Avalon 8

Chapter 8 [Princess-Maiden] First Time with Male Manhood

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 For now, he decided to let Princess Fransisca adapt to his tentacle cock.

 And thinking that first she would have to get used to the unusual shape, Alexis sat down on the bed in his room.

 ”Well, Princess-Maiden. Let’s get started…”

 When Alexis was about to say something, Fransisca said.

 ”Umm, you don’t have to call me Princess-Maiden. After all, I am your slave, so please address me as you like, or use a derogatory term, or whatever you like…”

 ”Oh, really?”

 ”But calling her ‘Princess-Maiden’ is also a good idea,” Alexis thinks.

 After all, ‘Princess-Maiden’ is a symbol of purity. It is unbearable to think that her purity is now going to be defiled by his own hands. Still—

 ”Then, Fransisca”

 When Alexis calls out, Fransisca replies, “Yes”.

 ”Now I’m going to show you this, so watch carefully”

 After this preamble, Alexis unbuckled his trouser belt.

 Fransisca blinked her eyes, but her cheeks flushed bright red when she saw his pants being undone.

 ”Eh? Um, no way…”

 Fransisca, who had turned red up to her ears before she even looked inside, turned her face away.

 ”I-I-I don’t think that’s such a good place for a gentleman…”

 Fransisca’s voice was already trembling with shame, even before she saw the object.

 ”Well, well, you’ll have to see it first”

 After saying this, Alexis pulls his thing out of the gap.

 Alexis’s piece is now drooping and looks no different from that of an average man.

 ”Look, look here!”

 In response to Alexis’ voice, Fransisca turns her amethyst eyes to his thing, and the object begins to grow in response.


 Fransisca turned bright red and looked bewildered.

 But as soon as Alexis’s thing started to raise its head, she turned her eyes away again and Alexis warned her.

 ”I told you to look, didn’t I?”

 ”B-but… I don’t know if Alexis-sama has a desire to be looked at…?”

 Hearing Fransisca’s words with tears in the corners of her eyes, Alexis immediately spat out, “Idiot!”.

 ”I don’t have that kind of hobby either. But you’ll have to get used to it first, won’t you? Mine is different from the norm”

 ”Eh?? …I-Is y-yours different from the, from the normal… thing?”

 Hearing Fransisca’s surprised expression, Alexis thought it was impossible.

 But, if he thought it again, it was. Still, Fransisca doesn’t even seem to know what s*x is, so it’s not impossible.

 ”Hey, by any chance… is this the first time you’ve seen a cock?”

 Fransisca turns red.

 ”Yes. O-of course… I mean… well, it’s the second time… you know, you’ve done it before…”

 Alexis was convinced that Fransisca had never known male genitalia other than his own because of her resentful mumbling.

 ”I see. Well, then, this is a man’s thing. Keep that in mind”

 Alexis had told her. But for the time being, he didn’t want to bother explaining the details, and he thought it would be easier for her to get used to it by assuming that it was normal.


 But to Fransisca’s fidgeting, Alexis said, “Touch it, then”.


 This time Fransisca froze.

 ”I-Isn’t that a place to urinate?”

 ”That’s right. But didn’t you tell me you’d do anything?”

 ”Uh… Uh, yes…

 Fransisca looked uncomfortable, but finally reached out her hand gently, turning bright red.

 However, seeing Fransisca reached out her hand fearfully, Alexis stretched out his hand and made her hand touched the tip of his thing.


 Fransisca jerked her hand away.

 ”Whoa, w-what’s this… gentlemen, you can move so freely…”

 Fransisca’s voice is a mixture of surprise and awe. To which Alexis replied curtly.

 ”Well, it’s kind of like a living thing…”

 Fransisca again held out her hand with a gentle gesture and surrendered her palm to one of the things that was rubbing against her glans.

 Fransisca seems to be intrigued by the male organ that she sees for the first time in her life, and she turns red and turns her face away, but still glances at it from time to time.

 Alexis was frequently rubbing his glans against the white palm of the naive princess.

 (Oh… this is quite…)

 Alexis was a little more inclined to take a second look at his own oddly shaped object.

 He could move it around and rub it on any place he wanted, no matter how unskilled his opponent was.

 Before long, the cowper fluid that began to ooze out from the tip made a wet sound, soiling Fransisca’s hand.

 ”I-it’s kind of sticky…”

 ”Oh, yeah, that’s just the way it is, don’t worry about it”

 ”I-is that so…?

 ”Well, could you squueze it for me? With gentleness”

 Alexis told Fransisca to squeeze a piece of his thing into the palm of her hand.

 Then, it moved back and forth in her hand.

 ”Wa, fuwaa…”

 Fransisca could not help but stare at it.

 It really was like a living thing. Worm-like and serpent-like, it would move its head in and out of her hand as if it were coming and going from a burrow….

 (I-it’s amazing. I wonder… do men have such strange things in their bodies? )

 Fransisca turns tremendously red again, as she realizes that she has been staring at it intently.

 ”Ah, ah…”

 Fransisca looks down, but still glances at the object with a look of concern.

 Alexis, on the other hand, was enjoying the feel of her fine, soft, and uniquely manly palms.

 ”*Pant* *Pant* that’s good. That’s it…”

 Fransisca is puzzled by Alexis’ breathing.

 ”A-Alexis-sama? If you are in pain, you should take it easy…”

 ”No, keep going, I’m almost out…ugh!”

 Alexis’s p*nis shakes loudly.

 At the same time, Spurt! Spurtttttt! his cum shot out onto Fransisca’s face.


 ”Oh no,” Alexis said to himself, but it was too late.

 The glans had plunged its head into the tunnel created by Fransisca’s palm, and was positioned perfectly in the center of her face.

 And that was not all.

 Alexis’ deformed thing discharged much more semen than usual.

 Spurt! Spurttt! Spurtttt!


 Alexis’s face contorts as he can’t stand the feeling of sustained ejaculation.

 In the meantime, Alexis’ ejaculation spurts out from his dick, and Fransisca’s face, which is still pouting, gets wet and sticky in a blink of an eye.

 Not only that, but also her head, body, and even her feet. Every inch of her body is coated with the white liquid.

 By the time he had finished, Fransisca’s whole body looked as if she had been drenched with milk.

 ”Oh… uwa…”

 Fransisca smelled a fishy odor, and she couldn’t help but furrow her brow.

 ”Haa, it’s so sticky…”

 The liquid, which had a thick, runny texture and stuck to both her bare skin and her dress, brought tears to Fransisca’s eyes.

 ”Oh… I’m sorry!”

 Alexis rushes to get up from the bed, shoves his thing into his pants, and pulls up his trousers with a clunk and fastens his belt.

 He then quickly went to the cabinet and pulled out a towel to wipe Fransisca’s soaking wet body.

 ”I’m sorry. It happened suddenly”

 When Alexis apologized, Fransisca’s cheeks were stained and her gaze drifted, then she gave a small nod.

 Seeing her reaction, Alexis’ cock started to grow inside his pants.

 (Oi, oi, calm down, are you trying to make things worse?? For now anyway…)

 Alexis finished wiping Fransisca off, but there was no way to get rid of the wet clothes or the fishy smell characteristic of men’s things.

 ”Anyway, I think you should take a bath… can you go to the bathroom now?”

 Alexis asked, and Fransisca nodded with a red face.

 ”Y-yes. The bathrooms are always open…”

 ”I see. Well, you’d better go”

 As he spoke, Alexis went to the closet and pulled out his own cloak from there, which he put on Fransisca.

 ”Now your dirty clothes will be a little less noticeable, won’t they? Go ahead”

 ”Ah, yes. But that would be too much for Alexis-sama’s cloakroom…”

 ”It’s fine, you can wash it and return it later. Go on, go ahead”

 Alexis pushes Fransisca back.

 ”I-I understand”

 Fransisca nodded and quietly left the room.

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