Avalon 217

Chapter 217 [Maid] Bondage with the Pretext of Punishment, After Six Days

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 After that, Alexis called Fatima to his room every day while Fransisca was away.

 It was not only to use her for s*xual exploitation. Alexis had another purpose.

 ”Fatima, get down on the bed.”

 He says to her on the bed, causing her naked body to tremble.

 ”A-Alex, are you going to do it again today?”

 ”Yes, I’m afraid so”

 Fatima tries to wriggle to resist, but her hands and feet are bound today, so she can’t move. Meanwhile, Alexis rolls her over onto her back and brings her down on her knees with her hands tied behind her back.

 He then strokes the rope marks and she gasps pleasantly. She is vulnerable to this. Not because of her s*xual organs, but because of her mental pleasure.

 ”W-Why don’t you just do it with my butt…?”

 She mumbles in a prone position as if she is having trouble saying something.

 ”A-Are you going to put it in too?”

 ”I’m in that kind of mood today, too”

 ”So, just because I was in a position where you couldn’t see me yesterday, you suddenly……!”

 Fatima’s voice trails off and she jumps.

 Alexis inserts his cock into her vagina.

 ”Mm, mmm… Haah, haah…”

 Fatima breathes heavily.

 Not that the front part was not pleasant. But for her, it is better to be fucked in the back.

 It’s more comfortable, and—

 ”If I have a baby… What are you going to do…? The priest would notice…”

 ”That’s fine, besides… I’m sure they’d love to see the baby…”


 Fatima’s face turned red at his words, as well as the feeling of the cock moving in and out of her vagina.

 ”Hwahh… What are you doing, ahhh!”

 She tries to hold back the heat in her body, but she can’t, and her reaction becomes more and more intense as her sensitivity increases.

 At this sight, Alexis smiles at her.

 ”You’re trying to make excuses again, huh? But can’t you hide it when you’re getting fucked? You’re not serious, are you?”

 ”Huh. No, of course not— ah, ahhhh!”

 Fatima tries to argue, but her voice gets louder and her reaction reveals her true feelings.

 She is aware of it through her trembling body.

 Her anticipation and happiness at the possibility of conceiving his child outweigh her resistance to the accusation.

 However, this does not stop her from resisting.

 She bites her lip to keep her voice down and tries to suppress the trembling in her body.

 She also tries to turn her attention away from the sweet, melting pleasure she feels in her lower body. But…

 ”Haah, haah… Ah, no… don’t do that, don’t thrust deep inside me… ah, ah, ahhhh!”

 The tentacle slips it into the back.


 Her body melts. Her voice also melts away.

 But she was still willing to hold back.

 However, pleasure hit her like a tidal wave. Somehow she stifles the shudder that rushes up from her womb. Her vagina twitches, and she can’t stop herself from sucking on it, drooling all over. But at least she doesn’t cum…

 While she is thinking so, Alexis’ hand caresses her buttocks from behind.

 And immediately, a tingle, an additional pleasure rises in her.

 She also feels his fingers on her anus.

 ”Ah, no… not there!”

 She knew what he was going to do. But what did it matter?

 But that didn’t mean she could escape.

 ”No, not that way. Ah, ah, no… no…”

 The fingertips are slowly slipping in, lubricating themselves with the love juices that are dripping on them. Just like a teasing movement.


 However, it makes Fatima’s asshole tighten up.

 Still, Alexis’ finger sinks deep into her easily. He then stroked the skin of her intestines from the inside.

 At this movement, Fatima felt a rush of pleasure.

 She also reached her limit.

 ”Alex, no, no, no… Don’t do that… Ahhhhh!”

 Her whole body immediately stiffens. Her knees buckled, and she sank down onto the bed.

 ”If you’re going to cum, say you’re going to cum!”

 Fatima heard his words.

 She realizes with her blank mind that she has failed to give him the reaction he wants.

 ”Ah…I’m sorry…”

 She answers with a dazed head, but then she feels a tentacle move in the back of her vagina.

 Again, a thrill of delight rises in her.

 ”Ah, ahhhh…!”

 She realizes that she has been lusting for him. And she realizes that she wants his seed.

 The sensation of a seed kissing her cervix makes her hips buck up.

 ”Haah, haah, haah!”

 Fatima reflexively raised her hips to thrust her ass out.

 ”Alex, I’m—”

 Realizing that her mouth was about to leave her rational tongue, she closed it in a panic.

 But Alexis seemed to have seen it right.

 ”You were just about to say something, weren’t you? What is it? Say it”


 Fatima blushes up to her ears and shuts her mouth.

 If she says it, it’s over. But—

 ”It’s okay to say it”

 He speaks to her softly. And Fatima does not resist.

 ”Please… let it out”

 As she confided in a muffled voice, she was aware of her body becoming even more sensitive and trembling.

 Then, with her hips in an outstretched position, she confessed to him, overcome by the tingle in the pit of her stomach, which trembled desperately.

 ”I-I want your baby. So, please let it out. I really mean it. If I’m allowed to have it, then, of course, I want it…!”

 Her ears are burning as she says this.

 ”Well then”

 Alexis’ reply sends her whole body into a whirlpool of thrilling delight.


 Fatima’s body convulsed as the tentacle began to move inside her until her cervix.

 ”Ah, ah, ahhh… I’m cumming, I’m cumming, Alex—!”

 She said in a crazy voice.

 Then Alexis’ hand reached behind her and stroked her head.

 ”You said it properly. That’s great.”

 ”Ah, ahh…”

 Tears well up in her eyes as she is filled with happiness.

 ”Alex, you said it, okay? Then, I’m going to cum! Look, watch me cum, I’m cumming! Ah, ahhhhh!”

 Fatima let herself be carried away by the whirlpool of pleasure as Alexis watched her.

 Her body was in a state of floating pleasure and rapture. Naturally, her vagina twitches and she takes the cock into her mouth even harder. The sensation is very pleasurable.

 She also felt his cock twitching and twitching inside her.

 ”I’m going to let it out!”

 He whispers to her behind my back, and her chest shivers.

 ”Yes, let it out.”

 Fatima finally accepted.

 She then feels a hot, thick liquid pouring into her body.

 The sensation of it building up in some important place in her body makes her tingle again.


 She surrenders herself to the gentle, sweet, melting pleasure.


 She didn’t care about anything anymore.

 At this moment, her fears were gone.

 The priest, her reservations about her lord, would melt away.

 She thinks she just leaves everything to him as she lies down on the bed and feels the rope loosening around her wrists.

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