Avalon 9 1

Chapter 9 – 1

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 The next day, Alexis met with Fransisca in Avalon for the first time since yesterday


 Fransisca’s cheeks were flushed red and she turned her head away from him, revealing that she was obviously acting strangely

 ”Princess, what are you doing?”

 Fatima calls out to Fransisca and then turns her eyes toward Alexis

 ”Oh…that time, thank you…”

 Fatima mumbles something like she has something stuck in her teeth. Lorenzo is silent. And Sara smiles at Alexis

 ”Geez, why are you not frank!? Why didn’t you tell me you were a prince?”

 ”Well, my father didn’t want me to tell you”

 Alexis was in a hurry to tell them after saying so

 ”And now, it’s too formal to say something like ‘sama’ or ‘respectfully’. So, you can continue to treat me as Alex Rein. Once again, nice to meet you”

 When Alexis said this, they looked relieved and said, “Nice to meet you”, “Oh, pleasure to meet you, Alex-kun”

 ”Uh, you can call me Alex Rein, too, Princess-maiden”

 While he was at it, Alexis was also talking this to Fransisca

 But then, Fransisca glanced at Alexis and mumbled, “…no, it doesn’t work like that…”

 ”If you don’t behave as rudely as I’ve behaved so far… it doesn’t make sense!”

 Fransisca was teary-eyed, but she was also serious

 Alexis, who was seeing her like that, impressed by her earnestness than he had expected, although Fatima had told him about it beforehand

 And then, Fransisca said to Alexis again

 ”Please let me be the guardian today!? Alexis-sama play the attacker!”

 ”No, I’m used to playing the guardian position”

 ”T-Then, please kick me and step over me!”

 ”I-if I do that, our attackers get hurt and it’s not good for our strength…”

 ”T-Then, you may abuse me severely…”

 ”No, I prefer to fight in silence. I don’t want to make the team feel uncomfortable”

 Fransisca looks like she is about to cry as Alexis refuses one after another

 ”W-what should I do then?”


 Alexis chuckles

 ”We’ll talk about that when we get back from Avalon”

 ”Eh… —N-no way”

 Fransisca’s cheeks turned bright red as she sensed that Alexis was planning to do the same thing he did yesterday

 ”C-Could… you do something… other than that?”

 Fransisca shudders

 (Huh? She wants more verbal abuse and violence than touching my thing… does she have a masochistic fetish? )

 Alexis is skeptical, but then he thinks, “No way”. Maybe Fransisca just doesn’t like to be in contact with the deformity between his legs. After all, she had been covered with a lot of fishy liquid yesterday

 (But that’s a problem. It’s hard to clean up afterwards, isn’t it? Maybe it would be better to let the Princess-maiden get used to it from a different angle for a while)

 With this in mind, Alexis told Fransisca

 ”…Well, don’t worry. We’ll do something else today”

 ”Eh, r-really?”

 Fransisca looked relieved

 And to this clueless Princess-maiden, Alexis answered with a smile, “Yes”

 ”I-I’m glad. Y-You promised, okay?”

 Although they were aware of the exchange between Fransisca and Alexis, the other members of the team did not ask any questions

 After all, the princess had told them yesterday that she was going to apologize to Alexis

 Although the other members can guess that something must have happened, they have long trusted Alex Rein because they know Alexis’ humble and sincere behavior so far. Therefore, they do not dream that there was anything more than just an apology

 Nevertheless, They would be lying if they said that they are not concerned about it. However, at least the members have confirmed that no violent thing has been done to their precious princess, and that was enough for them at this time

 ”Well then, let’s go. The second and third teams should follow without delay”

 Fransisca’s words were met with a resounding, “Yes!” from everyone present

* * *

 Today, everyone dive through the darkness and enter Avalon Dungeon again

 But after entering, they found themselves in a gray stone cave that looked somewhat different from the one they had been in yesterday. Inside the cave, blue and purple crystals with a pale light are growing here and there

 ”This place…”

 ”It’s a little different than it used to be”

 It was Fatima who responded in an indifferent voice

 ”Probably this is because after defeating the monster that seems to be the master of the dungeon. So, the dungeon area may have changed accordingly”

 To Fatima’s guess, Fransisca nodded her head and said, “Yes, it seems so”

 ”If the area has been changed, we can’t predict what kind of monsters will appear. Let’s be very careful”

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