Avalon 6

Chapter 6

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 The next day, they continued their conquest of Avalon.

 Fransisca was as harsh as ever toward Alexis, but the other members of the team followed and supported Alexis at every point and showed a friendly attitude.

 In response to their behavior, Fransisca did not speak up, although she seemed to be dissatisfied.

 But, thanks to the team that had managed to get into shape, they were now able to go much deeper into the dungeon than before.

* * *

 When they finally descended to the fifth layer, the first team had arrived at a space that was different from the previous terrain, and looked like one large room.

 ”What is this place…?”

 Lorenzo was the first one to mutter.

 And the other members of the team looked around with alarm.

 Then, out of nowhere, they heard a sound like crawling on the ground.

 ”What the…?!”

 In a panic, Sara lowers her posture and reaches for the mace on her back.

 Fransisca silently draws the sword at her waist, Lorenzo picks up his bow, Fatima clutches her staff tightly, and Alexis also takes a stance with his shield.

 ”Alex Rein”

 Fransisca says in a whisper.

 Alexis nodded and stepped forward.

 The next moment.


 A gust of wind blew with a loud noise.

 ”Everyone, get behind me!”

 Alexis put his big shield in front of him and stood low.

 The other four members of the team ducked backward as Alexis told them to.

 As soon as the gust of wind stopped, a huge shadow came out from across the room.

 It was a monster.

 It was the biggest one-eyed black wolf they had ever seen.

 And suddenly, it cried out with a neigh, turned itself around, and leaped toward them!


 A heavy boom echoes.

 Alexis manages to block the monster’s blow with his big shield.

 However, it is much more powerful than expected.


 Fransisca shouted.

 Alexis pushes back the wolf’s head with his shield and leaps backward.

 In his place, Fransisca leaps forward, holding her sword steady.


 Fransisca swings her sword and a blade-shaped shockwave hits the monster!

 But the blade only slashes the demon’s right ear. However, Guahhhh! it still screamed.

 ”Evaded…? Everyone, let’s go!”

 Lorenzo drew his bow and Fatima waved her staff in response to Fransisca’s voice.

 Arrows flew from the right and fireballs flew from the left toward the monster.


 The monster shook its body and then it screamed ,”Guooooo?” again.

 Then a gust of wind blows around the monster.


 Fransisca and Lorenzo, who were not standing behind the shield, were blown away and slammed back hard against the wall.

 ”Princess, Lorenzo-kun!!”

 Sara was the one who shouted, who fortunately was behind Alexis and was safe.

 ”Wait for me, I’m going to cast a healing spell now!”

 Sara put the tip of her mace on the floor and started chanting with her eyes closed.

 ”Alex, protect me!”

 At Fatima’s voice, Alexis replied, “I understand!”.

 But soon, the monster jumped at him and delivered one or two blow with its thick claws on its paws.

 However, Fatima also completes her chanting as Alexis manages to block them.


 Fatima raised her staff, and two bolts of lightning struck the monster’s head one after another.

 While the monster was still dazed, Alexis jumped out of the way.


 Boom! he slams his shield into its brain with all his might.

 He also swings his sword with one hand while the monster is still dizzy.

 ”Take this!”

 Slash! Alexis’ slashing sword makes a cut right between the monster’s eyebrows.

 In the meantime, Sara seems to have completed the chanting of the recovery spell, and says, “Healing!”.

 A light green light envelops Fransisca and Lorenzo’s bodies.

 Fransisca, who managed to move again, immediately jumped out with her sword and shouted, “Switch!”.


 Alexis jumped back, and once again Fransisca swung her sword.

 Hyuu!? The sword drew a wide arc, and a shockwave was generated, which slashed the center line of the body of the monster that was crouching straight down.

 And upon seeing the body of the monster split in half, Fransisca lets out a big breath.

 ”We did it…?!”

 But just at that moment.

 The half of the monster’s body opened its eyes, then it opened its mouth and several thick fangs flew out of it.


 Alexis dashed in front of Fransisca, whose eyes were wide open.

 He held up his big shield and caught all the fangs with his shield.

 Then, the shield shattered, perhaps from the impact.

 On the other side of the shield, the monster was dissipating in a black smoke with a shrieking sound.

 ”Ah… waaa…”

 Fransisca, realizing that she was safe, slumped down on the ground as if she had lost her back.

* * *

 Apparently, by defeating the giant monster this time, the range of the darkness produced by Avalon, which had been spreading, had been narrowed somewhat.

 ”Well done”

 Fransisca returned the silence to Fatima who said so.

 Here in the command center, Fransisca was talking with Fatima and three other Sagrado people.

 ”If Alex had not been here, princess would have died. We have to give him credit for that”

 Fatima had a point.

 ”Yes, but…”

 Seeing Fransisca’s attitude, with her gaze constantly drifting, she said, “Oh, my dear princess!”.

 ”How long are you going to act like a child?”


 Fransisca is absolutely mortified.

 It was hard to tell who was more of a child.

 ”You have to give Alex a proper evaluation, okay?”

 Sara folds her arms, while Fransisca’s shoulders slump in dismay.

 ”Yes, I understand that, but…”

 ”Oh, gosh. Why are you so stubborn, Princess?”

 The one sighing now is Lorenzo.

 These three vassals have a lot to say about their own princess.

 Well, in fact, this is how Fransisca usually is.

 As long as she doesn’t have to deal with Krangals, she is a relatively good listener.

 This may be a characteristic of the Sagrado royal family, who are trained to be priestesses rather than princesses….

 While they were still chatting, a visitor came to the control room.

 It was a messenger from Krangal Kingdom.

 ”Princess Fransisca? There is a message from the King of Krangal to inform you of our recent success!”

 Fransisca responds “Let’s hear it” as the delegate salutes her with a crisp salute.


 The messenger breaks the sealed envelope in his hand and reads the letter from the king.

 [Attention Fransisca Arias Sagrado!

 Your achievement is very fortuitous. This is the result of your daily work and of the new soldier Alex Rein whom we have deployed!

 Therefore, I would like to assign Alex Rein, or Alexis Sheridan Krangal, the 6th Prince of Krangal, to your Fort Rohka as its new captain!

 As you know, the burden is too much for a princess-maiden, right? From now on, I want you to work with Alexis as the deputy captain to attack Avalon!’


 Everyone voices echoed here.

 ”Eh? No way! Alexis Sheridan Krangal… the 6th prince?!”

 Fransisca could not hide her shock.

 ”No…no way. Alex doesn’t look like a king at all…”

 Fatima was not convinced by any means.

 ”Eh, what do you mean?? Eh, Ehh?!”

 Sara was just in a daze.

 ”So… what do you mean by that…?”

 Lorenzo asked the messenger in a low voice.

 ”Well, I mean…”

 The messenger was reluctant to tell them.

 ”…the new recruit who joined the army under the name of Alex Rein is, in fact, the sixth prince who was on a secret visit by order of the king…”

 ”Fu, fufu. Fufufufu…”

 Fransisca suddenly burst out laughing, and Fatima, who was standing nearby, was startled.

 ”…Princess, are you in trouble?”

 ”…It is true that I have heard that there is a sixth prince. I had also heard that they did not resemble each other. But I never thought they would look so much alike…”

 Fransisca is mumbling.

 ”Oh, gosh. It must be a lie. What have I done to the royalty of a superior country? I don’t know what to do. No way, it must be a lie…”

 Fransisca is no longer in the picture.

 Fatima, on behalf of the princess, coughs, and then tells the messenger.

 ”Umm…thank you, please let His Majesty know that I understand.”


 The messenger salutes and leaves.

 The remaining people all looked at Princess Fransisca, who was stunned and lost in thought.

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