Avalon 256

Chapter 256 [Female Knight] She’s Injured, so I’m Going to Make Her Come Gently with My Finger

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 On the bed, Valencia lies on her back, still bandaged and her blue eyes look at Alexis hungrily.

 She is afraid to tell him what she wants, and she only glances at him with her moist eyes and lets out a small breath, “Alexis… sama.”

 Such a shy attitude of the knight may be a privilege only for Alexis.

 Thinking of this, Alexis pulls up her skirt and pulls it over her breasts.

 As expected, she is not wearing a bra, and her big, plump breasts are revealed.

 However, there is a bandage just below them. Both her arms and legs also were bandaged.

 ”You’re still s*xually active despite your injuries, huh?”

 He teases her lightly, and her face turns red up to her ears.

 ”B-Because Alexis-sama touches me…”

 ”Well, that’s all right. I’m going to touch you to the end”

 With these words, he puts his hands on her ample breasts.

 It had been a long time since Alexis had touched such a big-sized breast, so he squeezed them carefully and enjoyed the softness peculiar to a woman.

 ”Mmm, mmmm, mmmm…”

 Valencia’s breath was coming out in ragged gasps, and she seemed to be suppressing her voice while writhing. To see such a woman writhing between shame and lust is a good thing.

 He would like to make her scream more, but it is not a good time to do it too hard.

 (…well, it can’t be helped)

 He wants to grab her bangs and pull them, but he restrains himself from doing so and puts his face down on her breast.

 When he takes her nipple into his mouth, her body jumps up and down.

 ”Hyah… A-Alexis-sama!?”

 Her voice is upset.

 But he ignored her and gently rolled her nipples with the tip of his tongue.

 ”Wh-What are you doing…!? Mmm, mmm!”

 ”Sometimes, it’s nice to be gentle, isn’t it?”

 He took his mouth away from hers, then nipped her nipple again and put his hand on the other breast.

 Then, he puts his other hand on her mouth, and she does not reply anymore, because her voice becomes husky.

 After doing so, he gives her a light sweet bite, and her whole body lying on the bed stiffened and shivered.

 ”Mm, mmm!”

 Judging from the fact that her chin is slightly turned up and her eyes are narrowed, she probably feels more comfortable when she is touched in a slightly torturous way.

 However, she is an injured person today.

 He does not bite her too much, and then he stimulates her gently and softly with his hand and tongue. Soon, her thighs begin to rub together, and Valencia glances at him.

 ”Ah, umm…”

 She tries to say something, but her mouth is closed.


 Valencia’s face turned red and she closed her mouth.

 ”Well, let me hear what you have to say”

 When Valencia was covered by him, she finally opened her mouth.

 Then, she stared at him with her face close to mine and her throat moved.


 She opens her mouth slowly, still wondering whether she should say something or not.

 ”I-I want you to bite me again as you did before…”

 Alexis almost laughed.

 He thought she was going to ask him to touch her bottom too, but she asked him to do it harder…

 ”You were told to rest, right? Can’t you even ask me that?”

 ”I-I know it… Because I’m patient too. But the truth is…”

 ”The truth? What’s the truth?”

 He grinned at her, and she looked at him and confided in a voice that sounded like it was about to disappear.

 ”…Actually, the rougher the better…”

 ”I see your point”

 Alexis can’t help but laugh.

 He had taught her that kind of s*x, but when he was being gentle, she never fell for it and complained that it was not enough for her.

 ”But be patient for now”

 He says and lowers his face to her breast again. He then puts his hand on the other breast, and the other hand on the inside of her thigh to her secret place.

 His hand, which was inserted through the gap of her underwear, touched her breast, and at the same time, his other hand rubbed her wet and slippery secret place.

 ”Mm, mmm, ah!”

 She could not bear to have her breasts and her secret place touched at the same time, and her suppressed voice started to leak out.

 ”Ah… Mmm… haahh, ah, ahhh. Alexis… sama… no, you’re so intense, my voice…”

 ”But you said you want it hard, right?”


 ”Besides, if I gave you what you wanted, you know you wouldn’t be able to keep your voice down, would you?”

 She seemed to feel she couldn’t argue with him, and she fell silent. Instead, only her charming voice was leaking out.

 She seems to cover her mouth with her hands, but her voice is leaking out through the gap between her palms.

 Meanwhile, while licking her nipples, Alexis felt her nipples hard and erect against his tongue, and her secret parts were soaked wet by the endless flow of her nectar.

 He then inserts his index finger into her vagina, and it slips deep into her vagina.


 She breathes in a nasal gasp, and her hips slightly lift up.

 The soft folds of her flesh sucked on his fingers, squeezing them tightly.

 As he moved his finger slowly back and forth, her vagina moved and clung to his finger.

 Each time he does it, she writhed and breathed heavily. Sometimes her breaths mingled with a nasal tone.

 ”Please, Alexis-sama, somewhere, don’t…”

 She says in a muffled voice, and Alexis releases his mouth from sucking on her nipple.

 Her body still trembled, and when he moved his finger to trace the back of her vagina, she jumped up.

 ”Haahh, haahh, haahhh, I’m going to cum at this rate. I’m gonna scream when I cum…”

 ”Even though I’ve stopped using my mouth?”

 ”Ah, but your hands are still touching my breasts…”

 Following her voice, Alexis lets go of his hands, too.

 As a substitute, he increases the number of fingers he pulls in and out of her vagina. He added his middle finger to his index finger and inserted it again, and the tightness became tighter, but it reached easily into the vagina.


 Valencia let out a loud cry and rushed to push the quilt she had on her face.

 ”See, I’ve stopped rubbing your breasts”

 He says but moves his hand.

 ”I didn’t even use my dick. I’m sure it’s not too much for you, right?”

 He tries to talk to her, but she doesn’t answer him. No wonder. She keeps the quilt pressed against her face, wriggling and making “Mmm” noises.

 At that moment, her body stiffens and she shakes violently.

 The tightness of her vagina tightens and her back arches, and for a while, a muffled voice is heard, as if she is letting out a long breath.

 ”…ahhh”, Alexis smiles at this sound.

 He notices immediately that she has come.

 ”Hey, I stopped touching her breasts, didn’t I?”

 Since the quilt was hiding her face forever, he peeled it off and met her eyes, which looked as if they were about to cry. But then he moved his finger, which was still inserted in her vagina, lightly, and her face fell in a flash.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!”

 She was writhing with a mellow expression, her mouth slackened and her chin turned up.

 Her vagina is still tightening up as if there is still a lingering sensation, but maybe this makes her even more sensitive.

 ”Look, you’re making a sound. But didn’t you want people to hear you?”

 He is not going to relax his hand even though he hears her voice.

 And every time he moves his hand, there is a squeaky wet sound.

 ”Oh! Ah, ah, stop, because, no…”

 Valencia wriggles, fighting against her shame.

 She puts her hand over her loose mouth again. She has no choice but to do so because the covers have been taken away from her.

 ”Because you touch me like that. Ah, ahhh, Alexis-sama, I’m—”

 ”You’re too sensitive. I’m only touching you with my fingers, okay?”

 ”But, ah, no, my voice—”

 ”Okay, I’ll cover your mouth with this”

 With one hand, he lightly loosened his pants, reached out, and pushed his p*nis into her mouth.


 He pushes it into the back of her throat, and her hips rise up significantly.

 ”Mmm! Mmm, mmm!”

 He tickles her throat with his cock as her body shakes and trembles.

 Her throat narrows and her p*nis clamps down.

 She must be suffocating. In fact, he couldn’t hear her breathing. But Valencia is shaking with a mellow face. She is in the process of reaching her goal.

 ”You still have the body for a slave, huh?”

 He smirks at her and it seems she had a happy expression on her face.

 But then, he pulled out his p*nis, and he also pulled out his fingers from her vagina.


 Valencia’s raised hips sank into the bed.

 ”Haaah, haaah—”

 Her face gasps with a rapt and pleasing expression.

 Alexis’ p*nis is still stretched.

 But he can’t force her to do anything more. But as he tries to pull it back, she turns her head to look at him, seeming to notice.

 ”Alexis… sama. ….Y-Your p*nis is still hard”

 He pulls back his hand as if to escape her outstretched hand.

 ”You’re in no condition to go that far, are you?”


 ”Okay, since you seemed to want me to fuck you so badly, I just let you cum today. I did it to reward you for your courage in defeating six monsters by yourself”


 Her cheeks flushed.

 ”So, did it work?”

 He asked, and she gave a small nod.

 ”Oh, um. In return, I would like to serve Alexis-sama…”

 Her eyes glancing at him looked somewhat greedy. It seems that the way she just did is not enough for her.

 ”But I can’t show other countries that a female knight of our country is such a pervert, can I?”

 When he pointed this out to her, her cheeks reddened even more.

 She bites her lip, looks away, and growls “but.” However, after a while, she answered in a fading voice.

 ”…I’m Alexis-sama’s slave”

 ”I see. So it’s very special, huh?”


 Valencia was silent, but Alexis suggested.

 ”Okay, when you can move around a little bit more, I will reward you then. How is it?”

 ”What? B-But… Alexis-sama, are you really going to stay here until I get better?”

 Seeing the expression on the knight’s face, he almost laughed.

 ”I’ll stay, huh? I mean, you really want me to stay, don’t you?”


 He pats her head, her words muffled.

 ”I’ll stay, at least that much.”

 ”Y-Yes. …Alexis-sama.”

 Valencia’s eyes narrowed as if she could not contain her happiness.

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