Avalon 237

Chapter 237

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 This is about two and a half years after the disappearance of Avalon and the restoration of peace in Sagrado.

 Sagrado Castle, located in the capital of the religious country of Sagrado, was the first place to be restored.

 The palace is a mixture of old and new, made of old rubble and new construction materials.

 By the time Alexis returned from his long diplomacy, the restoration had already taken place, giving a new flavor to a city that still has, in some places, areas in ruins.

 In Sagrado, a new season has come. It is spring. Though, since there is almost no difference in climate, the time of year can only be known through the calendar. But it is a new season nonetheless.


 Her breath escapes through the open window and disappears into the blue sky.

 Below her, the streets of the capital city are a mixture of the old and the new.

 The woman looking down at the city from a corner of the old castle with a melancholy look on her face is Fransisca Arias Sagrado, the second most powerful person in the castle and the wife of the Priest-King.

 Her beautiful silver hair had not faded in the slightest, and it was glossy and lanky, following the lines of the dress she was wearing.

 The dress is of simple design, as it is the one she wears daily.

 Fransisca looks around the town with her amethyst jewel eyes.

 Today, too, there is a sense of hustle and bustle. Many are builders, bringing in new materials and rebuilding on cleared lots where buildings once stood.

 Two-thirds of the people here are Sagrado and the remaining one is Krangal.

 The number of Sagrado people has been reduced considerably after the incident of Avalon. And when the princess married a foreign prince, there was a lot of emigration from them. All of them were for reconstruction. So, there will inevitably be more admixture and mixing.

 Fransisca was by no means depressed about it. In fact, she is grateful to his husband for bringing in so many workers.

 The reason why she can’t help but be depressed is that she has been working with the workers.

 ”Alexis-sama, you didn’t give me much attention today…”

 Her husband, who finally returned from a long diplomatic trip, had been in a hurry to get back to work, and finally had to leave the country for six months.

 Fransisca could not say so herself. In the first place, she is as busy as him.

 But sometimes, when she has a vacation like this, she feels depressed because she realizes how little contact she has with him. She would rather be working without a break.

 ”Hmm. Maybe I should go to my official work.”

 Fransisca finally takes her eyes off the window. Now she looks back at the door.

 It is a couple’s bedroom with a king-size bed in the middle. Most of the time they go to bed, and sometimes he doesn’t even come home.

 She doesn’t mind that there are days when he doesn’t come home. Rather, she understands that he is like that from the very beginning.

 However, she’s still having a hard time deciding how much special treatment she should ask for, and how much she should wish for.

* * *

 In his study, the king of the land is at work on official business.

 Surrounding him are bookshelves that reach the ceiling on all the walls, and in the middle of it is a polished wooden desk.

 The chair with cushions and armrests is of the same design as the desk and Alexis sits in one of these fine chairs and looks over some papers.

 Mostly progress reports on the progress of reconstruction and the naturalization of the Krangal people, and then petitions…


 Eventually, he leans deeply against the back and folds his arms.

 ”The roads aren’t being cleared. Supplies are not getting to the people. There are all kinds of demands here and there. Well, some of them are just stupid, but I have to rethink my priorities.”

 In the direction where he had thrown the papers, Fatima was there.

 She was wearing a priest’s uniform for high priests and took the papers that Alexis threw without hesitation.

 ”Alex, I told you to be careful with the papers…”

 Fatima looked troubled, but Alexis did not care.

 ”I’m getting tired of dealing with all these documents. I think it’s time for me to go on an inspection tour.”

 ”About that, Alex.”

 Fatima’s face turns serious.

 ”Are you thinking about Her Highness… or rather, Her Majesty the Queen?”

 Fatima’s voice trails off slightly, though it’s not like her voice can be heard outside the room.

 ”The queen? Oh, Fransisca. Is it?”

 ”That’s not it. Have you noticed? The queen has been looking more and more lonely lately. Alex, you haven’t taken a single vacation since you got back. Perhaps you haven’t been giving her much attention, have you?”

 Alexis immediately fell silent.

 It was not that Alexis was unaware of this.

 There are many people like Fatima in this castle who care about Fransisca and check on her every step of the way.

 ”Hey, Fatima… this is an internal affair.”

 Alexis folded his hands on the desk.

 He looks into Fatima’s blue eyes as he does so.

 ”I’m the new king from another land.”

 ”Yes. And a conqueror of Avalon.”

 ”Yes, I’m,” Alexis nods.

 ”And a heartless man who didn’t return to his country for two years after taking the throne.”


 Fatima is upset, and for a moment, her voice is stifled.

 ”Well, wasn’t it because of the promise you made to your father the king?”

 ”Yes. Yes. Thanks to that, I have received the maximum support from Krangal. But that’s Krangal’s side of the story. What do you think the hard-headed high priests of Sagrado think about a king who has not returned home for two years?”


 Fatima was at a loss for words.

 His busy schedule was a performance to win their trust. On the other hand, he has given Fransisca more than enough time off.

 Alexis needs to show that he is a husband who cares for his wife.

 When silence came, Alexis said to her.

 ”…well, the sooner I win the trust, the sooner I can do whatever I want”


 Fatima’s shoulders slumped.

 She had been a fool to try to take him seriously.

 ”You are… You’ve got that kind of calculation in your head, huh? Well, it’s just like you…”

 ”Is that so? Besides, it’s for your own good, isn’t it?”

 Alexis points at her and Fatima is puzzled.

 ”For me?”

 ”Yes. I need to get you into my side of the family as soon as possible. That’s what this is all about, isn’t it? A position where I’m allowed to do whatever I want.”


 Fatima clears her throat. Her face heated up.

 She had never thought she would be told such a thing.

 ”Well, you don’t have to worry about me. It’s true. It’s not a problem…”

 ”Ah, don’t say that.”

 Alexis laughed and looked up at the ceiling.

 ”Fatima, you have a point. Maybe it’s time to give it some thought.”

 Fatima is right.

 Alexis has not been able to spend much time with Fransisca.

 After all, he has been working hard for the past six months since he came back. Maybe it’s time. It might be time.

 ”…it’s about the right time.”

 Alexis murmured in a whisper.

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