Avalon 4

Chapter 4

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 From that day on, Alexis was part of Fransisca’s team.

 There are three teams that are formed to enter and conquer Avalon dungeons.

 Each team consists of five members with five different roles: a guardian for defense, an attacker for offense, an engineer for technical skill, a conjurer for magic, and a healer for healing.

 It seemed that three teams of five members, fifteen in total, were always diving in Avalon.

 Except for the first teams led by Fransisca, the other two teams are all Krangal soldiers, but the first team seems to be a mixture of Krangal and Sagrado soldiers.

 The leader is, of course, Fransisca Arias Sagrado, also known as the princess-maiden or oni captain. She is armed with a one-handed sword that contains wind magic and plays the role of attacker.

 The engineer is a muscular skinhead Sagrado man named Lorenzo Hurtado. He looks like an attacker, but he is good with his hands and delicate work, and is good with a bow… He carries a huge bag on his back, so maybe this is what his muscles are for.

 The conjurer is a Sagrado woman named Fatima Contesti. She used to be one of the priestesses who took care of Fransisca’s personal belongings, and she is said to have had a great talent for magic.

 As Sagrado people are known for their beautiful looks, Fatima is no exception. Her breasts, which are pushing up her robe, are even larger than those of Fransisca.

 However, her cool expression and her mouth held shut in a crooked line give a cold impression.

 Her blonde hair, tied in one tight bun, enhances her meticulous impression.

 The healer is a Sagrado woman named Sara Del Rey, who looks more like a girl of about 10 years old. Is it really appropriate for her to be here?

 She is small by far, and has light green hair that reaches her shoulders in fluffy waves. Her eyes are red like cherries.

 She seems to be the most friendly among the members of this group, as she smiles when their eyes meet, but the large mace she carries on her back is very serious.

 Finally, the guardian is played by the only Krangal, Alex Rein.

 ”…Wait, why is the team mixed!?”

 Alexis questioned after the introduction.

 Everyone is from Sagrado except him. Yes, Alexis, he is far away from home~.

 ”Ara, is it a mixed team?”

 Fransisca smiles.

 ”…my princess. Your bad habit is come out again…”

 Fatima was holding her head heavily. Despite Alexis’s first impression, Fatima reacted as if she was a surprisingly hard worker.

 ”Bad habits?”

 The answer to Alexis’ question was in the big shield on Alexis’ back, which Fatima suddenly looked at.

 This shield, a square shaped shield carved out of a piece of iron, is in a bad shape with cracks here and there.

 ”The shield that we gave to the Krangals before him was still brand new… Are you sure you want to kill him this time, Princess?”

 Alexis was startled by Fatima’s line, which she muttered with a serious expression on her face.

 ”Please, can you refrain from saying “kill” so openly?? You just announced a murder!”

 ”What do you mean?”

 Fransisca is smiling at him.

 But she doesn’t seem to be at all innocent.

 (This is more serious than I thought…)

 Alexis had a headache.

 No wonder things were not progressing at all. And from this point, he knew that the position of the first team’s guardian was a graveyard. But what’s the point of having allies hating each other?

 (…well, the problem is on the side of the Krangal soldiers who have been making fun of the Sagrado royalty for a long time)

 Even though they are the royal family of the lost country, the attitude of the Krangal soldiers is unforgivable from the point of view of the pride of the royal family.

 (…Indeed. Although it is a subject of my own country, it gives me a headache…)

 Even though Alexis is such an insolent person, he can’t help but feel a minimum sense of responsibility. Besides, in addition to the investigation of the current situation, he was sent here with the expectation that he would be able to break through his current situation.

 ”…Well, that’s okay, let’s do it now”

 Soon Alexis was ready.

 ”If Princess wants me in this role, I’ll do my best, but…please don’t slow me down, Princess”

 When Alexis said this, Fransisca blinked at him.

 Fransisca blinked because she had not expected such a comment. Soon, however, she felt mocked and started to sniffle.

 ”That’s my line, Alex. Don’t let us slow down, don’t “run away” and do your job as Guardian. Do you understand?”

 Fransisca’s amethyst eyes shoot into Alexis’ like piercing bullets.

 (…――What a princess…)

 Thinking this, Alexis replied with a smile, “I’ll do my best”.

* * *

 Now, Alexis had finally stepped into Avalon for the first time.

 He plunged into the darkness and found himself in a gray stone cave.

 ”This is…”

 When he turned around, all he saw was a wall. Not only that, the second and third teams that were supposed to have entered the area were nowhere to be seen.

 ”We’ve all moved to different places”

 It was Fatima who said this in response to Alexis’ question.

 Although she spoke bluntly and had a cold expression on her face as usual, she might actually be the easiest person to talk to.

 ”Moved to a different places?”

 To Alexis’ question, Fatima says, “You were dispatched without knowing anything about it?” and sighs.

 ”Avalon Dungeon is also known as a “Dungeon of Illusions”. Once you set foot in there, you can never return, and the terrain changes completely each time you enter. However, those who enter the dungeon at the same time will all end up in the same place with the same topography. ――However, because of a slight margin of error, as you can see, people end up in completely different places”

 ”Eh, then, how can we return home whenever we want to?”

 Fatima tries to open her mouth to Alexis, who is surprised, “That’s――”.

 But at that moment Fransisca called out “Alex” in an irritated tone.

 ”How long are you going to keep talking? If you, the Guardian, do not take the lead, we will never be able to go on. Go on, you slowpoke!”

 Why is she calling me a slow learner all of a sudden?

 ”I don’t know about you, but please, that’s not the kind of language a princess would use”

 Alexis led the way with a light warning.

 Though he wears metal armor, he is a medium attacker. The sword at his waist is also for attackers. The only guardian-like item in his hand is a battered shield…

 (…but I must be patient…)

 Half in resignation, half in frustration.

 A feeling that it can’t be helped, because his retainer did it first, and there is resentment at Fransisca’s attitude toward him.

 However, Alexis’ pride, which has been honed by his many victories over thieves, battlefields, and adventurers, does not allow him to back down in a place like this. After all, this is the only thing he can do to compete with his Sparkle Brothers.

 ”Okay, let’s do it!”

 Alexis grinned.

 Although none of his experience so far had been accumulated as a Guardian――

 And so, Alexis led the team as they headed toward the end of the cave, which was opening its mouth to the depths.

 The cave’s visibility itself is good, although it is not clear where the light is coming from. Probably, it is because the space was created by ancient magic.

 The width of the passage is about four meters. Certainly, as long as he can fulfill his duty as a guardian, his allies in the rear will not be able to escape from his attack.

 ”Let’s go! Follow me closely!”

 Alexis said, holding up his battered shield.

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