Avalon 10

Chapter 10 [Princess-maiden] Abuse and play with Her Breasts

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Now that the strategy meeting is over, it is time for private time.

 Fransisca was very nervous as she walked up to Alexis’ room.

 She had been told to clean herself first, so she went there right after taking a bath.

 In addition, Alexis’ room is quite close to Fransisca’s room because a special room was assigned to Alexis this morning instead of a room for the miscellaneous soldiers.

 It is much more conveniently located because it is close to the command center and the bathrooms, although the mess hall and the staff room are far away from the room.

 And now, in front of the wooden door of Alexis’ room, Fransisca took a few deep breaths.

 (I-it’s okay. I’m sure he won’t say anything so unreasonable. Alexis-sama said he would not do anything like yesterday…)

 With determination, Fransisca knocked on the door.

 Immediately the door was opened.

 ”Oh, Fransisca. Come on, let’s go in”

 Fransisca did as Alexis asked and stepped inside.

 This room is inorganic, with little sign of life since it was only assigned to him yesterday, except for a bed and a closet cupboard with a stack of wooden boxes in the corner.

 Fransisca entered the room with a tense look on her face. She slammed the door behind her.

 ”Sorry to keep you waiting, Alexis-sama…”

 Alexis felt that she was a very disciplined person, as she waited quietly after saying that. This must be one of the reasons for her seriousness.

 ”Okay. Then, I’ll ask you to take off your clothes”

 When Alexis said this, Fransisca shrieked. It was because of the surprise.

 ”M-m-my clothes…?? W-why? N-naked in front of the opposite s*x? I can’t do such a… shameful thing!”

 Fransisca’s ears are reddening in no time.

 It seems that she knows about s*x even if she doesn’t know anything about it.

 (…Well, if she didn’t, she wouldn’t have been so angry when she mistook the wrong bathroom before…)

 Alexis was strangely convinced, but still.

 ”Why do you think I asked you to go to the bathroom first? It’s better than being told to take off your clothes while you’re still sweaty, isn’t it?”

 ”T-that’s true, but…”

 ”I thought you said you’d do whatever I said”


 When Alexis told that, Fransisca doesn’t hear a peep out of them.

 In the end, Fransisca nodded her head dejectedly and reached for her clothes with a bright red face.

 Her hand lingered on the fabric for a while, but…

 ”D-do I have to…?”

 Apparently, she is embarrassed no matter how hard she tries.

 And Alexis thought to himself, “Really, she’s difficult girl”. And then he asked a question, “Do I have to say it again?”.

 ”Ugh. B-But if I can, I’d like to do something else…”

 ”Look, if you say so, it doesn’t make sense that you will do anything, does it?”

 Fransisca shrugged.

 ”Yes, that’s right, but…”

 ”Oh…okay, okay. If you’re not comfortable with it, I’ll give you a little leeway here”

 Alexis pointed down to her breasts.

 He points to the underside of Fransisca’s bulge and says with his mouth, “I’ll allow you to only your breast”


 Fransisca was indeed unable to resist any more orders.

 She seems to have compromised a lot.

 And this is Alexis’ plan, by making a big request first and then a small one, he make it difficult for the other party to refuse. This is a psychological technique.

 ”I-I…understand… then…”

 And Fransisca fell for it.

 Her hands trembled and her eyes watered with shame. Her face also as red as if she had been burned in a fire.

 Still, Fransisca perseveres and manages to undo the buttons on the breast of the one-piece dress she is wearing.


 Her shoulders peek out from her loose clothing.

 And it is a dazzlingly white, and smooth.

 Then, as the cloth is pulled down further, what peeks out is the bulge of her collarbone, and the cleavage of her plump white flesh.

 ”…U-umm. W-where are you looking…?”

 Fransisca, blushing up to her ears, complains to Alexis in a low voice.

 ”…What do you think I’m asking you to take off your clothes for?”

 Alexis smiled.

 Fransisca gave a small grunt, but seemed to give up. She continued to slide the cloth down.

 As the arms tighten under the chest, the cloth gets caught there.

 And with her reddish face down, Fransisca exposed her breast as Alexis requested.

 At the center of the plump, white bulge, which could be completely encased in the palm of her hand, were two baby-pink areolas and a pale protrusion discreetly asserting itself in the center of the areola.

 ”Push out your breasts so I can see them better”

 Alexis instructed her to do so, and Fransisca bit her lip with a tearful expression on her face, but did as she was told.

 Finally, the tips of her nipples started to point upward.

 ”Oh…how many years has it been since I’ve seen such a sight…and it’s not a prostitute. Beside, it’s not a ordinary person either. That Princess-miko who is famous for her purity and beauty…”

 Alexis was so impressed that Fransisca was mumbling and muttering, “…eh” and it made her brought her back to reality.

 But from the look on her face as if to say, “…thank goodness,” she didn’t seam to hear it very well.

 ”Oh, right. Come over here”

 Alexis sat on the edge of the bed and beckoned Fransisca to him.

 As Fransisca did as she was told, Alexis pulled down his trousers to expose his already long, sickle-chested cock.

 Immediately, Fransisca’s expression turns tearful as she says, “Eh!?” and asks him.

 ”I-I thought you weren’t going to do that today…”

 ”Yeah, I’m not asking you to touch me. So, sit here”

 Alexis pointed to the floor at his feet.


 Fransisca was so embarrassed to be dressed like this, and she was more embarassed to be sitting in front of such an embarrassing thing.

 Fransisca wanted to cry, but she managed to follow Alexis’ instructions.

 And so, she sit down to the floor with her breasts at the same height as Alexis’s thing.

 ”Okay, stay still”

 As soon as he said this, Alexis reached out with both hands and touched Fransisca’s breasts.


 Fransisca was startled.

 ”W-What are y-you doing…!”

 Fransisca turned bright red and screamed, while Alexis said.

 ”Well, well, I told you to keep still, didn’t I?”

 With these words, he buries his palm in Fransisca’s breast and enjoys the feeling and weight of the breast.

 ”Hyaa…ah, w-why are you doing this…?”

 To Fransisca’s puzzled voice, Alexis replies, “All men like breast.”

 ”Eh, what’s that…?”

 Fransisca looked puzzled since she did not feel that she had received a valid answer at all.

 However, Alexis continued to touch Fransisca’s breast.


 Fransisca, who sits uncomfortably, taking small breaths from time to time, and seems to have not developed any s*xual sensation at all.

 Perhaps she does not touch herself at all.

 Therefore, Alexis was now poking her nipples, the core of her breasts, with his fingers.

 As expected, Fransisca’s body reacted with a jerk.

 ”Ah… W-why that part too…”

 Alexis pinched Fransisca’s nipples, which were just turning red up to her ears, with a hard pinch.


 A loud voice suddenly came out.

 Fransisca looked as surprised as Alexis, who stopped moving his hand in surprise.

 ”Eh? W-what am I…?”

 Before she could stop her agitation, Alexis pinched her nipples again.

 ”Hyaaaaahhh, i-it hurts, it hurts, Alexis-sama…”

 Fransisca complains breathlessly.

 ”Oh, is that so?”

 Alexis loosens his fingers and Fransisca’s tense body relaxes.

 When Alexis gently rubbed her nipples with his fingers again, the princess’s body trembled.

 ”Ha, hah, w-what is this…?”

 Fransisca’s voice is spilling out in confusion.

 She seems to feel something strange, like a tickling sensation.

 But to Fransisca’s question, Alexis twisted her nipples again.


 Fransisca’s hand relaxes as she shivers.

 ”—Fuahhhh, ah, ahh”

 Fransisca’s chest rises and falls as she turns her tear-stained eyes toward Alexis.

 ”W-why are you doing this…?”

 Fransisca seemed to be unable to read the intention of Alexis’ actions.

 ”Y-you’re torturing my…b-breast… i-it’s terrible…”

 Fransisca is not happy, but then Alexis says, “However, didn’t Fransisca abuse me, too?” and it makes her unable to say anything.

 ”Au, t-that’s… I-I’m sorry…”

 Fransisca was mortified. And to Fransisca, Alexis asked, “Then, it’s not so bad for me to abuse your breast, too, right?”

 ”E-exactly. Alexis-sama is… not so bad…”

 ”Rather, Fransisca deserves to be tortured, doesn’t she?”

 ”Uh… yes…”

 Fransisca nodded her head, unable to get a word in edgewise.

 ”Oh, Alexis-sama is right… I-I deserve to be tortured…”

 Alexis laughed happily to hear her say that, having no other choice but to admit it.

 ”Well then, don’t complain and stay still”


 With this, Fransisca had nowhere to run.

 And of course, Alexis grabbed her nipples tightly again, and she let out an audible, “Hauuuuu.”

 Her breathing becomes labored due to the pain and the agony. Her nipples also tingling from being handled too roughly.

 And seeing Fransisca held still with tears in her eyes, Alexis decides to be gentle and rubs her nipples with his fingers.

 ”Au, au…nn, ku…”

 Twitch! Twitch! the shaking of her body is getting stronger than before.

 ”*Pant* *Pant* A-Alexis-sama…”

 With a mixture of confused colors in her eyes, she looked at Alexis with her tear-wet eyes, and Alexis’ thing was overflowing with a clear liquid from the tip.

 (Hmm. Even if it’s for the purpose of getting used to it, it’s still boring to just show my thing to her…)

 Alexis thought about this, and finally bring her glans toward the princess.

 Suck… His cowper’s fluid-filled urethra is pushed into Fransisca’s nipple as if his mouth were sucking on the nipple.


 Fransisca’s body shudders.

 Alexis then twisted one nipple and smeared the cowper juice on Fransisca’s nipple again, while continuing to roll the other nipple with his finger.

 ”Waaa~, ah, ahiiii…”

 Fransisca’s hips quivered and shook.

 ”…Fuahh, w-what happened to me…”

 Confused by the unknown sensation, Fransisca moves her breasts up and down greatly.

 Seeing her breasts swaying and jiggling, Alexis could no longer stand it.

 So, he put his thing between the cleavage and twisted each nipple with his hands.

 ”Haaaaah, ahhhhhhhh!”

 Alexis was moving his thing up and down between Fransisca’s cleavage, which was responding greatly to the strong stimulation.

 ”Haaahh――Alexis-sama’s… i-it’s wiggling between my breast…”

 Alexis, whose his thing was trapped between Fransisca’s breasts, felt his heart pounding, and he could no longer hold back his excitement.


 A large amount of liquid pours into the crevice of her breast.

 It poured out from the top and bottom of the cleavage, and soon began to flow down the swollen tops of both breasts.

 The spilled liquid drenched the top of Fransisca’s knees where she was sitting on the floor.

 ”Ah, ah, ah…no, even though I said I didn’t want to…”

 Fransisca looked resigned, sighing and spilling tears.

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