Avalon 5

Chapter 5

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 Alexis’s first attempt at Avalon was a disaster.

 The role of guardian was unfamiliar even to him.

 Whenever a monster appeared, Fransisca’s instruction came to him that he should be a wall.

 ”There? Right!!”

 ”They’re coming from the left!!”

 ”Don’t you dare miss it, you dumb!!”

 ”Really? You’re no use to us!”

 If even one of the monsters slips away, a storm of such verbal abuse will pour down on him.

 However, Fransisca has slain all the monster, which was slipped, so there has been no damage so far.

 But Alexis is no masochist. Having such a lot of things said to him makes him angry.

 Nevertheless, he put up with it.

 For now, he has to win the trust of this stubborn princess first…

 And so, after two, three, four, or five times of fighting, he gradually got the hang of it.

 Originally, Alexis has a natural talent for fighting. Even though it is completely different from his original fighting style, Guardian is also a vanguard position. It was easy to adapt.


 When the shield finally shattered with a sound, Alexis was already able to stop eight out of ten of monster.

 ”Hah, hah, hah!”

 Even so, Alexis was breathing heavily from exhaustion.

 But at that moment, one of the remaining fish jumped toward Alexis.


 Alexis swung his broadsword in his right hand and sliced the monster into two pieces from the torso.

 The monster instantly dissipates in a puff of black smoke. With this attack, the monster is gone.

 (If only the monster between my legs would dissipate like this…)

 He thought so for a moment and shook his head.

 What will he do if he lose his real thing? For the record, he doesn’t intend to castrate himself yet.

 But still, he was exhausted.

 And at last Alexis sits down while he breathes heavily.

 ”Are you tired already? You dumb!”

 Fransisca looked down at him coldly and spoke to him.

 ”…Shut up!”

 Alexis, who had no time to spare, replied with a bare answer.


 It was Fatima who spoke to Fransisca from the side, saying “Princess”.

 ”It’s time for you to forgive him. He seems to be struggling earnestly… I think it’s a great achievement for his first time”

 Following Fatima’s words, Lorenzo nodded his head and said…

 ”Indeed, he has a remarkable muscle. He’s too good to be killed, isn’t he?”

 ”Yes. I think so too, can you admit that?”

 Even Sara tells Fransisca in an endearing voice with a hint of childishness.


 Fransisca was silent, with a blank expression on her face.

 There was a pause, but in the end, this was the decision Fransisca made.

 ”…Let’s turn back for today. Fatima, call the other team”


 Fatima nodded and began chanting magic.

 Then she waved her wand in her hand and said, “| Transmission <Voiceprint Transfer>!”.

 After that, Fatima suddenly started to lip-synch silently, apparently using magic to transmit her voice to another place.

 Soon the two teams, which had been moving separately, meet up with them.

 Unlike the first team, each team seems to have lost almost all of its members, and only three people have gathered together.

 Fransisca then slides her hand toward her chests without a glance at others who have been battered and bruised.

 She pulls out a pendant with a bluish-white gleam from a gap in her armor.

 ”Then we’re getting out. Everyone gather within a two-meter radius”

 As Fransisca spoke briefly, the pendant became more brilliant, and a circle of light suddenly encircled the area she had described.

 The circle also encircled Alexis, who was sitting down, causing his eyes to widen and he began to gawk.

 The next moment, all of them disappeared from the place.

* * *

 After they returned from Avalon, Alexis found himself with the other members in front of the darkness that he had first plunged into.

 ”…Could it be a <Legacy> artifact of an ancient mage?”

 Alexis’ question was answered by Fransisca, “I don’t have to answer that”.

 ”Well, that’s all for today. We will dive in the dungeon again tomorrow, so get some rest today. And Alex Rein!”

 Fransisca glared at Alexis.

 ”You come back to me later. I will give you a new shield”

 Alexis nodded, “…okay”.

* * *

 Fransisca did as she said and handed the shield to Alexis when he visited the command center.

 It was a brand new shield, unlike the cracked one he had used today.

 ”Thank you very much”

 When Alexis accepted it, Fransisca glared at him.

 ”…I haven’t forgiven you yet”

 ”I know”

 Alexis nodded but quickly continued speaking.

 ”…but I ask you to keep your personal feelings to yourself”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”Exactly what I said. This is not a game. Lives are at stake. Not only lives, the whole world is at stake”

 ”It’s none of your business. This is Sagrado’s business”

 ”No, it’s not”

 Alexis gave her very clear response.

 And Fransisca gives him an uncomfortable look.

 But Alexis does not seem intimidated.

 ”It’s also a Krangal problem, since many Krangal soldiers are involved”

 ”…a bunch of those worthless guys?”

 Fransisca smiles, but it is filled with overt disgust.

 It gives a cold impression to Fransisca, who is supposed to be pretty. What a waste. Alexis thought, but he did not say anything about it.

 ”You know it, right? The darkness that Avalon produces is spreading”

 Fransisca was silent because Alexis had hit the nail on the head.

 ”…Since that’s the case, we can’t play around, my princess-maiden”

 Alexis stared into the amethyst eyes she owned.

 Fransisca flinched for a moment, as if she had never seen him do that before.

 ”…It’s been a long time since I’ve been called that”

 Fransisca muttered something like that.

 But Alexis bowed reverently to Fransisca, said, “Well, excuse me”, and left the place.

 ”…What happened to him?”

 Fransisca was muttering.

 Never before had she seen a soldier so skillfully bow in the aristocratic manner.

 ”Why!? What’s wrong with him? Even though he’s a pervert…”

 Fransisca was discouraged by this.

* * *

 As Alexis left the command center and walked down the hallway, he saw someone walk up to him from the other side. It was Fatima.

 When Fatima found Alexis, she walked up to him with her robe fluttering and her bosom swaying.

 Despite her friendly behavior, Fatima speak to “Alex Rain” with blank expressions.

 ”Did you get a big shield? …Oh, that’s the new shield”

 Fatima looks around the shield Alexis is holding and then expresses her relief.

 ”It seems, Princess gave you a sturdy one. Thank God…”

 But then, Alexis opens his mouth.

 ”Fatima-san, is she always like that?”

 ”Are you surprised?”

 Alexis thought Fatima’s small smile was more surprising, but he did not say it.

 ”Well, she looked very different from the image I had of her as a princess-maiden”


 Fatima nodded, a somewhat forlorn expression on her face.

 ”Well, the original princess… is a kind-hearted and gentle person. And actually, she was always a little too serious… but now she was not like that”

 Fatima’s sigh says it all.

 And perhaps Fransisca’s distrust of Krangal people has now become too strong because of that accident.

 ”Well, I’m… sorry…”

 Involuntarily, Alexis apologized and Fatima laughs then she speaks.

 ”Why do you say that? It’s not your fault. You are a serious Krangal person. It’s not just me. The others who teamed up with you today – Sara, Lorenzo, I’m sure they feel the same way. And I’m sure, Princess too”

 ”…is that so?”

 Fatima nodded her head in affirmation when he asked the question.

 ”Please give her a long look. The princess has not yet sorted out her mind. After all, she lost her parents, her brother, and even her country. And now…”

 Fatima almost said something but she shook her head.

 ”Anyway, I’ll be happy to see you tomorrow”

 Fatima held out one hand. Seeing her slender, white hand, Alexis hesitated for a moment, but soon took her hand.

 ”…Pleased to meet you, Fatima-san”

 ”…yes, you can call me Fatima. You’re one of us now”

 After said this, Fatima laughed.

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