Avalon 233

Chapter 233

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 After reaching a certain point, Dorothea finally seems to be able to calm down.

 Or, rather, the tentacles of her armor have calmed down a bit.

 ”Remember… I’ll definitely remember this later…! I’m going to break it! I’m going to destroy you this time…!”

 Dorothea is lying on the carpet, her lower half soaked with semen, talking to her armor.

 Her face is bright red and she is trembling as if she has been told something embarrassing or something.

 Alexis thinks it’s a pity that only the wearer can hear her.

 With that, he changes into a new pair of trousers that he had carefully taken out of the closet in his room.

 ”Ugh. Stupid. Idiot, idiot!”

 Dorothea is still arguing with her armor.

 ”What are you talking about?”

 Alexis asks her, his curiosity aroused. She turns red and turns away.

 With such an attitude, he couldn’t control his mischievousness.

 ”Hey, what did it say to you? Tell me.”

 He crouches down and makes eye contact with Dorothea.

 ”No, I won’t. I won’t say it!”

 The blacksmith, red to the ears and stubbornly resisting, is cocky.

 ”Just tell me! Or I’ll throw you out of the room with your cum-soaked clothes on!”

 ”Ugh. prince is still the same. Demon! Demon!”

 ”How long are you going to keep calling me prince?”

 When he was unintentionally taken aback by the way she called him, she said, “It’s fine, it’s… just. In my opinion, a prince is still a prince!” Dorothea retorts.

 It is hard to know whether to be happy or sad.

 ”Well, okay.”

 Alexis turns to face Dorothea again.

 ”So, what does the armor say?”

 Alexis smiles at her and asked.

 ”D-Do I have to tell you?”

 Dorothea’s face turns red again.

 It makes him wonder why she is so adamant about it.

 ”Maybe I can find a solution?”

 ”How? I can’t get it off, no matter what I do.”

 ”That’s why. I’m asking you”

 ”But —Hey, I haven’t said a single thing, you piece of erotic armor.”

 Dorothea is miffed.

 ”You really don’t have anything good to say. I’m not going to tell you… Oh, shut up, you piece of erotic armor!”

 Dorothea scolds her armor, and Alexis asked.

 ”What are you talking about?”

 About the time he’s starting to get the idea…

 ”Well, you know…”

 Dorothea turns her head and her face turns red.

 ”The soft touch, and the dirty voice, and…ugh, ahhh…”

 Finally, Dorothea is overwhelmed with shame and falls down.

 ”Okay, okay.”

 Alexis chuckled.

 ”Yeah, it’s like a piece of armor that doesn’t say twice as much as I thought it would. Well, we seem to be on the same page.”


 Alexis shakes his head in annoyance.

 ”Calm down. Anyway, we’ll just have to call Sara here.”

 ”Oh, is that what’s going that way?”

 Dorothea got teary-eyed.

 ”In this outfit. What am I going to do?”

 ”We don’t have a choice. You can’t even go to the bathroom if you can’t undress. Besides, you’re the one who asked me to fuck you.”

 ”Yes, I did, but…”

 Dorothea turns red again.

 ”At that time, I was desperate, or I didn’t have enough time…”

 Anyway, Alexis decided to call Sara, while soothing Dorothea’s confusion, “Well, wait a minute.”

* * *

 A little later, Sara was summoned to the king’s private room.

 The small doctor entered with Alexis, still in her white coat.

 Sara, who had probably heard about the situation from Alexis to some extent, smiles as soon as her eyes meet Dorothea’s. “Oh, my,” she says.

 ”Now, now, don’t be so angry. I didn’t do anything wrong.”

 That’s her first words.

 ”If I don’t blame Sara-san, then what else is wrong with me? Was it me? Or what? No way!”

 Dorothea is obviously unhappy.

 ”Well, well. It was not a good thing that the experiment failed, but…”

 Alexis, who was standing beside Sara, taps her on the head.

 ”What’s wrong with that? Dorothea is in trouble. You’ve got to take responsibility for her.”


 Dorothea is on the verge of tears.

 She didn’t expect Alexis to be so supportive.


 Sara said something in a whisper.

 ”What’s the trouble?” Alexis sighs beside me.

 ”Oh, didn’t you hear it?”

 Sara sticks out her tongue, and Alexis retorts, “Yes, I heard you!”

 Her lack of remorse is appalling.

 Anyway, Alexis stands in front of the door and urges Sara, “Come on, come on.”

 ”We’re not letting her out of here until this is resolved.”


 Sara walked up to Dorothea, who remained seated.

 ”…Wow, I can smell Alex-kun’s smell…”

 Sara murmurs, and Dorothea can’t help but giggle, “T-That’s, of course.”

 She is still wet with semen, so it is natural for her to be so.

 ”Hmm, this armor has a will, and the inside moves, right?”

 Dorothea nods her head and immediately complains to Sara who bends down and pulls the armor with a tug.

 ”Besides, I can’t even take it off. Can’t you do something about that? For example, an antidote…”

 ”You know, Dorothea-chan?”

 Sara smiles at her.

 ”No,” she said flatly.

 ”No, you don’t!”

 Dorothea quickly retorted.

 ”Hey, hurry up and make it. I heard this armor is taking a break now, but I don’t know what it’s going to do!”

 ”A break?”

 ”Yes. That’s what the armor says.”

 ”Heh~, the armor says so.”

 Sara blinked her eyes and smiled again.

 ”So you mean you can communicate with your armor, right? That’s a very good thing! See, Dorothea-chan, you like armor, don’t you? For example, if you become good friends with her, she won’t do anything bad to you, right? Besides, you can keep talking to the armor, so it’s two birds with one stone!”


 From Dorothea’s complexion, Sara seemed to realize that she was really angry.

 Her face showed that she was really angry with her.

 At this, she said, “It’s kidding.”

 ”But. I’m in trouble too”

 Sara stood up and folded her arms.

 ”What do you mean, you’re in trouble?”

 Alexis calls out from the side.


 Sara replies nonchalantly.

 ”The medicine itself was made by chance. I don’t really know the composition of the ingredients and how they work.”

 After saying so, Sara smiles with a tee-hee and adds, “So, I’m sorry.”

 In the same vein, Alexis stands in front of her as she turns around and says, “Wait a minute,” stalling her.

 ”Don’t just say you’re sorry. It’s all your fault for your dangerous behavior. Do something about it, whatever it takes!”

 ”Ehhh? I told you it’s all right. Dorothea-chan seems to be able to talk to her, so the only thing we can do is to somehow persuade the armor not to do anything naughty”

 Sara gives a puzzled look, and Dorothea’s shoulders slump in disappointment.

 ”But how am I going to talk her out of it? She insists that it’s not a bad thing.”

 ”What? That armor, is she listening in on conversations that aren’t about the wearer?”

 Dorothea nodded at Alexis’s concern.

 ”Yes. When I was just talking with the prince…ugh.”

 Dorothea suddenly blushes again and nods her head, perhaps remembering what had just happened.

 Alexis thought, ungraciously, that he would have liked to hear that.

 ”But then, you should be the one to persuade her.”

 Alexis asked Sara.

 ”Why me?”

 Sara’s surprise made Alexis more surprised.

 ”I don’t give a damn about anything. You brought this on yourself. You’re the one who has to deal with it.”

 He says stubbornly.

 And Sara finally nods and turns to face Dorothea’s armor.

 But she immediately folds her arms and groans.

 ”I don’t know how to convince her… I don’t have any experience in negotiating with armor.”

 ”I don’t have any experience negotiating with armor too.”

 ”I’m the same way.”

 Immediately, Dorothea and Alexis shared a disparate view.

 ”Hmm… I don’t know it… but, umm…”

 Sara leaned forward with her hands on her hips and asked anyway.

 ”Can you get away from Dorothea?”

 ”…no,” is Dorothea’s reply.

 ”Well, then…”

 She thinks for a moment and then asks.

 ”How can I get you to leave her?”

 There was a short silence.

 ”Well, um…”

 Dorothea opened her mouth hesitantly, her cheeks flushed.

 ”…She said she would think about it if Sara-san wears it instead of me.”


 In front of Sara, who is shocked, Dorothea says, “Eh…? You’re going to say that much?” She seems to be discussing something with her armor.

 Then, the blacksmith hesitantly tells her.

 ”Well, the armor says she wants to know what other girls’ skin feels like…”


 Sara backed away.

 And Alexis’s voice reached the doctor’s ears, “You’d better listen to her.”


 Alexis smiles back at Sara who turns around.

 ”You planted the seeds, didn’t you? Besides, the armor is good for you. That’s what it means to take responsibility, isn’t it?”


 Sara could not help but nod her head in the face of Dorothea’s armor, intimidated by Alexis.

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