Avalon 235

Chapter 235 [Loli Doctor] Tentacle Torture as Punishment, Part One

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 Sara smiles awkwardly as Alexis presses her.

 ”Uh, well, let’s keep things peaceful here…”

 [I don’t wanna…]

 ”I don’t want it”

 Alexis and the armor answer in unison.

 ”Hey, I-I’ll tell you about more girls…! You know what? There’s a cute new medical officer in my office right now…”

 ”Don’t try to sell your subordinates to save your own skin!”

 At Alexis’ prompt remark, Sara’s shoulders slump.

 ”Well, I guess I’ll have to…”

 Sara tries to use her small body to escape by slipping past Alexis, but she falls to the floor with a small scream, “Hyaa!” And since there was no carpet on the floor, she fell down directly on the solid wood of the floor.

 Before Alexis could do anything, tentacles of the armor reached out from the gap in the armor and caught Sara’s feet. The tentacles wrap around her and bind her up to her knees, making it impossible for her to get up.

 ”You are more lively than when you were attached to Dorothea”

 The armor replies to Alexis’ comment, “I’m getting more comfortable with her, and it’s easier for me to make gaps in her body.”

 At this point, Alexis is beginning to think that he might be a good guy.

 Besides, the armor could be useful in many ways.

 Sara looks uneasy, perhaps because of the expression on Alexis’ face.

 ”A-Alex-kun… you will do it in moderation, won’t you?”

 She speaks slowly while her body is still immobile.

 Alexis doesn’t answer but turns his attention to her slender legs, which are still entangled in grotesque reddish-purple tentacles.

 ”Hey, tentacles,” Alexis calls.

 ”If you could move that much, you could do it, couldn’t you? Tear up Sara’s skirt.”


 Sara’s face goes pale, to which the armor replies.

 ”I’m not a tentacle, I’m armor…” The armor then deftly moves its many tentacles as Alexis commands, and swipes the hem of Sara’s lab coat to the left and right.

 Then the armor grabs the knee-length pleated skirt she is wearing and rips it off. It rips with a tearing sound, and the fabric scatters.

 Her soft white thighs and the cotton panties that cover the most important part of her body are revealed.

 ”Open her legs!”

 Alexis commanded, and the tentacles re-tangled Sara’s legs on both sides, forcing her to spread her legs in an M-shape.

 ”Ugh, ugh. Stop it!”

 Sara tries to resist by wriggling and grabbing the tentacles on her legs.

 But the tentacles are even stronger than that, forcing her to spread her legs apart.

 Alexis looks down at Sara, who is dressed in an ungainly position on the floor with her legs spread apart, wearing only her underwear.

 ”I will leave the upper body to the armor, I guess…”

 Well, that’s just the way it is. Besides, he decides to embarrass Sara to the fullest extent.

 ”Hey, armor. You can hit her upper part as you like.”


 Ignoring Sara’s protests, Alexis laughed, “Her panties are in the way.”

 At this, more tentacles came from the armor, finally tearing into the panties.

 ”Ugh, ugh… Uh…uh…”

 Sara looked like she was about to cry.

 Sara’s resistance is weakened, probably because the tentacles have already started to move under the armor.

 It seems that countless tentacles are probing and nudging her upper body where she feels comfortable.

 Her breathing becomes a little heavier and her body trembles occasionally.

 ”Haah, haah—”

 Her face is bright red up to her ears as she repeatedly breathes in anguish.

 Between her legs, which are still open, her secret place is spread, showing Alexis the full extent of her body.

 The pink is gradually turning reddish, and droplets drip from the ripe spot.

 Slowly, it trickles down her thighs.

 Looking at Sara’s face, she turns her head away from him, her breath trembling.

 ”You’re getting wet!”

 Alexis talks to her.

 But he doesn’t want to touch her yet. He just watches her as the armor lays against her.

 But this seems to arouse her shame, and Sara’s body is turning bright red.

 ”No, don’t! Don’t look at me…”

 Alexis doesn’t answer her fading voice.

 Soon, Sara’s body shakes and trembles, “Oh, nnnnghhhh…” she lets out a choked voice.

 ”Haah—…haah, haah, haah—Mm, mmm…”

 Her face melts and her body shakes again and again.

 Each time, the secretion from the honey pot increases. A thick, clear liquid smeared her secret place and dripped down her inner thighs again.

 ”Ah, Alex, kun, mmm, mmm…”

 Sara shakes her upper body. And her wet eyes are on Alexis.

 Her expression is somewhat greedy.

 Apparently, the armor doesn’t have enough technique to make her cum with her upper body caresses.

 However, Alexis has no intention to touch her easily here.

 ”Do you want me to touch you so much?”

 He asked, and Sara nods her head.

 ”Because this armor is really naughty. Alex-kun, can you put your cock inside me?”

 She complains in between her heavy breathing.

 ”Heh, I see”

 Alexis nodded and said, “Then touch her,” referring to the armor.

 Sara looks like she is about to say, “What?”

 But then, another tentacle, different from the one restraining Sara’s legs, came out and started to touch Sara’s lower body.

 ”Eh, huh? Alex-kun!?”

 Sara is upset, while the tentacles are moving back and forth from her lower abdomen to near her pubic mound.

 Seeing this, the armor seems to be confused about its location.

 So, Alexis steps closer, grabs a tentacle, and guides it.

 ”This way,” he says, placing it first on Sara’s clitoris.

 The tentacle seems to immediately notice the small bud-like bulge and starts crawling over it.

 It rubbed it lightly, moving back and forth around the circumference, and pressing directly on the bud, as if tickling it.

 As the armor started these movements, Sara’s voice became louder.

 ”Ah, ahhhh!”

 As expected, the lower part of her body seems to be sensitive to the tentacles.

 Her hips were bouncing again and again.

 Her vaginal hole twitches, and then it starts to seep a little more secretion, so Alexis reaches out his hand and touches the entrance with his forefinger.

 Sara’s body shuddered as he put just the tip of his finger into the vaginal opening.


 She gives him a greedy look.

 She seemed to want him to put his finger in her vagina.

 But Alexis pulled his finger out and spoke to the armor.

 ”Put it in her pussy.”

 ”Huh—Alex-kun!? Eh! Alex-kun!”

 Sara shakes her hips and makes a crying sound.

 ”Why? Why won’t you do anything for me? Alex-kun—”

 Alexis laughs at Sara who begins to sob, “Of course.”

 ”This is punishment. I’m going to have to make you feel good about your armor for all the tricks you pulled on me.”


 Sara gulps, realizing Alexis is serious and shakes her head no.

 ”No, no, no—I don’t want this creepy thing to come in here. A-Alex-kun isn’t such a monster, is he? Right? —Right!?”

 Laughing, Alexis says, “Yeah, well… I feel sorry for you, Sara.”

 He reached out and stroked Sara’s hair.

 Sara nodded her head.

 ”Y-Yes. As you feel sorry for me—then, right?”

 ”Yeah. You’ll have to accept it, won’t you?”

 Alexis smiles.

 And Sara’s face immediately becomes pale as her clitoris makes a squeaking sound with each movement of the tentacles.

 Meanwhile, Alexis takes the tentacle in his hand and guides it into her small vaginal opening.

 He places the tip of the reddish-purple tentacle against it and slowly pushes it into her twitching hole.

 ”Ah, ahhhh—!”

 Sara shakes her body as she feels the sensation of penetration.

 The tentacle moves deep into her vagina as if it is prying open her vaginal hole. At the same time, there is a gurgling sound.

 Alexis moves her hand back and forth, pistoning the tentacle.

 ”Ah, ah, ah!”

 Sara’s body jumps up.

 ”Ah, no, no, no, don’t!”

 She shook her head no but arched her back.

 ”No, I don’t want to cum, no, no, I don’t want to cummmm!”

 She cries like a child, but she can’t control her excitement.

 Finally, her whole body trembles.

 She turns her chin away, and her legs, still gripped by tentacles, tense up.

 With Alexis’ mocking smile on his face, Sara was still submitting to the s*xual orgasm.

 ”Oh, oh…”

 Looking closely at her secret parts which were opened in an “M” shape, the girl seemed to be cumming. Besides, Sara’s buttocks and the floor became wet.

 And now, Sara is not able to hold back.

 All she can do is cry, hiccuping and whimpering.

 ”Ah, no, please forgive me… Alex-kun, let me go.”

 Sara cries weakly.

 Alexis laughs and looks down at her secret place where the tentacle is still inserted.

 ”Forgive me for what”

 Alexis takes off his shoes and steps into Sara’s secret place with his bare feet.

 While he stomps on her clitoris, the tentacle seems to have learned the sequence of actions and starts to piston itself.


 Sara’s body starts to react again.

 ”No, no, no, *Sob, sob,* don’t do it, ah, ahhh…”

 She is being stepped on by Alexis, who has a reddish-purple tentacle clamped on her secret place, and her body is twitching.

 Tears are streaming down her cheeks, but her eyes are melting and her mouth is loose. Sometimes she bites her lip in frustration, but it soon slackens with a charming voice.

 ”I’m cumming, again, ah—”

 Sara reported with dismay.

 At this, Alexis smiles and talks to her, “You can cum so well.”

 ”Does it feel so good to be stepped on and fucked by tentacles?”

 ”No, no, it’s not fair. It’s not fair.”

 Sara’s body stiffened as she spoke.

 ”Ah, ahh…!”

 But she turned her chin away, her whole body trembling as she climaxed.

 Meanwhile, Alexis felt a trickle of water on the sole of his foot that stepped on her secret place in Alexis.

 Well, thinking this again, Sara’s urethra must be fundamentally weak.

 ”You seem to be still inclined to urinary. Aren’t you ashamed of your body constitution?”

 Sara’s red face turns even redder when Alexis says this to her as if to gouge her sense of shame.

 ”No more… please let me go…”

 ”No. I won’t. I won’t forgive you.”

 ”But… ah, ah… Look at me— hahaha, mmm, these tentacles, they never get tired!”

 Sara is writhing and whimpering.

 ”Please… forgive me… I don’t want to cum anymore…”

 It’s a feeble plea, but Alexis thinks he hasn’t heard the important line yet.

 ”Don’t you mean, ‘Please, let me go’?”

 Sara seems to realize and says, “I’m sorry.”

 ”I’m sorry, Alex-kun. I’m sorry…”

 Alexis heard this and smiled.

 ”Okay, make her cum again.”

 As if in response to Alexis’ words, the tentacles begin to piston again.

 ”Ahhhh, why dwo ywou have to do that?”

 By now, Sara is starting to lose her fluency in the language.

 ”Well, what do you think?”

 Alexis asks.

 And Sara says.

 ”Ah, ahhhhh… I’m sorry, I’m sorry… Ah, ahhh! Forgive me, please forgvie me…”

 She had long since lost all sense of composure.

 Sara’s climax is approaching through her body convulsions and raised voice, even as she repeats her pleas.

 ”Nnhhh—Alex-kun, I’m cumming, I’m cumming—”

 But Alexis still stepped on Sara’s pussy and said, “You’ve got a bad cunt.”

 ”Peeing on your pants, cumming all over the place, you really do have a whore’s pussy.”

 ”That’s not right… ah, ahhhhh!”

 Sara reached again, and Alexis checked the softness of her sopping pussy with his foot.

 At that, Alexis laughed. He was having so much fun.

 ”I guess that proves you’re a tentacle-loving slut. Ah, yeah—now I get it. You made this potion on purpose, didn’t you? You just couldn’t resist being tortured by tentacles, couldn’t you?”

 Alexis pulls down his pants and pulls out his tentacle right in front of Sara, who shakes her head hard.

 Alexis’s tentacle is stretching and moving. At this rate, he should be able to do it at least once more.

 Sara, however, shakes her head against Alexis’ tentacle.

 ”No, no…I can’t do it anymore. I can’t do this anymore.”

 ”But you liked mine, didn’t you? Earlier, you said you would do anything for me.”

 ”That’s because you didn’t…”

 Ignoring her words, Alexis reached his p*nis into her vagina and poked her already a sludgy hole, and her body jumped.

 ”Nnnnghhh. I still haven’t had that one yet… ahhh…”

 Sara’s words were interrupted when Alexis inserted his p*nis into her.

 ”No, no, no… I can’t cum anymore.”

 ”Really? I guess I’m going to have to punish you for lying to me.”

 Alexis smirked and moved his cock inside of her wet and slippery vagina.

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