Avalon 11

Chapter 11 [Princess-maiden] First Climax, Forced with Clitoral Blame

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 ”…you’re terrible, Alexis-sama… even though I told you I didn’t want it…”


 ”A-and, m-my breast… they’re all t-tingly…”

 ”Ah, I’m sorry”

 Alexis apologized, but Fransisca’s mood did not return.

 Her face was flushed red, and Fransisca was wiping her chest with a towel.

 Like yesterday, her clothes were ruined by the fishy liquid again today. Not only that, but this time her nipples were also violated, which made Fransisca feel even worse than yesterday.

 ”…I hate you, Alexis-sama…”

 Fransisca, who had finished wiping everything off, put her clothes back on and left, slamming the door behind her with tears in her eyes.

 Alexis, on the other hand, realized that he had made a mistake. That he had overdone it.

 (Hmm. I don’t think “masochistic” is quite right, but…)

 Alexis looked at the towels on the floor left behind and pondered.

 Even though the towel was soiled with his semen, Fransisca folded it up and left.

 ”Should I make her more like… she wants my cock so bad…?”

 Alexis then spent the rest of the day alone, carefully planning his strategy.

* * *

 (Ugh, I don’t think I can get rid of this smell…)

 Meanwhile, Fransisca was alone in an unoccupied bathhouse, washing her body with a melancholy feeling.

* * *

 The next day, another conquest of Avalon takes place.

 If not for yesteday night, Fransisca would really, really respect Alexis as a solid guardian. Still—

 (I know, I know it’s inevitable for him to do so, but…)

 She just can’t get used to that slithering, lifelike, deformed being, and most of all, the texture and smell of the white fluid that is spewed out in large quantities.

 (Men’s thing are such extraordinary creatures…)

 Fransisca had thus come to have a very wrong perception.

* * *

 Nevertheless, Fransisca could not refuse to accept the call, no matter how much she had developed a sense of dislike for it.


 So, in the end, Fransisca can only sigh at the door of Alexis’ room today.

 (I-I hope he’ll be nice to me today…)

 She knocks on the door, clinging to her faint hope.

 ”Oh, come in”

 Even he won’t even open the door.

 ”Y-yes. Excuse me…”

 Fransisca opened the door with great reluctance and stepped into the room as she was told.

 Fransisca then closed the door with a click, and although she looked displeased, she immediately offered Alexis something she was holding in her hand, saying, “Umm, this is…”.

 ”The clothes have been washed…”

 Fransisca handed Alexis a cloak.

 Alexis took it and put it away in the closet, remembering that he had lent it to her the other day.

 ”Well then…”

 Seeing Alexis coming back, Fransisca thinks, “Ah, he came”. But it was interrupted by his words.

 ”Here today, sit down”

 Alexis pointed to the bed.

 (Ah… i-is it different from yesterday…?)

 Fransisca sat nervously on the edge of the bed. Alexis then sat down right next to her, making her tense up.

 (Ah, a man is sitting right next to me…)

 They were so close together that their shoulders were almost touching.

 This was the first time in Fransisca’s life that she had ever been in such a situation with the opposite s*x.

 When Fransisca was in such a state, Alexis pulled her into his arms.

 Fransisca let out a small “ah” sound.

 (W-what is it? What is he going to do today?)

 Fransisca seems to be unable to hide her confusion.

 However, Alexis had this thought yesterday.

 (Anyway, it might be better to start by making princess feel pleasure in her body. That way, her resistance to anything else will be lessened)

 So today Alexis was determined to caress Fransisca thoroughly.

 And not knowing his intentions, Fransisca’s body was tense and stiff with tension.

 But when Alexis’ hand started to touch Fransisca’s knee through the skirt of her dress, Fransisca’s body became more tense.

 ”Oh, umm…”

 As Fransisca let out a puzzled squeak, Alexis slipped one hand inside the skirt.

 ”Hyaa? A-Alexis-sama?!”

 Fransisca screamed as she felt a creeping sensation on her thigh.

 ”Wh-where are you touching… au, i-it tickles…”

 Fransisca had tears in her eyes.

 And to Fransisca, Alexis said.

 ”Calm down, just be still. And don’t resist, okay?”

 ”I-I know that, but…”

 Fransisca squeezes her thighs shut, and Alexis speaks up.

 ”Hey, what are you doing, open your legs!”

 ”Eh?? No, it’s embarassing…”

 Alexis was annoyed because Fransisca, perhaps imagining herself in such a position, turned red and started to close her legs even more.

 ”You see. Yesterday and the time before that, you decided to be my slave, didn’t you? Then, can’t you do as I say a little bit more?”

 ”I-I understand. But… but…”

 ”Stop saying “but, but”!”

 Alexis forcefully forced his hand between her thighs.


 And he finally get to rub his fingers over Fransisca’s teary-eyed secret spot through her panties.

 ”Hauu, A-Alexis-sama, that place is so dirty…!”

 Alexis then replies to Fransisca, who is trembling and red to the ears.

 ”It’s okay. Just relax your legs. Because it’s hard to move my hands”

 ”Uh… Y-yes…”

 Fransisca nodded her head slightly, and slowly relaxed her legs.

 Alexis was relieved to see that her thighs, which had been squeezing his hands so tightly that it hurt, finally relaxed.

 Still, the first time is troublesome. But it can’t be helped. He has the advantage of being able to train her to his liking, so he decided to give it some thought.

 And with this, while he rub her secret part with his fingertips through her panties, Fransisca’s body moves a little.


 Fransisca, who was turning bright red and letting out a small exhale, gradually began to feel a sweet, numbing sensation in her secret place.

 (W-what’s this? It feels strange…)

 While Fransisca was puzzled, Alexis did not stop at all.

 She let out a small “Mmm” when his finger was rubbed from bottom to top again.


 Fransisca covered her mouth as quickly as she could.

 But Alexis told her, “Hey, don’t cover your mouth.”


 Fransisca wanted to cry, but she could not complain any more, so she reluctantly took down the hand that was holding her mouth and put it on the bed.

 In the meantime, Alexis patiently rubbed Fransisca’s secret place.

 ”Ugh—Fuu, Mmm, mmm…”

 Although small, a reaction is beginning to be seen.

 Fransisca’s eyes were moist and she seemed to be fighting against the sense of shame given by the unknown sensation.

 But gradually, a moist sensation begins to seep out through her panties.

 ”You are getting wet, aren’t you?”


 Before Fransisca could ask back, Alexis had pushed his fingers firmly into her secret part through her panties.


 Fransisca felt a tingling sensation and shivered.

 ”Haa, ahhhh…”

 And soon, Fransisca becomes aware of her own reaction, and her chest rises and falls while she looks as if she is about to cry.

 Unconsciously, her legs were closed again, and Alexis scolded her.

 ”Ah, I-I’m sorry…”

 With a gasp, Fransisca hastily loosens her legs. But Alexis replied.

 ”No, I won’t allow it, I’m going to punish you”

 As soon as he said this, Alexis slipped his fingers under Fransisca panties and pinched her erect buds before she knew it.


 Fransisca’s hips shook with a loud cry.

 ”*Sob* I-I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

 Fransisca tried to wriggle with tears spilling out of her eyes, but Alexis held her down with one arm and squeezed the bug flesh again, pinching it with his fingers.

 ”Hyaaaa!? Auuu, please forgive me, please forgive me!”

 Fransisca closed her legs again with a squeal of apology.

 This is a natural reflex due to the strong stimulation, but Alexis said to her, “You don’t seem to want me to forgive you, huh?” .

 ”Eh, no, it’s not like that, no, no, Alexis-samaaaaa!”

 Fransisca was panicking and opening her legs from side to side.

 And finally, her legs were wide enough for one hand to pass through, but still, this princess-maiden opened her legs to allow the man to insert his arms into her is—

 ”P-please forgive me…”

 Fransisca is trembling slightly.

 However, in contrast, the liquid is slowly pouring out of the fresh jar, and it gradually begins to moisten Alexis’s fingers.

 (I knew it, this girl responds better to roughness…)

 Alexis barely smiled at the thought.

 ”Okay, I forgive you”

 Alexis said this and now gently stroked Fransisca’s secret place.

 Then her secret part started to make a wet sound.

 ”You’re all so wet”

 Alexis pointed out so and Fransisca’s red face was even redder than before.

 ”W-what do you mean…?”

 ”That’s what happens when you feel good”

 ”Eh, you’re lying—”

 Before Fransisca could finish, Alexis began to move his fingers again, and Fransisca was getting restless.

 ”Hau~, ah, ah…”

 Fransisca was convulsing.

 The stimulation of the sensitive areas by the strong stimulation was giving Fransisca’s body a completely different sweet tingling sensation than before.

 (Ugh, no, this can’t be…)

 Despite this thought, her body couldn’t be controlled in any way.

 ”Fuhh… Ahhh, Kuhhhh….”

 Fransisca’s voice was different from before, and she turned even redder.

 ”Oh, oh …. p-please forgive me, please forgive me…”

 Fransisca managed to escape by lifting her hips, but Alexis said.

 ”What’s the matter with you? Are you still not learned? I guess I’d better punish you again, wouldn’t I?”

 ”Oh… d-don’t do that… I don’t want it to hurt, please…”

 When Fransisca looks like she is about to cry, Alexis says, “Then don’t try to escape.”

 ”Y-yes, I’m sorry…”

 Fransisca had no choice but to remain still.

 And once again, Alexis’ fingertips continue to elicit a sweet numbness that makes her unable to suppress her voice.

 ”Fuaah, ah, ah… Au, ah… ah…”

 As her body trembled, Alexis confirmed that the liquid was pouring out of the jar.

 And once he pulls his hand out of the panties, Fransisca love juices stick to his fingertips and start to flow.

 Alexis smiles when he shows his wet finger to Fransisca.

 ”Look, your pussy is so happy. Doesn’t it feel good?”

 ”I-it doesn’t…”

 Fransisca shakes her head but Alexis puts his hand under her skirt again, saying, “Be honest with me.”

 And she did not close her legs.

 Once again, Alexis’ hand slipped under her panties without any hesitation.

 This time, he put two fingers between Fransisca’s legs, making a wet sound between her legs.

 ”Ahhh, ahh!”

 Fransisca can no longer do anything about it.

 She is not allowed to resist, not allowed to interrupt, not allowed to escape.

 She was not allowed to do anything other than accept the sensations she was being given.

 (Oh, no, the tingling is spreading…)

 Fransisca’s hips were shaking as she squeezed her stomach.

 ”Oh, Alexis-sama, Alexis-sama!”

 Fransisca managed to restrain herself from straining her inner thighs. But in doing so, her legs would open.

 ”Hauuuu, please, stop it, please forgive me! I’m going crazy, I’m going crazy…!”

 Fransisca shakes her head, tearful and reluctant.

 ”No, I won’t forgive you”

 Alexis answered, and then he accelerated the movement of his fingers.

 Fransisca could not help but shudder at the tingling numbness creeping up from her secret, listening to the lewd sounds that were made by her own secret.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhhhhhh!!”

 Fransisca arched her back and trembled her hips.

 ”Hau… ah, ah…!”

 Fransisca was stunned by her first climax in her life.

 And keeping her legs loose, Fransisca started to lean her body against Alexis’ shoulder.

 Perhaps, because of this sweet feeling of weakness, her body has lost its power. She looks dazed with her body on the unfamiliar shoulder of the opposite s*x, and keeps breathing in and out.

 ”I think you came?”

 When Alexis checked her, Fransisca’s blank look comes into her eyes and says, “Came…?”.

 ”Ah, that’s right. You did good”

 Fransisca’s face turned red for a different reason than before.


 With a small quiver of her lips, Fransisca exhaled.

 After that, she nodded her head quietly, saying “…yes…”.

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