Avalon 7

Chapter 7

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 ”…please accept my apologies”

 As soon as he returned to his room after dinner in the dining room, Alexis found Fransisca on the floor, prostrating herself.


 Alexis shouted in a mysterious voice.

 ”What, what are you doing? Princess…”

 Alexis is stunned, and Fransisca speaks from a prostrate position.

 ”…Please stop using honorifics. I already know. You are Alexis Sheridan Krangal the sixth prince, not Alex Rein”

 ”Oh, is that so?”, asked Alexis.

 Fransisca nodded.

 After that, there was silence for a while.

 ”Well, what should I do in this situation?”, though Alexis, but then Fransisca looked up suddenly.

 ”…Why would you not explain it to me?”

 Fransisca is teary-eyed.

 ”Eh? ? No, I was just on a visit…”

 ”Thanks to it, you made me rude to you…”

 Fransisca is about to burst into tears.

 ”I’ve said a lot of bad things to you. I kicked you, I hit you… so…”

 Fransisca once again prostrates herself again.

 ”Please, kick me? Please curse me, please scorn me, Alexis-sama? Please, please, call me a lowly girl!!”

 ”No, no, no…”

 Alexis chuckled.

 At any rate, not wanting the others to see the princess like this, he slammed the door behind her.

 Then he went to Fransisca, who was prostrating herself in front of him.

 ”Don’t worry about it. Princess’s distrust started with our soldiers. It is the duty of the royal family to take responsibility for the actions of our soldiers. I took responsibility, that’s all”


 Alexis laughed at Fransisca, who looked up at him.

 ”If you feel bad, that’s enough. We’re on the same side, aren’t we? Now that you know my identities, we’re equals. I look forward to working with you again tomorrow”


 Fransisca had tears slowly welling up in the corners of her eyes.

 ”Why do you say that we are equals? I have done something terrible to you… I must apologize…!”

 ”Well, I’ve been lying to you about my identity…”

 ”Alexis-sama, please allow me to apologize. Anything? I will do whatever Alexis-sama commands? So…”

 Fransisca gave Alexis an earnest look.

 Alexis was troubled.

 She is saying yes, but he can’t understand her reluctance to back down.

 At any rate, she is dealing with him, a prince of a superior country. Even though he is the sixth in line, even though he does not have the right of succession to the throne, he is the royal family of the country to which she owes a debt of gratitude.

 So, considering how she treated him so far… it’s a needle in a haystack.

 (But, hey, I can’t just use that as a reason to do what I want, can I? It’s like blackmailing her into doing my bidding…)

 Alexis was pondering how to convince Fransisca to back down.

 (It’s a miracle for me to get to know such a beautiful and pretty princess. Yes, it’s a miracle. The one and only miracle in the world, given to me who was cut off from all possibilities with women because of my cursed dong)

 He thought about it. But Alexis suddenly realized.

 (…Huh? Princess said that she’ll do anything, right…? Don’t tell me that if I ask her, she’ll be “friends” with this monster between my legs…?)

 Alexis gulps.

 Yes, yes. The princess is a rare person who did not run away when she met this monster between his legs.

 ”If so, this is the chance of a lifetime, isn’t it?”, thought Alexis.

 (Still, it just a though, but… if I miss this chance, I seriously won’t have a chance to touch a woman for the rest of my life…?!)

 The situation was too desperate… too desperate.

 There is no possibility to restore the monster between his legs. But that’s why he is helping princess to capture Avalon.

 But is it right to take a chance on such a possibility? There is no guarantee that things will go back to the way they were.

 On the other hand… If it’s the princess in front of him…


 Involuntarily, Alexis swallows his spit.

 He found himself staring at Fransisca, who was prostrate in front of him.

 She is not wearing any armor now, but only a one-piece dress.

 He can see even from her dress, her soft and even white skin, the two bulges pushing up her breast…even her thin fingers seem to be smooth and comfortable to touch.

 ”…hey, you know, Princess-maiden…”

 Soon Alexis was speaking.

 ”Can you have s*x with me?”

 It was too direct.


 ”Eh? What do you mean?”

 Princess Fransisca in front of him was a much more innocent…

 Really? What kind of lifestyle does one have to live to become an adult without knowing it?

 Or maybe, she s not an adult? But she looks like she’s not quite old enough to be an adult.

 ”Hey, are you a minor, Princess-maiden?”

 ”Eh? …Well, I turned 18 this year around the time of the fertility festival…”

 Thank God. Alexis patted his chest in relief. She’s just barely an adult.

 No, wait, it’s not good.

 ”No, no, no… you don’t know “it”?? No, no way…”

 Alexis was stunned.

 He was curious to know what kind of life Princess had at the age of eighteen if she didn’t know about s*x.

 ”Eh?? Oh, um… Is it strange…?”

 Fransisca was upset. She felt like she was being called strange.

 ”Well, I mean, I wouldn’t say it’s strange, but it just a little strange. I was just wondering how you lived”

 When Alexis asked, Fransisca blinked her eyes.

 ”Well, when Sagrado kingdom existed, I was trained as a princess-maiden to sing and dance. I also listened to the stories of the saints related to the gods, learned about the ancient mages, and studied magic…”

 Oh, right. This is the princess-maiden.

 With this one word, all of Alexis’ doubts were cleared up.

 Even a child knows that Sagrado Kingsom is like a religious organization, composed of mages called “Priest” who live by strict precepts.

 ”I see…”

 Well, then, it’s not a good idea to play with her. But Alxis want to do something about the problem between his legs. When he is thinking about it…

 ”Excuse me…”

 Fransisca speaks to him with serious eyes.

 ”Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything you want. Sagrado Kingdom is nothing now. Therefore, my position as a princess-maiden is also as good as gone…”

 Fransisca said these words to Alexis because she perceived that Alexis was reserved because of her status as a princess-maiden.

 Well, Sagrado Kingdom is a country with a history that is unparalleled in comparison to other countries, and its king, the priest-king, and maidens are treated as a special people among the various royal families.

 Fransisca interpreted this as causing Alexis to be reserved.

 ”I see. So you’re no longer a princess-maiden…”

 Alexis took it to mean something else.

 (Then why be shy? Even the princess says don’t be shy)

 Although a corner of his mind wondered if he was being a prude, Alexis had made up his mind.

 (Then, let’s train Princess Fransisca’s clean and unspoiled body until she becomes a woman for my tentacle dong!)

 This is the only way. This is the only possibility for intercourse.

 ”Even prostitutes run away from me, what can I do?”, thought Alexis inwardly.

 Okay, so it’s not that bad. It was not bad at all.

 In the first place, Fransisca, as she herself said, has done something which is unthinkable to do to the royal family.


 ”Then you’re my slave from now on, understand?”

 ”Oh, yes!”

 Fransisca nodded, but it was clear from the fire that she definitely did not understand the meaning of Alexis’ words.

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