Avalon 234

Chapter 234

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 At last, the armor was easily removed from Dorothea’s body.

 The belt unravels easily, and Dorothea realizes that it is the will of the armor that has prevented her from taking it off.

 ”Ah, I’m finally free”

 Seeing the armor pass from Dorothea’s hand to Sara’s, Alexis says, “You should clean yourself up quickly. You can use the bathroom there,” while he points to the back of the room.

 As Dorothea goes, Sara places the armor in her hand on the coffee table in the corner of the room.

 ”So, that’s settled, right? I’ll leave you to it then.”

 As she casually leaves the room, Alexis grabs her arm and holds her back.

 ”Wait a minute. Don’t try to leave without care.”

 ”…Can’t I?”

 Sara smiles awkwardly and Alexis says, “Of course not!”

 ”At least take this pesky thing with you. You’ll be responsible for the disposal.”

 ”I know… but I don’t want to touch it for too long…”

 Sara gave him a sour look. But she still nodded her head in agreement.

 ”Anyway, it’s the adult thing to do, isn’t it?”

 ”I can’t help it…”

 Sara sighs and returns to the armor with a sigh of resignation.

 In the meantime, Alexis folds his arms and watches her.

 At first glance, the armor sitting on the coffee table looks like an ordinary piece of light armor made of leather and metal. A small magic crystal is embedded in the chest. The metal parts seem to be a little shinier than those of ordinary armor.

 The armor itself is clean since Dorothea’s upper body has been kept clean.

 More importantly, the carpet in the room needs to be cleaned, Alexis thinks, seeing that it is still wet and white.


 Sara is still staring at her armor.

 ”Hurry up!”

 Finally, with Alexis’ urgency, she moves.

 On the coffee table, she reaches for the armor and holds it in front of her chest.

 ”Well, Alex-kun,” Sara turns around.

 Then, countless reddish-purple tentacles extend from the armor.


 Sara’s face tightens involuntarily, and she lets go of the armor.

 But the armor does not fall. The tentacles are already wrapped around Sara’s upper body.

 [You tried to trick me. You can’t get away with this, you lying bitch!]

 Alexis heard it as clearly as Sara did.


 Alexis immediately reached for the hilt of the sword hanging from his waist.

 At the same time, the door to the bathroom at the back of the room slammed open.

 ”Now! I heard the voice of armor!”

 Dorothea comes out of the bathroom in a panic.

 She seems to have been in the middle of taking a bath. After all, she is not wearing any clothes, and her hair, which is usually pulled into a ponytail, is still down. She also appeared to be soaking wet.

 ”Yeah. Sounds like the voice of armor.”

 Alexis keeps his hand on the hilt of his sword and stares at the tentacles.

 ”A-Alex-kun. Do something! Quickly!”

 Sara, as expected, gets teary-eyed and frantically moves her upper body, which is now constricted by the tentacles.

 ”W-What’s this?”

 Dorothea looked at the tentacles growing out of the armor and was astonished.

 ”Did I just get entangled in one of these things? Yikes…”

 ”Well, this reminds me of the monsters in the Avalon. I miss it.”

 Alexis, was relatively calm as he gave a few words of comfort.

 [I won’t allow it. I won’t let you get away. I won’t let you get away with this!]

 The armor’s voice is angry.

 ”Uwaaaaa. Alex-kun, do something quickly!”

 In the end, Sara, realizing that there was no way to escape, rushed Alexis, half crying.

 But to tell the truth, Alexis thought it was a good remedy.

 And if he looks closely, the tentacles seem to be harmless, though they are very angry.

 [Just put me on. You can’t trick me. That’s not what you promised! Put me on!]

 Even the armor’s anger is justified.

 And before long, Alexis took his hand off his sword and stroked his chin with it.

 ”Why don’t you put on…?”

 ”Are you kidding me!?”

 Sara yelled at him.

 ”Well, I mean, it would be nice… also, it’s a promise, right…?”

 ”You were just going to say ‘nice’, weren’t you?”

 Alexis brushed off Sara’s sharp point of view.

 [That’s right! All you have to do is to wear me. It’s only for a little while, right?]

 And even the armor is starting to ask for it together.

 ”No way, I can’t. I can’t do it! I can’t wear this disgusting tentacle armor no matter how I try!”

 Sara’s words hit Alexis hard in the chest.

 ”…Disgusting, you say?”

 Alexis was hurt as if it were his own. It was because his crotch was a tentacle.

 ”Say that again. Tell me once more.”

 Alexis pushes closer. Sara shrugs.

 ”Oh, um… Are you mad at me, Alex-kun?”

 ”I’m mad,” Alexis replies.

 ”All right, finish her off.”

 He orders the armor to do the same. and then he uses his tentacle to make Sara open her arms and put the armor on her. The tentacle reaches through the gaps in the armor and fastens the shoulder and waist belts, holding them firmly in place.

 ”Hahaha. Now you won’t be able to escape from the armor.”

 [Hahaha. Now you won’t be able to escape from me.]

 The armor and Alexis are laughing together.

 ”They’re on the same page…”

 Dorothea, who had been watching the whole thing, is stunned, then mutters, “Oh well… Prince, please take care of the rest,” and turns back to the bathroom.

 ”Wait, Dorothea-chan!?”

 Sara, who had lost all her allies, was in tears.

 ”Ugh. What are you going to do to me?”

 Alexis walks up to Sara as she retreats.

 ”Well…” he nods his head.

 [Let’s punish her, Nii-san. We’re going to punish this wicked woman for lying]

 Before he know it, the armor is calling Alexis “Nii-san,” and it’s a polite term of endearment. Well, in fact, Alexis has been a tentacle man for a long time. In other words, he is the older brother of the armor. And so, Alexis decided to accept it.

 But how did the voices of the armor become audible to the outside world? It was a question, but one thing was clear.

 ”Sara needs to be punished.”

 That much, at least, was clear.

 Thus, Alexis smiles at Sara, who is trembling against the wall.

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