Avalon 258

Chapter 258 [Female Knight] Deep Throat as Punishment for Trying to Use Oral Service for Appearance

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 The rooftop of the fort is lined with evenly spaced walls, creating many blind spots.

 There was no sign of anyone except for the soldiers standing on the watchtower, which was also not designed to have a good view of the inside of the fort, but only of the outside of the fort.

 Therefore, it was easy to find a place where no one was watching.

 Needless to say, there was no need to say what Alexis would do.

 Then, just as they came to the wall, he heard “Alexis-sama” coming from Valencia’s direction.

 He turned around and saw her quickly put down her cane and kneel down, her face level with Alexis’s crotch.

 ”I promise to serve you when I can move around”

 She then stroked his cock through his pants, then moved her face close to it and kissed it.

 ”…So, I’ll take off your pants and I’ll do it with my mouth”

 She says this to him, and Alexis can clearly say that she does not look like a s*x slave. She uses the word “serve” as a pretext, but her motive is probably very much that she herself wants to be fucked.

 (I guess she needs to be re-educated)

 With this in mind, he watched as her hands slid down his pants.

 Valencia touched his exposed, still tender p*nis and began to run her tongue over it.

 ”Mmm… *Slurp, slurp.* *Slurp…*”

 She carefully runs her tongue over it, making noises. From the glans, to the underside, to the base, to the neck of the cock. Meanwhile, her hand was softly rubbing the ball sack, so that it quickly became hard.

 (…She doesn’t seem to be getting any worse…)

 He took a breath and put his hand on her head.

 Valencia looks pleased with herself, her face relaxed and entranced.

 However, Alexis doesn’t intend to stay at her pace.

 Then, as he thought so, his cock poked the back of her throat and her body jumped. Still she doesn’t stop the oral service, and she continue to work his cock down her throat.


 Her eyebrows are slightly raised. Her breath catches. But she doesn’t stop, and continue to work his cock deeper into her mouth. When it goes further into her esophagus, her color changes as expected.


 She seems to be vomiting, and her body is writhing repeatedly. However, her throat is so stuffed up that she can’t spit out anything.

 ”Nn, nn!”

 She tries to move her body, but Alexis hold her head with his hand.

 ”Don’t move. You’ll hurt yourself”

 He commands her with a smile.

 However, she was shaking her body again and again with tears in the corners of her eyes, as if she couldn’t suppress her emotions.

 After inserting the p*nis into her as deeply as he could, he pulled it out again. At that time, she seemed to sob more especially, and her body jumped up and down.

 ”Kah—ha, ah, ah…”

 She was shaking repeatedly, clinging to his waist and breathing heavily.

 She didn’t throw up, but her body didn’t seem to stop shaking for a while.

 After waiting for a while, Alexis heard her complain weakly in a voice that sounded like it was about to disappear.

 ”Alexis-sama, what are you doing…”

 ”No, I just wanted to see how far it could go”

 Sayinh so, he grabs her by the bangs.


 Her voice was hoarse.

 ”Haah, haahh, hahh, hahhh. A-Alexis… sama. Please don’t do that again…”

 Her voice was shaky and her upward glance was frightened.

 She is afraid that he will do it again.

 Still, Alexis smiles.

 ”Are you really in that much pain?”

 ”Y-Yes. Yes, it was hard, Alexis-samaa”

 As she whined, Alexis tugged her bangs, and her voice came out again, “Mmmm…”

 Her eyes narrowed, still teary.

 ”Oh…Alexis-sama, you are too rough today.”

 ”But aren’t you the one who said it’s okay for me to move?”

 At leasts, let’s give her a little lesson.

 With this feeling, he pulled her bangs to make her change her posture and put her hands on the wall. He slips his hand under the skirt of her one-piece dress, and insert his fingers into the gap between her panties.

 When he stroked the crack just under her underhair, he found thick mucus on his fingers.

 ”Isn’t it wet?”

 Needless to say, Valencia is a little surprised.


 Valencia also sounded puzzled, but it was a good sign.

 ”You really,” Alexis pushed her roughly, forcing her to press her upper body against the wall, then lifted up her skirt and pulled down her panties.

 ”Ah. Alexis… sama. Here. If someone comes in, my clothes will fall right off…”

 At her protest, he hits her buttocks with the palm of his hand and she let out a shuddering sound.

 ”Ah. No, no, you can’t do that. That’s too rough…”

 She wriggles as she says this, but her own lower half of her body does not agree with her at all. Because as he spreads both folds apart with his fingers, and the clear liquid, no longer held in place, trickled down her inner thighs.

 ”But you are wet and I’m glad to see it”

 Alexis smiles and slaps her buttocks again.


 Valencia’s voice is not so subdued. So it’s not weird that people might hear it at any moment.

 ”Still, can’t you even keep one of your voices down? Are you really feeling so bad when you’re being fucked like this? You are the only one who gets so wet when I dig your throat and slaps your ass, you pervert.”

 As he repeatedly slapped her ass while talking to her, he heard her repeated apologies, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

 ”A-Alexis-sama. Don’t be so rough. I’m sorry, I’m sorry”

 She was crying and apologizing, and she really meant it.

 But what about her secret place? It is still twitching expectantly and dripping love juice.

 ”You don’t seem to have learned your lesson at all, do you? Shall I punish you a little?”

 Alexis stretched out his p*nis and inserted it into her, still wanting, vagina.


 An even louder cry escaped Valencia’s mouth.

 ”Hmm?””What the—?”

 A soldier standing at a watchtower in the distance seems to have noticed something strange and is looking around.

 ”Hey, did you hear that?”

 Alexis asked lightly, and she shook her head and pressed her mouth against her arm.

 But then, he continued to move his p*nis back and forth, causing it to make a squishy sound.

 Of course, Valencia shakes her body and makes a muffled sound.

 ”Ah, you’re terrible. You’re so mean, Alexis-sama…”

 Alexis almost laugh when she says this in a whisper.

 ”If you really feel that way, why don’t you choose to reject me instead of stifling your voice like that?

 Maybe, it hit the nail on the head, but she freaked out.

 ”I-I-I can’t. I can’t do that. Because, you would do something worse, wouldn’t you?”

 ”I see. You thought that about me, didn’t you?”

 As he respond and thrust her again, she shivers and presses her mouth against her arm again. It seems she’s afraid to speak.

 But her muffled voice, “Mmm, mmm” still can be heard.

 Her eyes also melting even from the rear-dorsal position.

 Her uncontrollable love juice was scraped out from the joints where it repeatedly pulled out and in and out, and it was dripping on the floor.

 ”So you prefer it like this, huh?”

 Alexis tugged on the back of her hair as he asked her, and her chin rose up.


 Her voice was soaked in her own wetness as she pulled her arms away.

 ”After all, you’re getting so wet, you know that?”

 As he pointed out, he moved his cock as if he was going to screw it, and her mouth almost emitted a loud voice, but he quickly covered it with his hand. So, only a muffled voice came out instead.

 Still, he rubbed her vagina repeatedly while pulling her hair with his other hand.

 As he does this, she looks completely melted. She was also convulsing her body and contracting her vagina again and again. She must have reached it repeatedly.

 He knew this immediately by the tightening sensation on his p*nis.

 After a while, Alexis moved his face close and whispered in her ear as she was cumming.

 ”You look so happy after what I’ve done to you. So, I’m going to make you come again and again, just like you want”

 Only then did she shake her head.

 She doesn’t want him to make her come again and again. She would have said that if her mouth hadn’t been sealed.

 ”Are you still trying to be cheeky?”

 He moves his p*nis further inside and plays with it.

 Valencia’s body jumped again.


 Valencia climaxed again. But this time with even stronger pleasure.

 She no longer said a word, and she trembled with each light poke.

 After a while, her legs finally collapsed and she slumped down.

 She is now lying on the floor with only her buttocks lifted up. The hand holding her mouth was removed, but the p*nis did not come off.

 ”Ahh. Haahh, ahhhh…”

 She only let out a charming sound as she kept her body on the ground. Her rationality also suddenly burst out.

 Seeing this, Alexis pulls her hair again, makes her raise her head, and holds her mouth with his hand.

 ”Okay, I’m going to make you a slave until I cum”

 Her head barely moved vertically as he spoke to her.

 Now she was exactly as she had said. She is now a true “Meat toilet,” using the hole in Valencia’s slumped body as freely as he can to ejaculate.

 Alexis stopped moving with the intention of giving her pleasure, but she seemed to like it, shaking her body as if she climaxed many times after that.

 Her vagina was too wet, so there was much less friction. However, she kept squeezing him so hard that he was able to ejaculate.

 And since she was so eager, he poured every last drop into her vagina.

 ”Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm…”

 She was shaking her body again and letting out a moaning sound, as if she could not get enough of the sensation of semen accumulating in the depths of her stomach.

 Eventually, her abdomen began to bulge out.

 Alexis had stopped pistoning by then, and both the hand covering her mouth and the hand pulling her hair had been removed, so she took several deep breaths to catch her breath.

 ”…Ah. Alexis-sama’s. It’s still there, deep inside me…”

 Valencia’s voice sounded like it was about to fade away.

 Her voice and mouth were loose.

 When he shook her lightly, the spurting semen gave her a faint sensation of pleasure.

 ”Ah, ah. Alexis-sama! I’m going to die if you do this any more…”

 But her face is still relaxed. However, Alexis decided that it would be dangerous to do so, so he pulled out his p*nis.

 At the same time, a thick white mist overflowed from the lower half of her body, which was still thrust up, and a kind of milk puddle was born on the spot.

 While Valencia was still lying on the ground, Alexis got up and put his pants back on, but he was curious.

 ”…This might not be a good idea in this fort. Should it be cleaned?”

 ”Clean? Yes…”

 Valencia, still half-conscious, turned around on her knees and extended her tongue to the pool of white. She feel like praising her spirit for trying to lick off Alexis’ semen like a cat drinks water.

 ”Good grief, that’s not good. I’ll do it later, so, don’t do that.”

 When he stopped her, Valencia finally looked up.

 ”…Is that so?”

 As he looked at her, he realized that Valencia was just trying to give in to him.

 ”I mean, you must be tired, right? Let’s go back to your room first”

 When he patted her head, she had a happy or ticklish expression on her face.

 Seeing her like this, Alexis also felt a sense of satisfaction.

 ”You’re a good girl, you listen to my commands well. All right, then, I’ll help you with your rehabilitation tomorrow too.”


 She immediately got a tense and uncomfortable expression on her face, which made Alexis think that she was not so single-minded after all.

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