as he pulls down the rope, making knots as he does so.

 Then, as he pulls the rope under her buttocks, he notices something strange.


 His hand, still holding the rope, crawled between the cleft of her butts and touched something hard for a moment. At that moment, Fatima’s body shakes.

 She pulls her legs back.


 And her eyes drift to the floor.


 Alexis sensed it.

 ”Turn your ass around”

 He said, but she shook her head.

 ”I-I’m sorry…”

 Her eyes became even more intense.

 ”I don’t want to hear an apology. I want you to turn your ass around”


 Fatima puts her hands on her hips.

 She stutters, her breathing quivering.

 ”I-I’m sorry”

 She said it again.

 At this time, Alexis thought it was out of character for her.

 And he could not help but be surprised.

 Still, he finds her cute. She was hiding that much craving from him.

 But because of this, the smile he had intended to hide suddenly appears on his face.

 Fatima glances at him and her face turns even redder.

 ”…Just show me your ass…”

 He whispered to her again and again as he undid the rope that had once been tied around her neck.

 Even without the rope, her white skin was covered with faint traces of yesterday’s rope, as if she were bound by an invisible rope.

 Eventually, Fatima finally gave up, breathed deeply, and said in a muffled voice, “I-I understand.”

 She turns her back to Alexis and fearfully assumes a prone position.

 But she doesn’t seem to have the courage to raise her buttocks high enough.

 Well, it is enough. After all, even in this position, Alexis can see clearly.

 ”Huh?” Alexis chuckles.

 Her anus is firmly plugged.

 He could see the flat bottom of the plug.

 Alexis then crouches down and reaches for the plug.

 With a flick of his fingertip, Fatima shuddered.


 She lies down on the floor, her upper body trembling as if the titillating sensation is rising.

 ”—Haah, haah, ah, Alex…”

 She turns around and gives him a moist look.

 Apparently, it feels good for her to be seen with a plug in her ass.

 ”I never thought you’d finally do something like this. You must have been a very slutty girl”

 Saying this, Alexis pushes the plug in and out with his fingers.

 Fatima shuddered and repeated “I’m sorry” and “I’m sorry” as if she thought she couldn’t deny it.

 And when he grabbed the plug and lightly moved it back and forth, her trembling became stronger.

 ”Ahh, Alex, no! Don’t be so rough. Don’t touch it roughly. I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

 Fatima, trembling and begging, and Alexis smile at her.

 ”What are you talking about? You wanted to cum, didn’t you?”

 ”Ahhh. But, but… Don’t… Don’t do thattttt!!”

 Fatima turned away and climaxed, her body trembling.

 ”—Mmm, Hwaa… Haah, haah, haahhh!”

 She breathes heavily as the shaking subsides.

 However, because she had been holding back for so long, her climax only served to accelerate her desire rather than satisfy it.

 But then, seeing her anus twitching and biting into the plug, Alexis pulls it out at once.


 Fatima’s body trembled.

 It seems that the plug had been inserted for a longer time than expected, and the hole was not completely closed after it was pulled out. The plug was of the kind having a series of the small bulge, and was thicker than he had expected. The inside of the plug seems to have been cleaned well. Well, she must have done it herself.

 Seeing her trembling in the afterglow, Alexis was clearly convinced.

 ”…You’re spreading it yourself, huh? Do you do this every day?”

 She didn’t expect him to point that out, and she stiffened up.

 ”Ah…well, that’s…”

 Alexis followed up on Fatima’s speechless words.

 ”You got yourself a plug and you’ve been doing this almost every day. I can see that. But the way you spread it is a little rough. Your asshole looks a little different.”

 He tickled her by tracing the wrinkles of her anus with his finger, and her body shuddered and trembled.

 But that seemed to unhinge her rationality, and finally, Fatima spoke up like a dam.


 Fatima’s confession began there.

 ”I can’t touch Alex. I can’t get you to touch me— So, I have to do it myself. Otherwise, I won’t be able to stand it! But now, I want you to touch me…!”

 Saying this, she started to cry, so Alexis pulled Fatima up and hugged her from the front.


 Fatima’s body trembled and then stiffened.

 ”B-But, no. You can’t do this because you’re a priest king”

 She said and tried to push Alexis back with her hand. But Alexis stops her resisting by holding her with more force, and gently stroking the rope marks on her skin.

 ”…These are all marks I made. I left them”

 When he points this out, she chokes.

 ”-It’s proof that you’re mine”

 And the next time he says this, her crying gets louder.

 Fatima cries with a lot of emotion, which is rare for her, and finally, she hugs him back.

 ”Alex, I love you. I like you. And yet, and yet…”

 Her speech is slurred as if her emotions are jumbled up. Still, she hugged Alexis and shouted.

 ”I love you, I’m sorry. But I love you. I can’t help it—I want you to do it. I want you to make me the way you want me to be, I want you to put it all inside of me—not like this, I don’t want to be like yesterday…”

 Fatima’s hand touches her anus.

 ”I want you to make me the way you want me, even here.”

 As he hears this, Alexis can’t help but laugh.

 ”Then you should have said so from the beginning. What are you waiting for?”

 ”Because, because—”

 Fatima is still in emotional turmoil.

 ”Alex has the queen. Fransisca-sama…”

 ”That’s why. And Fransisca agrees with me. That’s why I took you as a concubine, isn’t it?”

 ”But I’m a priestess…”

 ”What’s more important? You’re a priest or that you’re mine?”

 Fatima can’t argue with those questions.


 She says it out loud and clears.

 And then, she suddenly realized.

 ”Alex is more important. You are more important than anything else…”

 As he expected, she didn’t want to cause him any trouble.

 But she was just putting her position as a priest first.

 ”Good grief…”

 Alexis smiled. But then, he gropes for his pants, loosens them, and reaches out his tentacle.

 When he poked her anal, she shuddered.

 ”And yet, you put the priest before me.”

 ”I-I’m sorry. But… But…”

 Fatima was about to cry in another way.

 ”I-I never thought that I would neglect my relationship with you…”

 Fatima sighs, and she says, “…are you mad at me?” with a muffled voice.

 At this, Alexis chuckles.

 ”I’m not angry. Besides, haven’t you been punished enough?”

 He gently strokes Fatima’s fine golden hair. As he does so, he slowly inserts her anal with his dick.


 Fatima’s mouth is full of pleasure.

 It inserts smoothly, without much resistance.

 ”Ahh, Alex—”

 Apparently, Fatima’s delight was stronger than her pleasure because he hugged him tightly with tears in her eyes.

 ”Your cock is in me. I can feel your sensation deep inside me…”

 ”Ah, yeah. From now on, if you run away, I won’t forgive you. I’m going to fuck you so hard I’m going to shape you to my liking so you’ll never leave me again”

 Fatima nodded broadly.

 ”I want you to do that, Alex—”

 Fatima leaned forward and sucked on Alexis’ lips.

 ”Mmm, *Slurp.* *Slurp*, mmm, mmm!”

 While repeatedly kissing each other, Alexis thrusts his tentacles deep into her asshole.


 Her anus, which had been twitching and twitching, tightened up and her body trembled. In the process of penetration, she had reached her climax.

 When he pulled out without any care, her body convulsed again.


 This time her chin arched and her voice became louder.

 ”Hwahh, aaah! Alex, ahhhhh!”

 Fatima gets carried away and asks for another kiss. She then reaches out her tongue and tries to pick up Alexis’ tongue.

 Alexis covers her lips with his, and then he pours saliva into her mouth.

 At this, her throat moves.

 Fatima swallows Alexis’ saliva as she cums again and again.

 When their lips part, a string is drawn. She swallows it with her tongue.

 She then turns her head to look at him with vacant eyes, holds him close, and moans “more” in between her cries of pleasure.

 ”More, Alex… more. I want you… I want your cum…”

 She wiggled her hips as she said this, and Alexis couldn’t resist.

 He inserted his tentacle as deep as he could and ejaculated as deep as he could.

 The sensation of splashing sensation in her bowels was irresistible, and Fatima shuddered again as she reached her goal.

 ”Ah, I’m so happy. Alex, Alexxxx!”

 Fatima asked for another kiss, feeling the warmth of Alexis’ body as he ejaculated deep inside her. Alexis nodded and kissed her. His tongue went deep into her mouth, and she swallowed his saliva, imprinting the sensation that she belonged to him to the core of her body.

 What she had been craving for so long, was now easily given to her.

 ”Hmm… I’m going to cum again”

 Alexis whispered, and Fatima nodded her head and tightened her hold on him.

 Her strength was almost gone by now, so her hands were not strong enough. But that was okay.

 After that, Fatima enjoys the situation for a while, soaking in the rapture.

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