Avalon 236

Chapter 236 [Loli Doctor] Tentacle Torture as Punishment, Part Two

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 Sara’s narrow vagina was repeatedly climaxed by the tentacle.

 It is soaking wet and twitching with a flood.

 Whenever Alexis moves his cock, her vagina tightens.

 ”Ahh! No more. No more!”

 Sara complains sobbing.

 After having climaxed many times already, she wants to stop, with or without Alexis.

 ”Were you lying when you said earlier that you want to do anything for me? Was it a lie? You’re a bad girl after all.”

 Alexis laughs mockingly and doesn’t stop accusing her.

 ”Ah, ahhh!”

 Sara’s jaw clenches.

 it was turned up again, seemingly involuntarily.

 Her body also convulses again and again.

 ”Nwoo. I’m cumming again, mm, mmmaaaaah!”

 Without her telling, Alexis can tell Sara has really reached her climax.

 She cries, “I’m sorry.”

 ”I’m really tired of it. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

 ”No. I haven’t done it yet”

 ”Ah, no. My vagina’s gonna get all worn out…”

 ”It’s okay. It’s so wet, it’s running smoothly”


 Sara was crying and whining, but when Alexis resumed pistoning again, her reaction changed.

 ”Ahh… Oh, oh, oh. Alex-kun, Dwon’t, dwon’t make me mwoan…”

 She says in a husky voice while clinging to her.

 ”Ahhh… I’m cumming, I’m cummmming…”

 After she shuddered, Sara pushed Alexis’ body back against hers.

 Her hands are still weak, though.

 ”Stwop. This time… this time… I won’t be able to do it anymore! I’m going crazy!”

 Sara wants Alexis to move away, but two reddish-purple tentacles grab her hands.

 The tentacles pull Sara’s hands and bind her behind her back.

 [We told you this is punishment, didn’t we? Then you have to do as you’re told, okay?]

 Sara shakes her head weakly as the armor speaks to her.

 ”Dwon’t… Stwop…”

 [You’ve been saying no for a while now, how many times has Nii-san made you cum?]

 ”Aaah… no… no… don’t say that…”

 Is it a different kind of embarrassment to be tortured in a neutral childish voice? Sara wriggles and tries to pull away from Alexis.

 But at this, Alexis laughs and moves his tentacle inside her vagina.


 Sara’s body convulses violently.

 ”Stwop, Ahh, I’m cumming, ahhh!”

 Her climax comes so fast.

 ”Haah, haah, haah, I’m sworry… ahhh!”

 Before she can even catch her breath, Sara is being pleasured again.

 Alexis, breathing hard, slides his cock deeper into her vagina.

 He pries open her cervix and enters her.

 ”You see? I’m going to pour my tentacle seed directly into you.”

 Alexis smiles, and then the armor says, “That’s good, isn’t it? Aren’t you happy?”


 Sara weakly shakes her head, and a tentacle moves under the armor.

 Her nipples are twisted and pinched.

 ”Ah, nnhhh!”

 At this, Sara’s body convulsed.

 ”Don’t tease me anymore!”

 But Alexis replies, “No,” to Sara’s whimpering.

 ”Well, I’ve got an idea…”

 Alexis orders the armor to do something Sara doesn’t even want to think about.

 ”No, no, you can’t do that, you’ll break me…!”

 Sara moves her hips to escape, but the tentacles have already drained her of all her energy, and she can’t seem to do anything about it.

 A new tentacle enters Sara’s vagina.

 Alexis’ cock is left as it is, and another tentacle is inserted into her vagina. He thought that her vagina hole would be torn by the two tentacles, but it seems not to be so because the hole is wet enough to be loosened.

 ”Hah,” Alexis breathes out.

 ”Simultaneous penetration is surprisingly good, isn’t it?”

 With that, then Alexis’ p*nis and the armored tentacles started to penetrate Sara’s vagina in disjointed movements.

 More intense sensations surged up from Sara’s lower body.

 And she climaxed easily again because of the flood of s*xual sensations that did not stop.

 ”I can’t cwum any mwore!”

 However, rather than stop, Alexis instructed the armor to insert another one and the tentacles pried and screwed Sara’s secret passage more than before.

 Sara’s abdomen moves bounces around as each of the three tentacles moves in different directions.


 Sara was now tired of her body’s refusal to forget its s*xual sensations.

 And the next thing she knows.

 ”I’m sorry. I’m sorry”

 Alexis ejaculated deep inside Sara, who was apologizing.

 With plenty of ejaculation, he fills her womb with a cloud of white fluid.

 There is also a burbling sound as the tentacles move inside her cloud-soaked womb.

 ”Oh, ahhh!”

 Sara trembled weakly.

 Alexis was satisfied at that point, but the two tentacles that had been in the womb together moved for a while after that, playing with Alexis’ semen in Sara’s womb.

* * *

 Before they knew it, the sun was setting.

 Dorothea left the room, looking out for Sara.


 Alexis looks back at Sara.

 He has brought her to the bed, but she is still being played with by tentacles from the armor.

 Thinking it again, Alexis leaves the cleanup for later, and he’d better ask Eden to tell Fransisca not to come.

 Then, as he thinks so.

 ”…this is not good, is it?”

 At first, he thought that he had seen it all, but the never-ending play with the tentacles of the armor made him uneasy.

 Sara has created a monster of a monster. Or is it OK, since it is the creator herself who is being preyed upon?

 While he was torn between the two, he hears the voice of the armor.

 [Ah, Nii-san. It’s time to go.]

 The tentacles, which have been writhing all this time, finally stop moving.


 Alexis asks, and the armor replies.

 [My life was limited to 12 hours. But during that time, I was allowed to do whatever I wanted to do. I owe Nii-san a debt of gratitude – and Mama, too.]

 ”Mama? …Oh, Dorothea.”

 [Yes. I’ve become so ugly… but she didn’t destroy me]

 ”…Yeah, she did.”

 Alexis feels a little bit of a twinge of pride.

 ”But, don’t call yourself ugly. Yes, you’ve grown tentacles, but look at me. I’m like you. We’re on the same side.”


 The armor lets out an emotionally charged cry.

 [I can’t believe you like me. I’m glad I was born. I know it’s been a short time, but I’m really glad I was born.]

 Alexis leans forward involuntarily as her voice trails off.

 ”…Armor!? No! You can’t die. We’ve just gotten to know each other so well…!”

 [I’m happy just to hear you say it like that.]

 ”Wait! Don’t go! It’s just the beginning. We’re going to deepen our friendship. It’s just the beginning.”

 [Yes. But I’ve already…]

 ”Armor! Armor…!”

 Alexis climbs onto the bed and touches the armor, which is becoming translucent.

 [Nii-san… there’s something I want to say to you…]

 ”Yes, I’m ready to listen to anything you have to say.”

 Alexis replies… and as the armor fades away…

 [I’m a woman. So, I was conceived]

 The next moment, the armor disappeared.

 In its place, countless palm-sized pieces of armor scattered and fell.


 Stunned, Alexis looks at the small pieces of armor that are left behind.

 ”Uh, uh…”

 Sara groans weakly and sighs a little, having just gotten the armor on her stomach.

 ”Is it finally… done?”

 ”Hey…Sara,” Alexis speaks to her.

 ”I think I’ll throw this armor away for now.”

 ”Hey… what happened to your friendship earlier?”


 Alexis sighs deeply and silently.

 ”No way, it’s disgusting! This is the armor I’ve created with my own gen!”

 he says, pointing at the armor.

 ”No, but friendship…”

 ”Let’s get rid of it.”


 ”Let’s get rid of it.”

 Sara looks at Alexis with a straight face and thinks that friendship between a man and a woman is as shatterable as glass.

* * *

 The next day, the newborn armor is thrown away by Alexis himself at the dump of Sagrado Castle.

 ”What a waste,” said Sara, who had followed him to the dust chute.

 She is looking sadly at the palm-sized pieces of armor that are being thrown one after another into the side holes in the castle wall leading to the underground collection point.

 ”What do you mean it’s a waste?”

 ”Because the armor gave birth to a child! Don’t you think I’m a genius who can do such a thing?”

 ”Yeah, you’re right. You’re like a natural disaster.”

 Sara, who continues to talk, doesn’t seem to be bothered by Alexis’ sarcasm.

 ”If I could have mass-produced it, maybe it would have been useful.”

 ”What for?”

 ”Well, let’s see…”

 Sara folds her arms, as expected, not thinking about helping anyone at all. She is just trying to come up with a little afterthought to use as an excuse to satisfy her own curiosity.

 ”Oh, yes,” she claps her hands as if she has just had an epiphany.

 ”For example, in a war, if you put this on your enemy, you can make him lose his will to fight by torturing him with the tentacles…”

 ”How do you put it on? Besides, the enemy soldiers who are tortured by tentacles would be screaming in pain! In addition, most of the soldiers are men! The armors will lose their will to fight!”

 ”…I see…”

 Sara’s shoulders slump in disappointment. But then, she says, “Still, it’s no good,” after which Alexis throws the last one into the dust chute.

 ”Oh, what a waste…”

 Sara laments again.

 ”I’ve already thrown them all away. All that’s left is to be burned to ashes. Come on, let’s get the hell out of here.”


 Sara grumbles as she follows Alexis’ lead.

 She looks back at the dust chute one last time.

 But she leaves immediately.

 The castle square in front of the empty dust chute.

 Soon, an unseen, creeping sound is heard.

 A small piece of armor, which had managed to escape Alexis’s sight, crawls away, hiding in the shadows, moving its newly sprouted tentacles.

 No one knows where it has disappeared or where it has gone.

 The End

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