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Chapter 231 [Female Blacksmith] Tentacles of Prototype Armor Licking Her Whole Body

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 But this is not a bad thing. At last, she can talk to her favorite armor. Being able to communicate is..

 (Sara-san does it sometimes, doesn’t she?)

 She thought she could review it a little

 She thought so

 [Gentle and soft, what a good day it is today. The more you touch me, the softer I feel. I didn’t know humans are so soft]

 Again, Dorothea feels the undulating, squirming sensation on the contact surface of the armor

 The undulating sensation becomes clearer little by little

 ”Here, Onee-chan,” the armor makes her voice crackled

 [Can you feel it? I’m finally getting used to this body. I can finally move my tentacles]

 Numerous tongue-tips rise from inside the armor and stroke Dorothea’s upper body


 A thrill rises in her heart, and she shivers involuntarily

 ”Huh— What, what is it!?”

 Because of the surprise, she sat down on the spot

 In the meantime, tentacles like the tips of tongues are moving around inside the armor

 [How wonderful it is to the touch! My body is hard, so the softness feels good]

 ”Ah, hey, hey! Don’t…!”

 Dorothea rushes to touch the armor

 Now the armor is licking and stroking Dorothea’s breasts and abdomen

 She feels a tingling sensation as the tentacles move near her navel, around the perimeter of her breasts, and move in a groping motion

 ”Haah, haah…”

 Her breathing becomes a little heavier

 And an unexplainable sense of guilt makes Dorothea stifle her voice

 The armor is supposed to separate her from the body, but it feels as if it is touching her directly

 Numerous tongues crawled along the circumference of her breast and licked her nipple


 Her hips jump involuntarily

 But then, she hears a giggle from the armored body

 [You’re making a weird sound. Does it feel that good? This…]

 ”Yes!? What are you saying? Mmm…!”

 She desperately stifles her voice at the feel of the tentacles that move relentlessly around her

 Even she’s never tasted such a myriad of tentacles before

 ”Hyah… ah… Ahh!”

 Dorothea’s body finally falls to the ground

 Still, the tentacles poked her breast evenly and continued to crawl on her nipple

 Under the armor, her nipples are probably already hard and slender. Many short, tongue-like tentacles stroke against them

 ”Oh, oh, stop, stop—oh!”

 Dorothea had no choice but to scream

 Her whole body is red with shame

 After all, even though she is the only one here, she is being played with by the armor she wears

 ”Haah, haah, please, stop, stop!”

 Dorothea tries to scold the armor, but all she can get out is a wistful voice

 The reason is clear. Her body is already on fire, and her lower half should be soaked by now

 A helpless s*xual sensation envelops the upper half of her body, wanting to reach the goal but not being able to

 ”Ah… Don’t do it again. Ahh…”

 [Even though you’re saying that, Onee-chan… Your lower half is rising up. You’re shaking your hips. Do you want me to touch you that much?]

 Dorothea finds herself on her knees, wriggling her raised buttocks

 ”N-No, that’s not right, of course, it’s not right!”

 Still, the tentacles not only crawled into her nipples but also into her navel

 At the same time, a sweet shiver rises up from her abdomen

 ”Ahh…! Oh, stop it… Stop it…”

 Dorothea could only beg and plead

 She can’t cum with just her upper body, no matter how much she’s being fucked

 That’s because Alexis hasn’t developed her that much

 But that doesn’t mean she can’t ask him to touch her lower body or touch herself

 That is just what the armor wants her to do

 (What a thing you made, Sara-san!)

 The thought that she could review the situation, which had briefly flashed in her mind, had also been blown away

 As she thinks so, she hears the voice of the armor in her ear

 [You want to me touch the pussy, don’t you? You want to be touched, don’t you? Come on, you can say it. I’m just a piece of armor. You can say it to me, you miserable little bitch. And crawl like a slave and beg me. Okay?]

 A neutral voice, almost girlish, gently makes a devilish suggestion

 ”Uh, uh…”

 Dorothea’s voice, her body trembles

 The lower half of her body is now tingling with heat, and she can feel herself tingling in her secret place, wanting to be touched as soon as possible

 [Come on]

 The armor urges her

 ”I don’t have to tell you that. There’s no need to say that…! *Sob, sob*”

 Dorothea retorts with a sob

 Her mind fills with images of Alexis, the king of the land

 He is Dorothea’s lord by a wide margin, but she is confident that he can handle this, this burning in her body

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