Avalon 232

Chapter 232 [Female Blacksmith] A Body Raised to the Limit and Subdued by a Tentacle Dick

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 ”So… You want me to help you?”

 Alexis looked down at his sudden visitor as he sat deep on the couch in his private room.

 The king’s residence in Sagrado was a very large room set up at the back of the court, fit for a king.

 Except for the king-size bed, it is furnished with a solid wood chest of drawers, tables, and chairs. The room is well built, but the luxuriousness of the room is modest.

 Alexis himself is wearing a tunic shirt and trousers, which are as simple as the room itself.

 In such a rough, kingly attire, he still stares at Dorothea, who is slumped on the floor.

 ”Haah, haah—yeah, please…”

 Dorothea is still in a very unusual mood, as she makes a very unusual request.

 Her eyes are glazed over and her body is shaking.

 Previously, at the moment Alexis notices her knocking and invites her in, she slumps down on the spot.

 Seeing the look on her face, Alexis somehow guessed that Dorothea wanted to be alone with him, so he asked his favorite guard to leave the room.

 Dorothea seems to open her mouth to say something, but then closes it.

 Instead, she shivers and lets out a stifled sigh.

 The blacksmith, who is usually known for her healthy and lively personality, is now so s*xy that one wonders how she has made it this far in one piece.

 Looking down at Dorothea, who is not getting up from her slumped position, Alexis swallows hard.

 He just stares down and doesn’t say anything, but Alexis’s s*xual desire is definitely aroused.

 When Alexis finally asked her about the circumstances of her complaint, he was taken aback.

 ”Sara has started to do something annoying again…”

 Alexis clutched his head.

 But “Hey, prince. Quickly…”

 Hearing Dorothea’s sweet voice like that, he felt a tingle in his groin.

 In the past, has there ever been a situation in which she actively asked for s*x in such a way? No.

 Alexis smiles.

 ”Then… You’re telling me that this erotic armor is touching you all over and you just can’t resist and you need my dick?”

 Dorothea’s ears turned red when she heard this.

 ”What…! You don’t have to say it so clearly…”

 ”So you’re saying you’re not?”

 He asked back, and Dorothea turned her head down.

 ”…No, that’s not it…”

 She says this in a quiet voice and then leans against Alexis’ leg.

 ”P-Prince… Haah, haah, can I?”

 Dorothea’s eyes are so melting that Alexis can’t stop himself from teasing Dorothea.

 ”Hmm… I don’t know…”

 Pretending to be a little bit hesitant, Dorothea makes a face as if she is about to cry.

 ”P-Please. Don’t tease me… you’re always so, so quick to lose control with the prince.”

 Apparently, no matter how hard she is pushed, she still has a tendency to say one extra word.

 She was not happy about it, but Alexis just said, “Heh…” and looked at her. Her body was shaking again, and she let out a choking breath.

 ”Oh, I’m being touched right now… I’m being touched all over… my breasts… my stomach, my side… Haah, haah…”

 ”But I can’t see those tentacles of armor.”

 ”But, then, the voice… see, you’re smiling right now, aren’t you? Oh, you’re humiliating me…”

 ”I can’t even hear the voice.”

 When Alexis answered, she looked disappointed.

 In fact, he can’t hear it, so there’s nothing he can do about it.

 ”Then, what do you want me to do? What do I have to do, prince, to get a p*nis?”

 Dorothea finally began to beg for everything.

 She squeezed Alexis’ legs, wriggling and pushing against him, but all she felt was hard armor.

 ”Please, Prince. Please…”

 She looks red up to her ears, breathing heavily and pleading as if she is in a situation where she can’t care about what others think.

 ”If you want it so much, lick my feet.”

 Alexis demanded something Dorothea would not normally do.

 He takes off his boots and sticks his bare feet in front of her nose.

 Dorothea looks a little miffed, but then…

 She starts to run her tongue over Alexis’ toes without much hesitation.

 ”*Slurp,* Mmm, *Slurp,* mmm…”

 Dorothea leans her face down and carefully runs her tongue over Alexis’ feet with her hands on them.

 Her breath comes in ragged gasps on the finger.

 She’s being rushed so much that anything is good for her.

 ”Prince… *Kiss.* What should I do next?”

 Dorothea asks with a wistful look.

 Alexis, feeling better, undoes his belt and stretches his already squirming crotch.

 And Dorothea looks at his p*nis hungrily.

 ”…Well, maybe for Dorothea, it’s finally over, but for me, it’s no fun to simply put it in and be done with it…”

 He let out a thought, which was overheard by Dorothea.

 She nodded her head and rubbed herself against his p*nis and whispered, “Okay.”

 ”Haah, haah, mmmm, nmmm…is this okay?”

 Before Alexis can say anything, Dorothea takes his p*nis in her mouth and begins to carefully run her tongue over it.

 ”*Smooch,* *Lick…* Prince, can I put it in?”

 Alexis nods his head, and her face relaxes.

 ”Really? Ahh. Can I have it?”

 Dorothea climbed into Alexis’ lap.

 She straddles him and presses her pussy against his p*nis.

 When the spats under the skirt rubbed against each other, a wet squeaking sound could be heard.

 It is because the outside of the spats is soaking wet.

 And when she ran her finger along the stain, her large clitoris, puffy and swollen, brushed against her fingertip.

 She shivered.

 ”Ah! Ahh, there, ah!”

 She suddenly screamed and wriggled, “I’m cummmming!!”

 She arched her back as she hugged Alexis.

 After reaching the climax, she was so absorbed for a moment, then she jumped up again and screamed, “Hmmm!?”

 Apparently, she cum again.

 ”Ah, no, if I come… ah, ahhhh! Everything in my body is so sensitive… ah!”

 And then Dorothea clung to Alexis and said, “No, don’t touch me there, oh, oh, oh, don’t touch my tits…”

 She was moaning in his ear like that, but Alexis couldn’t tell what she was doing.

 In the meantime, Dorothea turns her round eyes to him at close range and whispers in a quavering voice.

 ”Please, prince. I can’t take this. I want you to make me cum more.”

 Her body is in turmoil on his lap, and I am not happy about it.

 Alexis nods and rips off the part of Dorothea’s spats where she has been running her fingers over them.

 He then thrust his p*nis into the hole she had made.

 When he inserts it through the gap of her panties, it seems that the p*nis rubs against her clitoris directly, and she twitches again.

 Still, he plunges his p*nis into Dorothea’s clitoris, which made her turn her chin away from him.

 Now, the head of the p*nis, which is in the undulating, twitching, narrow vaginal canal, is being squeezed by her.

 ”Come on, you have to loosen up a little more, or I won’t be able to go all the way in”

 When Alexis talks to her, she gives him a tearful look.

 ”Dwon’t. I’m going to cwum again… ah, ahhh…!”

 Dorothea’s body shakes and she cries out.

 ”The cock, it’s rubbing against—oh, ahhh!”

 She shakes her hips as she hugs Alexis, “It rubs against my clit, it feels so good…”

 Her eyes have long since given up on reason, and she shudders as if she’s climaxing again.

 Dorothea’s vagina is still wrapped around Alexis’ p*nis and refuses to let go.

 So, in between climaxes, Alexis takes a few moments to let his cock penetrate deep into her vagina.

 At this, “Ahhhh,” she breathes, holding her body.

 In the meantime, Alexis wants to take it in the deepest part of her body. But first, the tightness is so strong that his hips start to tremble.

 He strains his lower body and tries to hold back. However, he feels as if he is about to ejaculate because of the tightness of her vagina as if she is trying to squeeze him.

 And again, Dorothea reaches with a trembling body.

 The reason why she can reach the goal without moving so much is probably due to the persistent tormenting of her upper body.

 The upper part of her body seems to be gradually becoming more and more sensitive to the simultaneous stimulation of the lower and upper parts of her body, and finally, she climaxes repeatedly even if Alexis does not move.

 The tightness becomes stronger and stronger.

 The p*nis has not penetrated deep into her yet. Finally, however, he can’t hold back anymore, and his semen spurts out.


 He cums inside Dorothea’s body, holding her close to him.

 The ample white cum swells her abdomen and makes it slippery.

 Still, Alexis continued to thrust his cock deep inside her tightness.

 ”Haah, haah…”

 Alexis exhales in satisfaction as he feels the glans touch the opening of her cervix.

 Dorothea is also gasping for air, so their breaths meet each other.

 In between their breathing, Dorothea’s voice says,

 ”Ah, don’t. I’m still…”

 In a weak voice, she tells Alexis that her breast is still being fondled.


 ”I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cummmming…”

 With a jerking, twitching sound, Dorothea reaches another orgasm.

 She was peeing her pants from the endless flow of her love juice.

 Alexis’ pants were already soaked with Dorothea’s cum.

 ”Ah, you made me so wet!”

 Alexis points out, and she says.

 ”I’m sorry, prince. I’m sorry… oh, oh, I’m cummmming…!”

 In the middle of her apology, she reaches again.

 ”I’m sorry, I can’t stop…”

 At last, Dorothea is sobbing, and Alexis strokes her head.

 However, her tightness doesn’t lessen in the slightest, and Alexis’s cock is growing again.

 ”If you feel bad, then you need to work on my semen more, okay?”

 Dorothea nodded and said, “Let it out.”

 ”I’m the prince’s whore. I will handle a lot. Please let it out.”

 The blacksmith’s mouth was filled with a sweet voice. Then, with his glans, Alexis pried open the ring-shaped opening of her cervix and shoot his load even deeper into her.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ahhhh—!”

 Dorothea was so excited by the continuous cum poured into her.

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