Avalon 225

Chapter 225 [Medical Officer] First Discipline

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 In the morning, Alexis is woken up by soft light and the smell of food.

 ”Uh, hmm—”

 He turns over in his wide bed and opens his eyes. There stood Lily.

 When her eyes meet him, she says, “Ah,” and smiles softly.

 She was just putting a plate of breakfast on the table in front of him.

 And on the plate was a plate of white bread with honey, a plate of fruit, and a bowl of soup that was steaming.

 ”Good morning, Your Majesty. Have you awakened?”

 A quiet voice asked, and Alexis nodded.


 He pulls himself up and pulls off the quilt.

 Since it was first thing in the morning, his long tentacle was pushing up his pants.

 Lily’s eyes seem to have caught it, and her cheeks turn bright red as she drifts her gaze.

 ”Ah, uh, umm… I brought you some breakfast…”

 Her inexperience was evident in the way she backed away from him.

 Still, Alexis smiles at her.

 ”Are you just going to wake me up and walk away?”

 ”Eh!? Umm… I, I was told that I would be your caretaker…”

 Alexis laughs at Lily’s puzzled look.

 ”So I just brought you some food for the day…”

 Lily frowns and fidgets.

 Looking closely, Alexis sees that she is right: the curtains are open and the fresh morning sun is streaming in.

 ”Yeah, well, you’re not wrong”

 Alexis looks Lily in the eye again.

 She is not wearing her medical officer’s uniform or lab coat today. No doubt she intends to be Alexis’ caretaker.

 So, she is wearing a one-piece dress with a string ribbon, which seems to be her personal attire, and a corset-type belt. Her legs, which extend from her knee-length skirt, are covered with white tights, and she is wearing long boots.

 She looks innocent and lovely, as is typical of her. The overall design is quiet and simple, giving her a reserved impression, which would not be a problem next to a superior such as Alexis.

 However, Alexis’ finger points at the tights in her clothes and points out “that’s it.”


 Is there something wrong with me? Her face is puzzled as if to say so.

 Just as she thought so, Alexis pull Lily’s arm and place her on the bed, making her straddle his lap.

 ”Ah, um… Your Majesty…?”

 Lily’s face turns red.

 ”I admire your choice of skirt. But what’s this?”

 Alexis pulls on her tights.

 ”If you wear them like this, you can’t easily insert your master’s cock at any time, can you? If you’re going to wear them like this, choose ones with a hole or a slit between the legs.”


 Lily was so surprised that she raised her voice and shook her head.

 ”Wh-Wh-What are you talking about!?”

 Her voice was inverted.

 Alexis smiled.

 ”You’re my caretaker, aren’t you? Don’t tell me you don’t know what kind of a master I am?”

 ”Well, that’s”

 Lily’s face scrunched up.

 She can’t deny it. But she doesn’t know how to act in such a situation.

 ”You noticed this, didn’t you?”

 Alexis points to his raised crotch.

 ”Isn’t this the first thing a caretaker should take care of? It seems you don’t care.”


 Lily shuddered and said, “Please forgive me…” with a downcast look on her face.

 ”But I don’t know what to do”

 Her voice was trembling as she kept her head down. Her ears peeking out from her hair are turning red.

 ”Eh, umm…”

 Lily glances at Alexis’ face, then immediately turns her head down and intertwines the fingers of her hands.

 ”Oh, um…”

 Her apologetic eyes flick over to Alexis.

 Expressing his amusement, Alexis giggles.

 ”It seems that the unconscious caretaker needs to be disciplined, huh?”


 Lily falls silent.

 But then, Alexis pulled her hand. Her body falls easily, and he catches her slender figure with his chest.

 There is no refusal in Lily’s mind. The evidence is in her attitude.

 ”This is your chance. How about I train you to be my own woman?”

 He asked her, and she held her breath.

 After a moment, her head makes a small vertical movement.

 ”Y-Your Majesty…”

 Lily looks up at him.

 ”I-Is that all right?”

 Lily looks up at him, her eyes full of concern.

 ”I-I’m not sure I’m the right person to be trained by you, Your Majesty.”

 As Lily is pressed against him, Alexis can feel her heart pounding in her chest.

 And understanding her feelings, Alexis nodded his head and said, “It’s alright.”

 He then gently pushed her body.

 ”Now, let me show you how to entertain me when I wake up”

 Lily gasped and nodded “Yes.”

 After she answered, when she straddles his lap again, he loosens his trousers in front of her and stretches out his cock.

 He does not make it long but keeps it about the same length as that of a normal man.

 ”Kneel down and say hello to my cock first”

 Alexis says, and Lily gets down on her knees.

 She puts her face close to the thing and with a red face says, “G… Good morning,” and obeys him.

 Alexis feels better and asks her to give him a kiss.

 ”Y… yes.”

 Lily obeys meekly.

 Soft lips are pressed against the glans. And it is strangely immoral to make her do that.

 It felt like he was letting her do something she shouldn’t, like defiling something so pure.

 ”Open your mouth”

 Alexis says, and she opens her mouth.

 ”Stick out your tongue,” he says, and she obeys, flicking her tongue out.

 She looked like a dog, Alexis thought.

 Her atmosphere is that of a small dog, which is perfect for her.

 Alexis then presses the glans against her protruding tongue and smears it carefully with Cowper fluid.

 Lily looks bewildered, but dreamy, as she does as she is told.

 ”Here, you can lick it off”

 Alexis said, and she nodded her head again, then stretched out her tongue.

 Lily slowly runs her tongue over Alexis’ member. For the first time, she lets her mouth serve him like this.

 Her tongue is sloppy, but she uses it with care.

 And watching this first time is enough to arouse Alexis’ arousal.

 As she tries her best to serve him, Alexis pats her head.

 ”Yes, yes, that’s it. When you wake me up, you serve me with your mouth like this. Understand?”

 He spoke softly to her and she nodded her head.

 ”Yes, Your Majesty”

 Then she kisses the head of the glans.

 Her face is beginning to melt.

 The smell of a man’s scent tickled her nose, which must have excited her.

 When her expression becomes overtly excited, “Well,” Alexis says in a voice.

 ”Lily, come here”

 He beckons her over, and she immediately looks up, nodding her head in a puppy-like manner.

 ”E-Excuse me…”

 Lily hugged him shyly as she said so. Her slightly uneven breathing hangs on the back of his neck.

 In the meantime, Alexis holds her thin but soft body and put his hand under her skirt.

 He caresses her secret place through her tights. And Lily lets out a squeal.

 Well, even though it was through the cloth, he felt something wet and slippery.

 ”Look, you’re so wet!”

 When Alexis shows her his wet hand, she turns red and her face goes down.

 ”I-It looks like…”

 ”So, if you wear tights, they’ll get dirty. Next time, you should have holes in your tights.”

 Alexis slips his hand under Lily’s skirt again.

 Once again he rubbed his fingers through the tights. He stroked them again and again, trying to imprint the oozing love juice on the fabric.

 Each time he does that, a small, “ah” sigh escapes from Lily’s mouth again and again.

 Her body, which is hugging him tightly, also trembles.

 ”Haah, haah, Y-Your majesty…”

 Alexis smiles at Lily, who is giving him melted eyes.

 ”You know where you’re going to serve me this time, don’t you?”


 Lily fell silent and nodded.

 ”M-Maybe… h-here?”

 Lily’s hand reached over and placed Alexis’s cock right on her own secret spot, through her tights.

 Her body shudders as she rubs the glans against it through the fabric as if to affirm it.

 ”Haah, haah, Your Majesty…”

 Lily hugged him again.

 She put her hands behind his back and pressed her body against him.

 ”M-My heart is pounding…”

 She said in his ear.

 ”That’s why you need a hole, isn’t it?”

 Alexis says, reaching his hands into her tights and ripping them in all the right places.

 Lily shrank back in surprise for a moment but immediately tightened her arms around him.

 ”Please forgive me, Your Majesty. I will do so from now on. I won’t bother you like this anymore”

 As she speaks, she sees the hole in her tights at her secret place. She inserts her finger into the hole and pulls down her panties. After that, she inserted the p*nis into her hole.

 *Squelch! A gurgling sound is heard.

 The soft, warm, wet, soft walls of her vagina enveloped the object that had been swallowed.

 ”Ah, Your Majesty… haah, haah, mmm!”

 Lily shudders again and again.

 She doesn’t move the cock, but the tightness of her deeply penetrated vagina makes her feel pleasure.

 ”Ah, ahhh, Your majesty. I’m sorry, I’m sorry… ah!”

 Lily apologizes in between her cries of pleasure.

 ”What’s wrong?” Alexis asks, “Because,” she falls on her face.

 ”Th-This much… ah… It feels so good…”

 Lily’s body trembled as Alexis lightly moved his tentacle.

 ”Haaaaah, mmmm… Your Majesty, is this really a service?”

 ”Why do you say that?”

 ”Because— ah! I’m sorry, Your Majesty. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t…”

 Lily can’t resist and begins to wriggle her hips, though reservedly.

 ”Haah, haah. Your Majesty, I love you. Your Majesty, I like you…”

 Lily kisses him with her body moving as if she is crazy about him.

 She shows unexpected aggressiveness, but it seems that she is not ready to insert her tongue into the kiss yet, so it is just a light touch.


 Apparently, Lily seems to have reached her climax, her body shaking and trembling.

 Her spasming vagina squeezed the cock tightly.

 And her reserved attitude and the pleasure of the tightness of her vagina also made Alexis’ arousal peak.

 ”I’m going to cum inside you, Lily.”

 He says and ejaculates just like that.


 Lily tightens her hold on him.

 She can feel the cum spewing out as it pulsates inside her.

 ”Your Majesty…”

 Lily kisses him again and turns her moist eyes on him.

 ”Your Majesty, I’m so happy. You’re going to discipline me, aren’t you?”

 She asks as if to confirm her words.

 Alexis nodded as he hugged her back.

 ”Yes. I will give you plenty of discipline during my stay. So, make sure you’ll be a good caretaker, okay?”

 ”Y-Yes…I will”

 Lily nodded her head with a somewhat nervous but happy face.

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