Avalon 255

Chapter 255

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 According to the medical officer at the fort, Valencia’s injury will take a week to heal. Five days of bed rest and two days of rehabilitation are required. Since that’s what he had heard, Alexis was prepared to stay a few days.

 (My father would not be happy about it, but if we kept quiet, he wouldn’t know)

 With such a light heart, he told Maria and Eden that he would stay until Valencia was healed, and went to this knightess’s room again the next day.

 Even though she had violated the order, her injury was caused by her duty. He thought he would at least visit her every day while he was there.

 When he knocks on the door of her private room, he hears a voice inside.


 Despite having some doubts, he knocked on the room and called out, “I’m coming in.”

 When he opened the door, he found the medical officer he had seen here yesterday, a woman, looking upset. On the other hand, Valencia got up from the bed and said, “Look, it’s all right!”

 ”Y-Yes? Oh, that?”

 The medical officer, whose eyes are fluttering, looks extremely puzzled.

 ”I don’t think your injury is that easy to heal…”

 ”I’m made of strong stuff! Okay?”

 Valencia holds out her hand to shake the medical officer’s hand and says, “Look,” smiling.

 ”T-That’s great…”

 Still, the medical officer looks puzzled as she mumbles this.

 ”Hey, Valencia. You made her confused.”

 Alexis called out to them, and they turned around as if they finally realized what was happening.

 ”Hey, Alexis-sama!? What are you doing here?”

 Valencia’s astonished attitude made him feel annoyed.

 ”What? Are you afraid of me?”

 ”No, not at all! I thought you’d already left— I mean, you’re still in the middle of diplomacy, aren’t you?”

 ”Valencia-sama. Conqueror-sama plans to stay until you’re healed.”

 The medical officer explains, and she says, “Oh, is that so?”

 ”Yes, that’s right. Well, I’ll go if you don’t want me to be here”

 ”Ah… no, don’t! Please don’t go, Alexis-sama!”

 Valencia, who seemed to think that she was going to be left behind, rushed to run to Alexis.

 ”Ah, watch out, Valencia-sama!?”

 Just as the medical officer said, the normally strong knightess tripped and almost fell down in the middle of nowhere.



 The medical officer is hitting hard, closing her eyes in a panic.

 Alexis takes the knightess’s body in his arms. The warmth of her body through the soft, warm cloth touches his arm.

 ”Oh gosh..”

 He sighs.

 ”Don’t be in such a hurry, I’m not going to go, okay? What do you think I am?”

 ”Uh, uhhh… Y-You’re right. Alexis-sama, you’re very kind.”

 Valencia looks up and smiles shyly. Regardless, her shoulder-length blonde hair is well-groomed today, and Alexis strokes it.

 ”Still, you’re a little unsteady on your feet, aren’t you? You’re not in good shape after all.”

 ”…I-I guess you’re right.”

 Valencia is smiling, but she is glancing down with a concerned look. Soon Alexis realized what was bothering her. His arm supporting her weight was just touching her breast. Or, perhaps, this visual is more like “buried”.

 (Is this girl wearing nothing underneath? No wonder, I thought she was conspicuous)

 When he moved his arm lightly, a small breath escaped from her mouth.


 Seeing this, he can’t help but stare at her. Then, when their eyes met, she looked at him awkwardly. And when he sees the vermilion on her cheeks gradually increase, she seems to understand that he has noticed it.

 Just then a smile breaks out on her face.

 But when they turn their eyes to the medical officer, she seems not to have noticed their silent exchange.

 ”Thank God…if you fall down, the wound will reopen. It’s better to rest.”

 ”Uh-huh. I agree.”

 Valencia nodded her head and glanced at Alexis with a concerned look.

 Alexis smiled and helped her to the bed.

 ”You’d better obey the medical officer. You’re going to have to rest today.”


 Valencia lies down on the bed quietly.

 Seeing her attitude, the medical officer smiles at her.

 ”I knew you would obey your lord’s orders. I shouldn’t have asked you to start rehabilitation like that. But you can rest assured now.”

 ”You… I thought you were making a lot of noise, is that what you were talking about?”

 Alexis was taken aback.

 ”I’m sorry,” Valencia replied in a manner that would have made him flatten his ears, so he decided not to scold her too much.

 ”That’s good. Well, I’ll leave now. I’m sure you will be at ease now that your lord is here.”

 The medical officer then turns to Alexis.

 ”Please take good care of Valencia-sama.”

 She bowed her head. Looking at her attitude, it seems that her misunderstanding of him as a fearful tyrant that he had received yesterday has been cleared up.

 It was a good thing that he has such a good subordinate, he thought to himself as the medical officer left the room.


 Valencia spoke to him and he turned his attention to her.

 She had a troubled, somber expression on her face.

 ”Didn’t you have to say anything?”


 ”Well… She misunderstood that Alexis-sama is my lord…”

 ”Is there a problem?”


 ”More importantly, I thought you’d be more forthcoming in denying such a thing. “The princess is my only lord,” You could’ve said something like that.”

 ”Well, I wouldn’t say such a thing to a person who’s already been confirmed as the Priest-King…”

 Seeing Valencia’s gaze drifting awkwardly again, he recalled her earlier attitude.

 When his arm touched her chest earlier. He didn’t mean it at the time.

 ”…are you frustrated?”

 He asked her frankly, and she said, “What?”.

 ”W-What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

 Valencia immediately turned red up to her ears and turned over on her side.

 ”Well, if you’re going to talk like that, I don’t need your hospital visit…”

 She said this with her head down on the pillow, as if she thought it would be safer if no one could see her face.


 Alexis smiles smugly.

 ”In a short time, you’ve become a real talker, haven’t you?”


 She is upset and looks down in distress.

 She is probably unaware that she is wearing only a thin one-piece dress and her body is exposed unprotected because there is no quilt on her.

 Through the cloth, the curves of her well-formed buttocks stand out.

 ”Well, uh… Because—”

 She is probably trying hard to find words to say something back.

 Is it an excuse or an apology? From Alexis’ point of view, it doesn’t matter.

 When he strokes her buttocks gently, she shivers and utters a small “ahhh.”

 ”Oh…, A-Alexis-sama…?”

 She lets out an upset voice, but he strokes her ass softly again.

 This should not be a problem, since he is not rough with her.

 And her breath comes out in a puff of air.

 (She is very sensitive)

 He must be right that she is frustrated.

 (I’ll take care of her a little)

 Just when he was thinking that it is not so bad to deal with Valencia.

 He touched her skirt, and her body became stiff, probably because his hand touched her thigh.


 She lets out a sigh and still, he slowly lifts up her skirt.

 Her white panties peeked out through the gap between her tightly closed legs at the back of her tight and elastic inner thighs.

 ”Oh, um, Alexis-sama. Here, in another country, in another fortress… T-That’s…”

 Valencia’s voice was upset.

 ”Oh, I see. You don’t even listen to orders?”


 She catches her breath and whispers, “…that’s not fair.”

 Ignoring her, Alexis inserts his fingers into the crevices of her panties.

 When he raked her cleavage from side to side with his forefinger, a thick, thick nectar overflowed, wetting his fingertips.

 ”You’re getting it all wet, huh?”

 ”Umm. B-Because…”

 Valencia let out a voice like she was about to cry.

 ”Because… you haven’t touched me for a long time, I…”

 He can’t help but laugh at the sound of her voice as if she were about to disappear.

 ”I see,” he replies, moving his fingers, and he hears a subdued “mmmm, mmmm…”

 It seems that she is worried that her voice will be overheard outside the room.

 Despite her appearance, she has the common sense of a knight. She must be aware of the fact that it is not good for the outside world to think that she is a knight who also makes her lord’s bed.

 However, she seems to have lost her patience as she was being touched.

 ”Alexis, sama…”

 Her voice turned into a sweet one, and her eyes were all misty when she looked back at him.

 ”U-Umm. I’m not sure if there are other places…”

 In a fading voice, the knightess looks up at him with a beguiling look.

 Alexis smiled and nodded “Yes yes”.

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