Avalon 257

Chapter 257

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 Yesterday, being nice to her paid off…

 (…of course not…)

 Alexis quickly shook off the thought.

 The next day, when he went to Valencia’s room, she had already left the room and was walking down the corridor with a cane, accompanied by a medical officer.

 ”I don’t need this,” she said with a laugh.

 ”No, if you fall down, you’ll have to be treated again”

 The medical officer’s tone of voice seemed to make her reluctantly retract the cane that she was about to push on her.

 ”Ah, Alexis-sama.”

 But she seemed to have suddenly noticed him and turned his head to her.

 ”Good morning,” she greeted him with a big smile.

 ”Yeah, good morning… Well, Sagrado is in good hands”

 ”What do you mean by that?”

 She asked innocently with a smile on her face. But he just shook his head and muffled his answer with a sly grin.

 (Can she leave the room now? Still, she is a sturdy one… I guess there’s no use in worrying about her)

 He speaks out his true feelings only in his mind.

 As he does so, the medical officer comes up to Alexis.

 ”She is very resilient, the knight of Sagrado. Frankly, I am surprised. Do you have any special training?”

 ”No, she’s just special”

 ”Is that so?”

 He nodded to the puzzled medical officer.

 ”Well, she is tough enough to survive in the Avalon.”

 ”So, she’s an amazing person…”

 The medical officer was impressed for a while and then smiled at her.

 ”But at this rate, she should make a full recovery after rehabilitation today and tomorrow”

 ”Then, can she go back to our home country now?”

 ”No, she is the knight who saved us from the monster. Please let me treat her until the end”


 Valencia’s reputation here is quite impressive. By the way, he saw a soldier from the fort come to visit her after she left the room yesterday. It seems that the fact that she has survived 6 monsters by herself has a great impact on her. She is also a pretty girl at a glance. So, in no time at all, she became a popular person.

 Even now, a passing soldier looks back at Valencia with his nose turned up. Whether they realize it or not, she herself seems to be easily talked to, as she greets them cheerfully with a broad smile on her face.

 ”Are you already in rehabilitation? That’s great!” a soldier says to her.

 ”Hehehe. After all, I’m very sturdy”

 Valencia is proud to show off her chest.

 Her chest also stands out. Her breasts stand out even more since she is wearing only a thin one-piece dress and is not armored as she usually is.

 Naturally, the soldiers’ eyes are on her assertive breasts, but Valencia does not notice.

 As one or two more soldiers came around her, Alexis became concerned and called out to “Valencia”.

 The soldiers seemed to avoid her to the left and right in front of the conqueror, and they passed by her.

 ”Are you going to spend the day in rehabilitation?”

 ”Of course. I want to go back to my home country as soon as possible”

 In contrast to Valencia’s smiling face, the soldiers look disappointed when they hear that she wants to go back. But then, the soldiers talk to her.

 ”Yes, Valencia-chan. You should have stayed here longer.”

 ”That’s right. I should take my time”

 ”Besides, I’d like to know the secret of your strength”

 Valencia is very serious when she replies to the men who are talking to her, but she replies, “Well, that’s not possible.”

 ”I may look like this, but I’m the leader of the monster-slaying squad. I can’t leave it as it is forever since I’m currently entrusted to the deputy commander. Besides—”

 Her eyes turn to Alexis.

 With that, the soldiers’ gazes turned awkward.

 ”I can’t keep bothering Alexis-sama forever…”

 Valencia smiles apologetically.

 Immediately the soldiers looked back at Alexis.

 ”Then we’ll take care of it!”

 ”That’s right. The Conqueror can go back to his business.”

 ”We’ll take full responsibility and take good care of him!”

 ”…Ah, that’s not going to happen”

 Alexis answered outwardly with a friendly smile, but inwardly he thought earnestly.

 (…I’d better keep her around more and more. This girl is terribly dense)

 He pats Valencia on the head, who is completely oblivious to their ulterior motive.

 ”Because she’s my knight!”

 The soldiers looked somewhat disappointed when he said this clearly.

 Valencia, on the other hand, looked a little uncomfortable.

 (What a pity…)

 While she was sighing inside, a female medical officer came to her.

 She said, “I have told you that this is a rehabilitation program, but please do it moderately. You need to take a break as soon as you get tired, don’t you?”

 ”I-I know it! I want to get better as soon as possible, so I’ll do my best!”

 Seeing her clenching her fist with the hand not holding the cane, the medical officer recognized that this was a bad idea. So, she looks back at Alexis.

 ”Conqueror-sama. Please forgive me, but today and tomorrow, could you accompany this knight for her rehabilitation?”

 ”Of course, I don’t mind. I’m free”

 ”Ah, that’s good. Otherwise, this knight might start running a full marathon under the guise of rehabilitation…”

 ”Excuse me, Medical Officer. What do you think I am…?”

 Valencia was appalled, but Alexis was inclined to agree with the medical officer who thought so.

 ”Of course, I’ll keep an eye on her, just to make sure she doesn’t start any messes.”

 ”Alexis-sama, you’re so mean!”

 He pats the teary-eyed lady knight on the head appropriately. It would be troublesome if she started to cry.

 Seeing this, the medical officer bows her head and says, “Thank you very much.”

 Then, the soldiers left for their posts.

 The medical officer, who seems to have other work to do, bows her head and leaves.

 After that, Alexis walked with Valencia through the fortress.

 ”By the way, where are Maria and Eden?”

 Valencia asked him as if she had just remembered, to which he replied, “I left them behind.”

 ”It’s not worth bringing them to Valencia for a visit, you know.”

 ”Wh-Why…? I mean, it’s just a visit”

 ”Well, instead of visiting you, I’ve become your rehabilitation companion.”

 ”Ah… I’m sorry, am I bothering you?”

 Seeing Valencia’s shoulders drooping dejectedly, Alexis couldn’t help but laugh at her.

 ”You know what I mean, don’t you? I don’t go out of my way to do for others what I don’t feel like doing for myself.”

 When he answered her, she looked pleased with herself and her mouth fell open.

 ”…Thank you, Alexis-sama.”

 Her distance from him becomes a little closer as she says this.

 She has been keeping her distance from him halfway. Whether she is concerned about her surroundings or not, Alexis does not know.

 But he wonders if she should keep a little more distance from him because it would be dangerous if she fall down. As he was thinking so, she let out a voice.

 ”Alexis-sama, I’d like to go over there”

 Valencia points to a spiral stone staircase leading to the roof of the fort.

 ”Are you okay? This staircase looks reasonably long.”

 ”I’m fine. And I’m afraid I’ll get choked up if we have to go indoors only.”

 ”Then, take it easy.”

 After saying so, he decides that she will be all right if he supports her, and touches her waist. Valencia trembled slightly.

 ”Eh? Alexis-sama?”

 Her face turns red and she pulls back slightly.

 He knows what she was thinking by her reaction.

 ”…Hey, what are you thinking? I’m just going to support you, okay?”

 ”Thank God… I was afraid you were going to do something naughty to me again.”

 ”Hey, you…”

 That’s just rude. He was pissed.

 ”If you want me to screw you so badly, I’ll do it again.”

 As he said this with a light touch of meanness in his voice, she looked at him with a wide-eyed stare and tilted her head slightly.



 ”You said yesterday that when I can move around a little more…”

 ”No, as expected, no one is thinking about the first day of rehabilitation.”

 ”But I can already move, can’t I?”

 Valencia leans in closer this time, her hands still on her hips.

 ”I’m sorry about that. I made Alexis-sama put up with a lot yesterday…”

 ”Then, what was all that good stuff you said earlier?”

 ”Well, I thought, as expected, in the middle of the stairs…”

 Seeing Valencia’s troubled face, Alexis thought to himself again, “This girl is really rude.”

 She’s been talking so rudely to him for a long time. What does she think about him? Is he going to say, “Okay?” It’s no fun if he accepts it.

 Maybe she should be taught that he has the right to take the initiative.

 But considering that, the place she wants to go may be just right.

 ”You want to go to the rooftop anyway, right? Then, let’s go”

 She nodded her head.

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