Avalon 9 2

Chapter 9 – 2

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 After saying this, Fransisca turned to Alexis

 ”…well, umm”

 Fransisca is about to say something, but then she clammed up

 That’s right. The guardian has to take the lead

 But Fransisca finds it hard to give that instruction to Alexis. Because of his shyness

 (It seems she has a problem with that)

 Alexis thought so, and stepped forward willingly

 ”Okay, I’ll take the lead. You guys follow me”


* * *

 In the end, Alexis was made to act like a leader for the rest of the day because Fransisca, who had been the leader, had given up that role

 Well, it is not wrong to do so, since Alexis is now the captain and Fransisca is the vice-captain by the order of King Krangal

 However, because of the different way of giving instructions, the team was awkward all day long

* * *

 Eventually, they returned home after exploring halfway through the first layer

 It seems that more than half of the other members of the team who gathered today have died

 ”Sigh… I feel that we are wasting a lot of time and money with our current methods. We should think of a way to attack it”

 Alexis had told Fransisca so

 ”I understand, Alexis-sama. Then…”

 ”Yeah, sure. Can you come by the command center?”

 ”I understand”

 Fransisca responded

* * *

 Basically, only the captain usually stays in the command center

 Therefore, when the door to the command center is closed, Alexis and Fransisca are alone in the room

 This room, which so called command center, is just a rather dull room with a large table surrounded by about six wooden chairs, tactical books lined up on the shelves along the wall, a map attached to the wall, and several kinds of weapons on the weapons stand beside it. …

 And now, Alexis and Fransisca were first discussing their future plans in this room

 First of all, the current three teams were dissolved

 With the constant deaths and replacements of members, there is no way to strengthen the team

 Therefore, for the time being, only the first team will attack the site, and the others will continue to train while guarding the area around the darkness as before

 After that, they will select new members and form a new team

 As for the strength itself, there is no way to increase the number of members beyond the current number because of how small the space is in Avalon dungeon, so they have no choice but to maintain the current strength

 ”You see, one thing has been bugging me. And that is that sometimes there are items in the dungeon. I wonder if it is possible to retrieve them?”

 Alexis’ question made Fransisca roll her eyes

 ”Umm… I don’t know the detail. But it is said that Avalon is a special place that attracts the souls of the dead from all over the world, from all eras. And the souls of the dead are given bodies and become monster. However, although the souls of the dead may no longer have a human spirit or form of life, and become a deformed being… The items that have dropped from them are probably materials formed by a similar phenomenon”

 ”So, does this mean that the soul’s item was given a form?”

 ”For the details… Oh, but I read something like this in the literature on necromancy in the castle library when the Sagrado Kingdom was still alive and well. It said, “The dead often possess items to which they were attached before their death…””

 ”I see. In other words, are you saying that the items possessed by the monster have been materialized?”

 ”Yes, I guess so…”

 Fransisca nodded, while Alexis leaned forward to speak

 ”Hey, Fransisca, since we can’t add more members, what else can we do but to strengthen ourselves?”

 ”—eh, that’s…”

 ”You see, training is limited. But what about stronger weapons and armor?”

 ”…Eh? It might be a good way to strengthen us”

 To Fransisca, who agreed, Alexis said

 ”The monster produced in Avalon are strong. But I don’t think they were that strong before they were born. In fact, it seems to me that they are just souls with bodies. Maybe the items are the same. I mean, the items in Avalon are probably stronger than anything we can get there”


 Fransisca blinked

 ”Even monsters can crawl out of the blackness. Don’t you think we can take items out?”

 Alexis’s suggestion was a good one

 ”I-Is that so? Maybe…”

 After leaning forward with a smile on her face, Fransisca sat back in her chair with a quick flush on her cheeks

 ”…I-I think your idea is very useful, Alexis-sama”

 Alexis nodded broadly at Fransisca, who added shyly

 ”Good. Then, let’s start doing that tomorrow!”


 Fransisca nodded

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